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BCA Group is one of the largest educational institutions in Greece, offering Bachelors and Masters Degrees in the fields of Business Management, Maritime Studies, Hotel Management and Psychology.

Founded in 1971, BCA has formed a level of quality and study conditions unique among Greek educational institutions. This is the reason why various UK higher educational institutions, such as Plymouth Business School, University of Huddersfield, London Guildhall University and London Metropolitan University, have trusted and collaborated with BCA in the course of its 45-year long history, through validating or franchising bachelor’s and master’s courses running in Greece. BCA was also one of the first educational institutions with branches in Geneva and Rome, and the first private college offering validated programmes in Greece from UK Universities through exclusive agreements.

With over 1000 students and more than 9,000 alumni, BCA has developed a balanced mix of curricula, combining both theory and practice. Each student has the ability to learn from successful professionals of the industry, receiving mentorship and guidance in order to gain the appropriate entrepreneurial mindset which lies at the core of the BCA philosophy.

Gaining from thousands of years of specific expertise in the fields of Maritime training and Hospitality spirit, while also drawing on the entrepreneurial talent inherent in the Greek psyche, all programs of study aim to create the visionary leaders that the rising global economy needs.

Plymouth University

BCA is delighted to announce its partnership with Plymouth University, for all its academic programs starting September 2015.

Plymouth University, “which aims to become the enterprise university”, is an ambitious, world-class institution and one of the largest universities in the UK with over 30,000 students and around 3000 staff. Plymouth University is officially a world class and award winning university. In the past year the University has been awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize, the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a British university. In the global 100 universities under 50 years of age, Plymouth University is in the top ten UK universities, and now ranks 50th in the Sunday Times league table of all universities.

Regarding maritime and Shipping studies, Plymouth University along with BCA College, are among the very few educational institutions globally who offer and specialise in undergraduate and postgraduate Shipping Management education.

With BCA’s leading reputation in Greece for teaching and learning and in partnership with Plymouth University, we are here to help you become a graduate distinguished by your academic credentials, together with a deep appreciation of sustainable enterprise. Furthermore, our new programmes aim to equip you with innovation and employability skills that will add real value to your CV.

More emphasis is now placed at innovation and entrepreneurship modules across all our academic departments, which aim to create the leaders and innovators of the new rising global economy.

Why Choose BCA?

ESTABLISHED 1971 The oldest college in Greece, founded in 1971, offering British university degrees.

950 active students, 6500 graduates


Student orientated approach: 10 students on average in each class, morning/ evening classes, 3 campuses, easily accessible by means of public transport


Academic support for each student, personal academic advisors assigned to each student, supplementary English classes as well as supporting courses on basic subjects

Labour market connection, establishment of an advisory board, comprised of prominent entrepreneurs, ship owners and chamber presidents.


Highly qualified instructors, occupying important positions in multinational and domestic organizations, with wide experience in the field of shipping, tourism and business management.


Research centre comprised of full and part time instructors, with active presence in prestigious academic conferences.


35 Βachelors & Masters academic programs of study, designed to satisfy the needs of the market and annual business projects by students.


80% of BCA’s graduates are absorbed into the labour market.


BCA is housed in three modern and technologically updated buildings in the center of Athens, Glyfada and Kifisia.

The buildings are specially designed and equipped so as to fully satisfy even the strictest educational requirements. Each is situated in prime, easily accessible locations, and all contain libraries, modern computer labs as well as every type of audio-visual means, according to the new perceptions in education. The comfortable spaces, the ergonomic equipment and every other necessary means, create an ideal educational environment. In addition, all the buildings are connected through a network so as to provide complete autonomy but also administrative support. Each building has a Studies Manager, Faculty Office, as well as Administrative Staff.

The total surface area of the BCA educational facilities is 6,000 square meters.

International Student Support

We aim to ensure that your experience at BCA Business College of Athens is positive and valuable by providing our continuous support. We offer ongoing assistance to students and encourage them to integrate with our current International Students as well as the wider community. You will have the opportunity to participate in the campus orientation designed for all new students giving you the opportunity to become familiar with the campus, staff and the student population. Your feedback and recommendations are always welcome.

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MSc Shipping (e-Learning)

Online Full time Part time 1 - 5 years February 2017 Greece Greece Online + 1 more

Delivered by an experienced international faculty holding both academic and professional qualifications, we prepare our students by offering content-rich material, as well as a multitude of learning methods and tools, in an educational environment accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world [+]

Why enroll Key Features Delivered by an experienced international faculty holding both academic and professional qualifications, we prepare our students by offering content-rich material, as well as a multitude of learning methods and tools, in an educational environment accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world (both on board merchant ships via Infinity and on shore). Follow the Best A unique British and Greek partnership BCA the leading shipping college BCA and Plymouth University, among the world's oldest Shipping Management departments Shipping Industry Over 14 million employees worldwide Contributes more than 500 billion USD in the world’s GDP Beyond 2.000 years of Greek shipping heritage More than the 20% of world tonnage held by Greek Shipping Companies e-Learning Over 120 hours of HD video with English subtitles Specially modified learning platform 48 hours query response rate Plymouth University electronic library access Memberships Lloyd’s Clarksons Intertanko Intercargo Bimco The combination of distance learning courses’ best practices and the feedback from our students, have enabled us to design a unique e-Learning platform, as well as high quality academic videos. In a user friendly environment, the student can navigate seamlessly from page to page, while having the core features of the platform at immediate reach. Consequently, the educational material as well as the e-Learning platform have been designed in such a way as to enable full autonomy in the learning process. Access anytime, anywhere Real-time sessions HD Video Lectures with English Subtitles Online self-assessments Self-paced learning Forums Electronic Classroom Continuous Support Industry Testimonials "For seafarers looking to further their education, e-learning is by far the most efficient choice in terms of both time and cost. The great value of e- learning stems from its flexibility, affordability and portability, three factors which combine to make it ideal for those who spend a lot of time at sea. Furthermore, thanks to the latest advances in satellite communications technology, E learning is now more accessible than ever before. It is therefore with great pleasure that we look forward to working in conjunction with the BCA college to offer this degree ‘online, onboard’." Mr. Dimitris Tsikopoulos, CEO Navarino "Shipping makes the world go round, all around the world. At the same time, well into the digital revolution of our era, there are no borders for those who seek to enhance knowledge, explore new paths, acquire new skills, and realize new developments. And new developments in the maritime world are a tour de force both for the Greek as well as for the international economy. In BCA’s online MSc in Shipping, opportunity meets education and education meets destination-future as the classroom comes wherever the laptop is, to open up a world of possibilities. Congratulations BCA. Keep on sailing!" Ms. Dora Bakoyannis,Former Minister of Foreign Affairs "A unique program from a unique College for one of the most unique industries in the world where Greece truly excels at." Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, Former Minister of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy/ Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs "The world of Shipping in a nutshell. A truly innovative way to learn about the fascinating issues which matter today in the Shipping industry, delivered by a College with a long tradition in Shipping management studies." Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, Former Minister of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy/ Former Minister of Health/ Current Vice-President of "New Democracy" opposition party of the Hellenic Republic "As the shipping industry evolves, the need for qualified staff and particularly executives increases. I believe that BCA’s Online MSc in Shipping covers important aspects facing today’s Shipping companies. It also does so in a friendly, well designed learning environment which I haven’t yet seen from other shipping programmes. BCA’s Online MSc in Shipping has a curriculum which I believe would greatly assist future executives in their understanding of a constantly changing industry as complicated and demanding as Shipping. The programme is designed with an easy to use learning environment which should help future executives in their understanding of the industry and its many facets. Congratulations." Dr. George Gratsos, President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping The Programme The Online Shipping Master's Degree programme is ideal for achieving a high caliber career in the shipping industry. Developed specifically as a distance learning course, it is designed to meet the needs of graduates and professionals who are unable to attend regular taught classes, but wish to obtain an in-depth shipping education and knowledge of the traditional, yet developing maritime sector. The maritime courses comprising the MSc Shipping, provide a balanced amount of advanced theories and practical knowledge. The online shipping master's degree programme is designed to be flexible and can be “tailored” to focus on specific job areas, through the selection of various choice modules. The programme composition is suitable for maritime professionals (offered on board via Infinity) and shipping graduates aspiring to expand their knowledge and skills as well as graduates of other academic backgrounds seeking a demanding conversion course. The programme structure offers both advanced knowledge of international shipping as well as practical skills and knowledge of current issues of shipping. Full Time: 1 year Part Time: normally 2 years, maximum 5 years Programme Structure Maritime Regulations The Maritime Regulations module aims at providing students with a sound theoretical background regarding the environmental and safety regulations, the various regulatory requirements and the processes involved in their implementation. Students will understand the extent to which the shipping industry is influenced by marine environmental and safety issues and the way in which the respective regulations, influence a shipping company organizationally, operationally and impact its competitiveness in the market. (10 Credits) Maritime Economics During the course of the Maritime Economics module, students will obtain a thorough understanding of micro-economic theory and the factors which affect market equilibrium. The aim of the module is to provide students with the ability to apply the theoretical concepts in a variety of shipping environments including: dry bulk, tankers and liner markets, and the necessary insight to successfully evaluate and forecast the market’s short term freight movement. (10 Credits) Research Methods The Research Methods module will cultivate students’ ability to independently plan, prepare and successfully carry out a significant scientific research project relating to the shipping industry. (20 Credits) Marine Insurance The Marine Insurance module offers an in depth analysis of the basic principles of insurance law, the provisions of related statutes and the case law governing the shipping industry. Having completed this module, students will have acquired the tools necessary for interpreting, critically analyzing and applying the clauses commonly used in the London Market in various insurance contracts including Hull, Cargo, Liability and Offshore Energy. (20 Credits) Shipping Business Management By completing the Shipping Business Management module, students will become cognizant of the unique nature of shipping companies, as well as the role, function and the connection of their main departments i.e. operations, chartering, technical, claims, supplies e.t.c. The module will also help students understand the principles involved in shipping management; a factor directly related to the successful operation of a shipping company. (20 Credits) Chartering The Chartering module provides a comprehensive framework which enables students to grasp notions involved in chartering procedures, laytime calculation, and charter party clauses. Amongst other things, students will be taught which parties are involved in a chartering procedure (dry cargo and tanker), how to comprehend market reports and freight indices, how to make offers and counteroffers; as well as the details relating to the negotiation procedure. Students will obtain an understanding of recapitulation and voyage estimation, an ability to distinguish between charter party types and common clauses; and draw up charter parties. (20 Credits) Carriage of Goods by Sea The Carriage of Goods by Sea module aims at enhancing the knowledge of specific legal topics involved in the transportation of goods by sea and developing students’ ability to critically implement legal issues. Particular emphasis is placed on the implications associated with legal decisions on charter party wording, how and when to apply the Hague/Visby and Rotterdam Rules in contracts of carriage of goods by sea. (10 Credits) Shipping Law The Shipping Law module, aims at familiarizing students with International Maritime Law, whilst offering an overview of the national and international framework of shipping, including the contracts commonly used for chartering, cargo transportation and ship sale. The module additionally covers the challenges arising from jurisdiction and choice of law, as well as topics associated with general contract law in shipping. Students will attain an understanding of the mandatory and non-mandatory rules relating to ship owners’ and charterers' liabilities; the rules and laws applicable in various situations including but not limited to environmental damage and oil spill, cargo/passenger liability, salvage, collision. (10 Credits) Dissertation Each student is required to prepare and submit a significant scientific research project (dissertation) comprised of 15-18.000 words on a topic related to the shipping industry. Students will be called upon to reflect on the knowledge obtained during their studies as well as the contemporary issues relating to the shipping industry, in order to choose their topic, which will be subject to approval by the assigned academic supervisor. It is mandatory that dissertations be completed based on the dissertation brief, which is comprised of the following items: title, abstract, introduction, structure and aim, literature review, data presentation, methodology, analysis, conclusions and Harvard style references. (60 Credits) Programme Details Assessment Strategy Based on the Programme Specification, students are formally assessed through the submission of coursework. The forms of coursework depend on the characteristics of each module and may include the following types of assessments: case study, essay, report, dissertation, market analysis, project output, valuation, etc. In addition each module incorporates multiple self-assessment tests. Self-assessment tests are not part of the formal assessment but completion is strongly encouraged as students will be able to monitor and evaluate their learning process and identify areas requiring improvement. Awards Final Award: MSc Shipping – 180 credits Intermediate Award: Postgraduate Certificate in Shipping – 60 credits Postgraduate Diploma in Shipping – 120 credits as per University Regulations Admissions Process Admissions & Enrollment We advise you to follow the five basic steps noted below which will assist you in the process towards applying to the Online MSc Shipping programme. You will be contacted by an Admissions representative who will present you with an overview of what you should expect from the online programme and guide you through the steps of the admissions and enrollment process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Contact us You can enquire information by: Completing the enquiry form Sending an e-mail at Calling us at: 0044-2074425552 Requesting a Skype meeting Asking us to call you Feedback An admissions representative will respond to your enquiry and provide you with the applicable information related to the application procedures and enrollment process. Apply Upon submitting a complete application packet, we will process and evaluate your academic records and respond to you regarding your admissions status. Interview As part of the admissions process, you will be requested to participate in an online personal interview, preferably via Skype. Enroll Upon receiving your letter of admission, you will be requested to confirm your attendance. Activation of your enrollment is materialized with the settlement of the tuition fees. Entry Requirements In order to be considered for admission in the Online MSc Shipping programme, it is essential that applicants fulfill the following entry requirements: Academic Qualifications: 2nd class honours degree from a UK University, or Bachelor from an American University with GPA 2.75 and above in shipping, business, economics, legal or quantitative disciplines, or Master Mariners/ Engineers with Class A Certificate or equivalent qualification, or Ptychion of 6.0 and above from an AEI University or Ptychion of 7.0 and above from a TEI University. English Language Qualifications: IELTS: a minimum score of 6.5 (with a minimum score of 6.0 in each component of the test) Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE): Pass at C1 level Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE): C and above Cambridge English: First (FCE): B and above Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE): P (Pass) and above Pearson Academic (PTE): 53 (with a minimum score of 51 in each component of the test) BCA IELTS Placement Test: a minimum score of 6.5 (with a minimum score of 6.0 in each component of the test) Other English language qualifications may be considered. Working Experience: Relevant experience may be considered accordingly (3 years of experience at managerial level in a shipping or shipping related company is normally required). Required Documents Before completing the Online Application, please make sure that you possess the following documents for your own convenience: Proof of Academic Qualification Proof of English Language Proficiency Two Letters of Recommendation Photocopy of identification card or Passport One passport-size photograph Proof of Work Experience (where necessary) CV or resume Testimonials "I decided to attend BCA College as it gives me the opportunity to work and study directly from Latin America. My first impressions are positive as the distance learning course is very easy to follow. I downloaded the course material and printed the power point presentations and created a portfolio, which makes it easier for me to follow on a daily basis. It’s a great programme to get a better understanding of the shipping industry. The programme allows students to study and work at the same time. This is a great benefit as work experience is crucial for management positions". - Max Florez, current student [-]


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