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UNINT University (Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma) is a private university founded in 1996 and which now houses two Faculties – Economics and Interpreting and Translation – offering both undergraduate or graduate programs. Our educational model is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Internationality – the ability to understand and face the challenges of an ever-changing world.
  • A close connection to the labor market – achieved by the innovative programs designed to respond to the demands of the world community and new professions.
  • A high-quality university life – thanks to personalized services designed to meet the needs of students and a tight bond with the academic staff.

Top Reasons to study at UNINT University

  • International profile. Students of all programs may choose any of eight languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese and Brazilian, Russian and Spanish – and the number of classes taught in English, or other foreign languages, is constantly growing. UNINT has cooperation agreements with over 50 universities in Europe, America, Northern Africa and Asia.
  • High post-graduate employment rate. UNINT guarantees a solid link between offering highly professional educational courses and the professional world. With more than 700 agreements for internships and traineeships with leading enterprises and public organizations, UNINT University has a post-graduate employment rate of 70% (percentage of graduates 1 year after graduation – source Almalaurea 2015 survey).
  • High-quality study experience. Every year, UNINT attracts students from around the globe. Our academic community guarantees an excellent study experience thanks to a 1/8 student- to-teacher ratio, along with the many personalized services that guarantee a high rate of student satisfaction.
  • Amazing location. All our activities are concentrated on the UNINT campus, located near the historic center of Rome, the Eternal City.


UNINT ranks first among small universities and second among universities in general for language and literature research on National rankings (ANVUR VQR Report 2004-2010).

The Faculty of Interpreting and Translation is a member of CIUTI (Conférence Internationale permanente d’instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes). This international body brings together the world's best faculties preparing tomorrow's interpreters and translators. UNINT is a member of the UNIMED Association, which brings together European universities with cultural interests pertaining to the Mediterranean area.

UNINT is part of the European Master's in Translation – EMT, a network whose aim is to enhance teaching standards for the training of European translators.

UNINT is a member of the EUA, European University Association.

An International University in the heart of Rome

For International Students, choosing UNINT means choosing high-quality academic education with an unforgettable life experience in one of the most wonderful cities in the world, a city which catches the eye with its mesmerizing historic-artistic panorama and the countless options for entertainment. Our campus is located near the city center and is easy to access via public transport.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Master’s degree in Luxury Goods, Made in Italy and Emerging Markets

Campus Full time 2 years October 2017 Italy Rome

In 2014, the Faculty of Economics of UNINT added a new curriculum, “Luxury Goods, Made in Italy and Emerging Markets” to its Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management. The aim of this 2-year program is to train a new generation of managers operative in cutting edge sectors of Italian luxury products and services, giving specific support to processes of international development in emerging markets, where the largest demand for Italian products and brands is expected to come from in the near future. [+]

In 2014, the Faculty of Economics of UNINT added a new curriculum, “Luxury Goods, Made in Italy and Emerging Markets” to its Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management. The aim of this 2-year program is to train a new generation of managers operative in cutting edge sectors of Italian luxury products and services, giving specific support to processes of international development in emerging markets, where the largest demand for Italian products and brands is expected to come from in the near future. The program was designed for an international class including both Italian and foreign students. Therefore, 50% of courses are all taught in English. Moreover, the curriculum is conceived to ensure consistency with the skills required on the labor market, therefore maximizing post degree work placement opportunities. Students who decide to enroll in this curriculum will be able to: Improve knowledge and practice foreign languages, with 50% of courses all taught in English and the opportunity to study Italian and other languages. Enhance their skills through modern and interactive teaching methods, including case studies, guest lecturers and in-class project work on luxury and Italian companies. Experience a multicultural environment, thanks to the presence of international students and foreign exchange opportunities with UNINT’s partner Universities abroad. Enjoy extra-curricular activities, through the Made in Italy Research Center (MADEINT), which gives opportunities for ad hoc thesis and research work. Connect to the world of enterprise, with internship opportunities with the principle players in the Italian fashion and luxury sector.. “Being surrounded by extraordinary expressions of beauty – such as nature, art and culture – it is almost natural for Italians to conceive work as a work of art. However, though it is necessary, a propensity to “create beauty” is not enough to rise up to the challenges of the world markets. To be competitive in these new markets nowadays, one needs management skills and above all to go beyond the idea that the uniqueness of the product is the only requirement for success. We must train a new generation of entrepreneurs and managers who are able not only to absorb the beauty in Italy in what they do, but also to understand the complex nature of the markets in which they operate.” Prof. Antonio Magliulo, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, UNINT Objectives, requirements and courses Length of program: 2 years ECTS (credits): 120 Location: Rome Objectives The curriculum in Luxury Goods, Made in Italy and Emerging Markets of the Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management arms students with knowledge in quantitative economics, business and law to become managers in companies dealing with luxury products (fashion, design, food, yachts, etc.) and services (hotels, retail, etc.) and working chiefly in emerging markets. Fifty percent of courses are taught in English only. The curriculum is designed for a class with both Italian students with an international profile and international students mostly from emerging countries. Entry requirements Bachelor’s Degree – or equivalent degree – in the field of Economics; Bachelor’s Degree or other 3-year University Degree with at least 50 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) in the specific scientific sectors set by the academic regulations of the course. Career opportunities Graduates will get the skills needed to work in the main companies operating in the luxury , fashion and made in Italy sectors, particularly in roles connected to export, international marketing, branding/product strategies, retail and merchandising. Course schedule First Year European and International Trade Law Economics of Tourism and Culture Luxury Goods Management Accounting for SMEs International Economics English for International Affairs Second Year Information and Communication law Organizational Behavior Indicatori e Analisi dei Dati Economici, Sociali e Demografici Comparative Tax Law Marketing for Made in Italy Creativity and Arts Management (advised optional exam) Internship Made in Italy Lab (optional) Thesis and presentation The Made in Italy Research Center (MADEINT) The Made in Italy Research Center, established within UNINT, carries out analyses and studies to support the strategies and processes for the international development of Italian companies. The consumers’ perception of Italy and Made in Italy in other countries, the ways in which Italian SMEs internationalize themselves, legislation to protect and promote national production, and analyses of the economic structure and trends of the sectors connected to Made in Italy are all areas that are thoroughly studied. The center’s research activities are very closely linked to the curriculum in “Luxury Goods, Made in Italy and Emerging Markets”, thanks to the seminars and guest lecturers from companies within the sector, and Master theses can be related to the research projects conducted in the center. “To support the strategic choices of companies dealing with Made in Italy products distributed internationally, we must develop our research activity to be able to fully understand the world in which Italy and Made in Italy are seen by international consumers. In many cases, consumers choosing products Made in Italy are not merely buying a product, they are buying access to the “Italian way of life”, that is a lifestyle which incorporates our esthetic vision, the atmosphere of Italian cities, the art of savoir vivre and the centuries-old culture that only our country can express. Working in the Made in Italy sector means understanding what our country means to the world and to know how to sell this image, and not just a simple product or brand.” Alessandro De Nisco, Scentific Director of MADEINT How to apply Foreign students and non-EU citizens regularly residing abroad who intend to apply for a Master’s Degree (2 years) must have completed at least 15 years of primary, secondary and higher education(12+3, 11+4, or 10+5). Italian Language Requirements All foreign citizens that do not possess an Italian Language Certification recognized by the MIUR must sit a compulsory Italian Language examination at the University. The minimum recommended level of Italian for students is B1 to attend Bachelor’s courses and C1 for Master’s courses. International students who choose to follow courses held in English should also have B1 level for Bachelor’s courses and C1 level for Master’s courses. In February and in September, before the start of the first and second semester, incoming students can attend a free intensive course of Italian (30 hours). In order to be admitted they must take an entry test to assess their knowledge of Italian. Students who attend regularly and pass the final exam will be awarded 3 credits. Tuition Fees Tuition costs € 6,500.00 per year. Regional taxes amount to € 140.00 per year. For international students tuition fee may vary depending on specific agreements or partnerships with foreign universities. [-]


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