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UCI (Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional: “UCI” for its acronym in Spanish) is an institution created for the purpose of offering outstanding formation, of the highest quality, in professions and cutting edge areas of knowledge, vital to sustainable development. As a part of its global vision and its commitment with sustainability, UCI maintains world-class bases of research projects and strategic alliances.

The UCI concept is built on a global and well-connected platform. It is a virtual laboratory for didactic production that enables mutual exchange and benefit among the world’s countries.

UCI has accumulated two decades of experience in forming leaders in multiple sectors.

UCI is accredited, as a private university, by the Republic of Costa Rica´s “Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada” (CONESUP, for its acronym in Spanish, is the National Council for Private Superior University Education) and by the United Mexican States´ “Sistema Educativo Nacional” (the Mexican National Education System).

UCI accounts more than 3,000 alumni, from 50 of the world’s countries, in the 5 continents. This network of professionals demonstrates UCI’s commitment to innovative education and sustainable development.

UCI uses cutting edge educational tools, dynamic learning scenarios, different modalities for earning international titles, professors who are experts in their professional areas, and innovative classroom schemes (virtual, attendance, and mixed), in line with the current paradigm of competencies, which today´s society expects graduate level professionals to have.


Training professional leaders who are capable of identifying challenges and taking the lead to initiate the required changes in the economic, environmental, socio-cultural and political development of Latin America and the Caribbean.


The UCI strives to be a leading organization of higher education in Latin America in the fields of research, human resource training and development, and integration of countries in the region.

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Master in Project Management

Online Full time 20 months Open Enrollment Costa Rica San José

Manage your projects with the knowledge and tools​ from a world-class graduate degree program The Master in Project Management (MPM) at the Global School of Project Management (GSPM) is a graduate program with international accreditation, designed to develop and strengthen your project management skills, supported by an online learning-teaching environment... [+]

Become a successful professional in Project Management with a highly prestigious international degree! Manage your projects with the knowledge and tools​ from a world-class graduate degree program The Master in Project Management (MPM) at the Global School of Project Management (GSPM) is a graduate program with international accreditation, designed to develop and strengthen your project management skills, supported by an online learning-teaching environment. The MPM Program was the first, in Latin America and the Caribbean to obtain, in 2009, the international academic quality accreditation for project management programs from the Global Accreditation Center (GAC) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is, at the present time, the only program that has been accredited in the region in both online and blended learning modalities, and in both English and Spanish. The University for International Cooperation (UCI, for its acronym in Spanish) is also the first university in the region to obtain, in 2001, the recognition as Registered Education Provider (R.E.P. No. 1371) from PMI. UCI is currently an approved R.E.P. at the Global Provider level. GSPM´s programs in project management have more than 2,000 graduates in over 40 countries, indicating their wide acceptance and recognition. They are offered in Spanish, in modalities with and without classroom attendance (b-learning, e-learning), and in English through e-learning. Student profile Graduate Profile Projects are the basis for success, both professionally and personally, in virtually any field of human activity. For this reason, the master´s program is aimed at professionals from various disciplines and fields of action. Entry level profile Professionals from all sectors, including business, technology, engineering, architecture, agriculture, forestry, environment and social disciplines., among others, who hold a bachelor's degree or higher and who wish to improve their skills in project management. It is also intended for professionals from other disciplines who are involved in supporting project management activities, projectized offices, and consulting firms. Specific requirements: Bachelor or Licenciate academic degree, as a minimum. Sufficient command of the English language (must be able to study and understand learning or reference documents in this language) Fluid communication skills through virtual means and email, as well as familiarity with the dynamics of social networks. Previous professional experience in projects is desirable, but not required (at least one year of professional involvement in a project management environment). Management of software tools and affinity with virtual work and communication. Positive predisposition to collaborative work, continuous improvement, applied research and self-discipline. The students are responsible for registering and remaining as active members of PMI throughout the duration of their studies in MPM, which will provide access to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), and to an important quantity of standards, documents and communities of practice. Some of these resources will be required as study materials for program courses. Also, in some courses it might be necessary for the students to acquire textbooks and other learning resources for which they will be timely informed. Benefits World-class reputation and accreditation. Solidity and applied experience. Education and innovation for the XXI Century. A superior graduate degree. An intelligent and planned investment. A global vision with infinite local possibilities. Plus The students receive a Microsoft Project® software license, for personal use. For students who are already certified as Project Management Professional (PMP)®, courses may grant them up to 40 PDUs. These PDUs can be used as part of the requirements to renew their certification. The process for the accreditation of PDUs must be done by the students directly with PMI. Please notice that students or graduates who wish to opt for a certification from PMI must complete their own procedures for certification directly with PMI. Study Plan The full program has a duration of 4 cycles. A cycle contains three consecutive 5 week courses, and are studied one by one, in the order indicated in the table shown below. The teaching-learning process allows our professionals to develop the skills and capabilities needed to conduct large-scale projects. Investment plan The current fees at UCI for Master's Programs in Project Management (blended and online modalities in Spanish, and online modality in English), are: $ 500.00 (five hundred dollars) for registration and US $ 5,500.00 (five thousand five hundred US dollars) for tuition. [-]