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The University of Turku is an internationally competitive university whose operations are based on high-quality, multidisciplinary research. We promote education and free science and provide higher education that is based on research. The University is part of the international academic community. We collaborate closely with the Finnish society and participate actively in the development of its region.

Strategic Goals

Effective research

We solve today's and tomorrow's complicated problems with the help of our basic research. We apply an interdisciplinary approach to research in order to increase its quality and societal effectiveness. We strengthen the researcher career path, open science and support for research.

Responsible education

We are a multidisciplinary and inspiring higher education institution. Our education is based on the latest scientific knowledge and meets the changing needs of society. We ensure that the study tracks are flexible and straightforward.

A catalyst for social well-being and the economy

We recognise the innovations emerging from research and our globally competitive education services. We promote entrepreneurial attitude and utilisation of research in collaboration with business life.

Community well-being

We are a responsible employer and our operations are built on common values. We are building an encouraging and interactive university, where it is a pleasure to study and work.

International University

The University of Turku is a truly international, globally operating organisation.


Internationality is one of the key areas of the university`s strategy and it has an important role in all of areas of operations; education, research and social interaction.

The University of Turku cooperates globally through numerous university networks, programmes and projects. As well as being part of some of the oldest and most prestigious networks, we actively create connections to new areas.

University belongs to the global academic community. Several research projects are made in collaboration with foreign partners and funding may also come from abroad. Research publications are mainly published in international forums.

The University also has an active role in promoting and exporting the Finnish educational expertise worldwide. ​The University of Turku is a co-owner of two transnational education companies: Finland University Ltd. and Nordic Institute of Dental Education.

In the campus area, you can meet students, teachers and researchers with 95 different nationalities. University students and staff have the opportunity to participate into exchange programmes and get experience on studying or working in an international environment.

The university is a socially responsible actor that emphasizes global responsibility. The aim of the new information is to advance the wellbeing of us all.

University Rankings: UTU among the Best 1 %

Of the over 20,000 universities in the world, the University of Turku is among the top one percent.

Dozens of university rankings are compiled all over the world and in most of them, the University of Turku is ranked as one of the best three of universities in Finland.

The methodology often differs between the rankings, but most common evaluation criteria are the number of scientific publications and citations, evaluations by employers, experts and research colleagues, as well as different kinds of key figures in education and internationality.


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