SBMITB School of Business & Management


After 20 years of struggle, the idea of establishing a School of Business and Management ITB (SBM ITB) was approved. SBM ITB walks ahead with satisfaction of its highly original courses even though many have criticized it.

ITB has been widely renowned as a university of technology. ITB started with technology-based in the 20ies. Officially, however, ITB was established on 2 March 1959 with three main ideas: Science, Technology, and Art. After a few years had gone by, academics at the Department of Industrial Engineering began to deepen industrial management as one of their course development. And when the initiative to form a faculty of business came to the surface in the eighties, a string of obstacles crippled the idea. A “silent” period of struggling began.

The ITB School of Business and Management (SBM-ITB) houses three educational programs; the MBA, the Undergraduate, and the MSM program. The MBA (Master in Business Administration) program as the oldest, has enrolled students since 1990 under the name of MM-Teknologi (Management Master with an emphasis on technology).

The SBM-ITB faculty is a highly qualified educational institution with strong academic background and professional experience. SBM-ITB also enforces a quality assurance system to ensure the best learning experience for its students.


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