The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark


The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark (AMDA) is a higher education Institution (HEI) under the Danish Ministry of Culture and offers a wide array of educations at the very highest level within the field of music and dramatic arts.

Three campuses – two cities

AMDA is situated on three locations in two major cities in Southern Denmark, Odense and Esbjerg. AMDA is the only educational institution of its kind in Denmark and we are dedicated to release the potential and opportunities that lies in having music and dramatic arts within the same institution.

AMDA has approximately 300 students including a large number of international students, about fifty full time teachers and some hundred affiliated part time teachers. We consider the study environment intimate, friendly and always open to explore new roads encouraging ‘crossbreeding’ between the different lines of study.


AMDA was established in 2010 as a consequence of a political decision to reorganize the HLI under the Danish Ministry of Culture. The new coined institution consists of the institutions formerly known as The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense, The Academy of Music and Music Communication in Esbjerg and the acting school in Odense. Each of the three former academies has a history that reaches back well above 60 years.

5 facts

• AMDA is the only HEI under the Danish Ministry of Culture that combines music and dramatic arts

• The academy in Esbjerg is housed in a monumental old power station – a copy made in Lego bricks can be found in Legoland

• The library at the academy in Odense features the jazz collections of Timme Rosenkrantz, Ben Webster and Richard Boone

• Together with 3 Nordic partners AMDA offers a Nordic Master in Folk Music (JSP)

• The academy in Esbjerg houses a 44 stop-Marcussen concert organ