Grigol Robakidze University


University Function and Identity

University is a dynamic academic system that considers its function in global and national development context, based on community requirement and idea of Georgian University. The main resource of its function is the fields of social activities formed by actual context of the country’s development, and they are:

a) Forming of educational society, social and professional mobility, stipulated by education-based development, characteristic to national economic development.

b) Global technological and service innovations development and adaptation of the country’s economy to this process;c) Development of national culture, including business that provides condition for ensuring community welfare;

Thus, University complies main fields of its competence - education and science with community requirements and creates new functional direction – community service. University is developing as innovative High Education Institution that means ability to react quickly on external factors and community requirements, continuous improvement of educational and scientific research product quality and meeting customers’ demands by introducing new service technologies.

University Role/Mission

  1. University mission is to prepare new generation specialists with large competencies that will promote multilateral range development of knowledge-based economy and knowledge community’s.

  2. To bring up competitive specialists, persons with sense of citizenship, national consciousness, having liberal values, and with awareness of Georgian and World culture values.

  3. To ensure students’ growth perspective, development of their personal and creative potential by increasing potential of international mobility and by implementing educational programs of all three level.

  4. To create effective system for developing scientific research sphere, that creates base for enlarging scientific potential of academic personal and preparing new scientific staff.

  5. To create service system oriented on community requirements on the basis of academic and scientific research experience.


1992 - The private University "Alma Mater" was established. At that period the lectures were delivered by Akaki Bakradze, Marika Lordkipanidze, Levan Sanikidze, Revaz Mishveladze, Kote Makharadze, Otar Japaridze, Revaz Chogoshvili, Albert Abesadze, Levan Menabde.

1994 - American and German professors started delivering lectures in "Alma Mater."

1995 - By the decision of the Academic Council, the University "Alma Mater" was named Grigol Robakdize University, though society still calls it "Alma Mater".

1995 - The School of Dentistry was established in the University where a new simulating system was introduced first time in Georgia and the laboratory of simulated techniques was established which is unique and has no equal in Georgia.

1995 - Grigol Robakidze University was included in the catalogue of the world higher educational institutions (among only five higher educational institutions of Georgia).

1996 - The University established the university dentistry clinic (first precedent among private institutions).

1996 - Certification of medical higher educational institutions was held. Grigol Robakidze was among the top ten institutions recognized by the State.

1998 - The computer programme of dentistry studies was worked out on the Dentistry Department the first time in Georgia (the author's right 01/3-3-40).

1999 - The Centre of Debates and Civil Society - the project won the competition of the Fund "Open Society "Georgia."

2000-2001 - Two audio conferences were held between the Centre for International Development at Harvard University and the Faculty of Business and Management of Grigol Robakidze University.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Georgian

Location address
David Agmashenebeli Street, 13
Tbilisi, GE