Niels Brock


Welcome to Niels Brock – One of Denmark’s largest educational institutions serving more than 25,000 students and course participants within the country, as well as over 1,500 students in China.

Niels Brock has over 130 years of experience delivering business and commerce education. We have built a solid network within the Danish business community – a community that knows us as well as we know them.

Even though we have a great deal of experience, a long history and a strong network, we refuse to let up or run on routine. Therefore, we do everything in our power to continue developing and always strive to incorporate the latest knowledge and technologies in our educational methods.


At Niels Brock we are ambitiously and constantly dedicated to developing and offering relevant education programs that:

• Ensure the right competences for the corporate world.

• Optimize the possibilities of theindividual. That is Niels Brock’s contribution to Danish and foreign competitiveness.


It is Niels Brock’s ambition to remain the most international and innovative business school in Denmark, recognized for our skilled teachers who optimize the students’ learning process.

We plan to realize these visions through the following goals:

  1. Having world-class education

  2. Having attractive educational programs, suitable for everyone

  3. Remain the preferred partner of the corporate world

  4. Being an exciting, stimulating and attractive workplace

  5. Running an effective institution
This school offers programs in:
  • English


This school also offers: