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About VSEM

The College of Economics and Management offers higher education study programmes promoting the acquisition of inter-field knowledge and skills enabling its graduates to work within the environment of companies and organizations in the globalized and knowledge-based economy.

The main mission and objective of VSEM is to be an independent higher education institution offering internationally competitive programmes. VSEM provides long-term educational programmes realized by means of the part-time and the full-time study modes.

Students are encouraged to develop their analytical thinking skills and to take a critical and creative approach used in an interdisciplinary environment, the ultimate goal being to train graduates with a global and multicultural insight, who are capable of initiating, implementing, and driving changes in personal, professional, and social life. On the basis of a careful analysis, they are able to adopt and implement adequate measures, and to manage, assess, and supervise the changes implemented.

The conception of study plans and teaching methods is developed in line with the changing social needs and requirements reflecting the individual attitudes and needs of students, who are led to be able to cope with management and analytical tasks. Students are trained to be able to assess the existing situation (input and output) of the examined area using both external and internal information sources.

In creating, updating and assessing the quality of the study programmes, majors, and specializations, VSEM cooperates with its partner institutions in all fundamental areas of academic focus (economics, management, marketing, information and communication technologies, and human resources), on both national and international level.
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