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EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited

SKEMA is a global business school which, through its research and teaching programmes, trains and educates the talented individuals businesses require in the current competitive environment.


SKEMA aims to be the global business school, located on the five continents with a unique international strategy, training management leaders in the knowledge economy.


Global knowledge economy talents. Students and participants prepared for multicultural working, able to manage diversity in all contexts (cultural, social and societal) committed to sustainable performance, entrepreneurship and innovation.


In all parts of the world where knowledge is created – technology parks with academic knowledge and management practice crossfertilisation, places of innovation, fast-growing regions (South America, Asia, eastern Europe, Africa).


  • A multi-site school with campuses located within research parks
  • A unique model designed to manage students’ movements based on balance and diversity, differenciating SKEMA from the international strategy of other schools
  • Multi-site educational programmes offering mobility and professional expertise (in technology and in management)
  • Scientific territorial synergies: synthetic indicator of innovation, digitalising of economies and markets, globalisation of economies, financing of growth
  • Contribution to the community (economic, academic and social) and to the regions where the school is located.
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MSc Financial Markets & Investments

Campus 1 - 2 years September 2017 France Sophia Antipolis USA Raleigh Paris + 2 more

The MSc in Financial Markets & Investments is a market-driven finance programme that closely reflects the constantly changing world of international finance. The teaching and curriculum use a practical approach. [+]

Programme Outline The MSc in Financial Markets & Investments is a market-driven finance programme that closely reflects the constantly changing world of international finance. The teaching and curriculum use a practical approach. The programme this year has been remodelled to take into account the new normal. The programme gives students practical expertise in the key areas of finance within the new post crisis (2008? and today again ) financial environment in the fields of trading, risk management, sales, investment advisory, structuring finance… Content is taught within a global macro-economic and financial environment with market-oriented courses that will enable the students to become conscious of a new financial and economic environment including a key component that may remain with them throughout their careers: a stockpile of world debt. The availability of Bloomberg terminals with existing live quotes and up-to-the-minute financial information from different exchanges allows students to follow and better understand the correlation between geopolitics, economics and the financial markets. The programme’s objective is to prepare students to adjust to an ever-changing volatile economic and financial environment by giving them regular access to experienced financial specialists who strive for a delicate balance between the importance of strong academic skills and practical market experience.. Why choose this programme Small, international classes mean students build fruitful inter-cultural relationships with one another and their teachers. Classes are taught by professors who have both strong academic backgrounds and expert professional experience in finance. This unique combination provides students with: an up-to-the minute insider’s perspective of the changing financial arena, how these changes play out, and how to react in the day-to-day world of work. The teaching emphasises a hands-on, problem-solving approach that means graduates can work productively from Day One on the job. Graduates can be sure of future career mobility because the Financial Markets & Investments MSc strikes the right balance between technical skills and a global perspective. The programme is developed constantly to ensure its relevance to shifting global financial markets. Classes are also complemented by various talks given by full time, high-calibre professionals from public and private institutions in the global capital markets. Throughout the year, students develop professional contacts, get access to information from various resources, and learn from each other. Indeed, one of the strongest assets of this programme is the opportunity for cross cultural interactions and learning. The highly international make-up of classes will make it possible for students to create a wide network of friends and colleagues. [-]

MSc International Marketing and Business Development

Campus Full time 1 - 2 years January 2016 France Paris Sophia Antipolis Lille + 2 more

Students will achieve a broad understanding of the strategic and operational aspects of marketing, combining an awareness of business development objectives with an appreciation of intangibles and the creative side. [+]

Your Future Career By providing a well-rounded profile and a touch of differentiation, the MSc in International Marketing and Business Development opens the door to a range of careers in marketing, sales and business development: marketing research, trend agencies, communication and events agencies, marketing or product managers, trade marketing or category managers, sales and business development, key account managers, purchasing... In an SME or start-up, graduates would be ideally placed to become a sales and marketing manager with a strong business development approach and especially suited to jobs in international market development. Students have found jobs in a variety of areas: consumer goods (Procter & Gamble, Danone, Kraft, l’Oréal, Ricard, Campari), hi-tech (Microsoft), retail (Carrefour, Auchan, Leroy Merlin), B2B (Mane, Virbac, Hilti, Xerox), brand agencies & consulting (Frost & Sullivan, The Brand Nation)… The 2013 recruitment survey of SKEMA's MSc graduates puts recent graduates of this MSc at a salary of €44 000 (France). MSc International Marketing and Business Development Outline Students will achieve a broad understanding of the strategic and operational aspects of marketing, combining an awareness of business development objectives with an appreciation of intangibles and the creative side. The core modules will integrate new thinking on marketing. A range of options will allow students to focus on more specific career orientations (web, retail, B2B, communication… etc). The programme will integrate elements of market intelligence, sustainable development and knowledge management as well as cutting edge insights into consumer behaviour and social networks. It will also reach out to other disciplines, such as sociology and anthropology to enrich students’ understanding of how meaning and value are created. The International Marketing & Business Development MSc challenges students with new ideas while emphasising the application of those ideas to real business situations, thus preparing them for successful careers in the fast-moving global knowledge economy. To push growth in this new environment, marketing must cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship and be able to deal with the varied mass of data available for understanding markets and consumers - graduates of this MSc will be able to do just that. The future challenges in international marketing are substantial: rapidly changing and diverse markets; a fragmenting media landscape; new channels, supports and approaches to marketing; constantly evolving consumer tastes and trends. This programme will prepare students to face the tough but rewarding marketing world of tomorrow and enable them to develop the skills necessary for working in a multicultural, multi-channel environment. Why Choose This Programme? Marketing and business development go hand in hand, using innovation, creativity and agility to drive top-line growth in companies. Tomorrow’s marketers must be able to create value across borders and cultures in diverse and often turbulent markets. They will have to combine a broad awareness of the forces driving those markets as well as the ability to use analytics and information to gain customer insight. This programme challenges students with new ideas while making application a watchword, thus preparing them to survive in the fast-moving global knowledge economy. Through specialisations, electives, projects and the internship, students are able to tailor their profile or add a touch of differentiation. The programme has strong links with companies who are keen to recruit good candidates able to combine sound marketing analysis with an interest for sales and business development and an awareness of strategic issues. Run on three different campuses, the programme seeks to reach out to local specificities in the electives: tourism, luxury and hi-tech in Sophia, retail and direct marketing in Lille… [-]


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