CBL International


At CBL-International, we provide tailor-made individual university courses, executive conferences, and summer schools at various destinations around the world. We cooperate locally with universities, law firms and multinationals to prepare short but extensive programs that introduce topics and locations to our worldwide group of delegates. Our programs also prepare our delegates for working abroad as they have a better understanding of the different cultures and countries they do their exchange in.


  • Integrity: We operate our organization in a professional manner with a commitment to the highest standards of honesty and ethics.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to excellence in the work we perform and are fully engaged with the customers we serve.
  • Innovation: We are a company that is progressive, proactive, and dynamic. We are continually looking for new ways to do our core business better and for new opportunities that relate to our vision and mission.
  • Knowledge: We continuously accumulate new information about the programs we operate and provide professional development opportunities to our staff. All learning in our organization is transparently shared with our customers and partners.
  • Responsiveness: To all of our customers, we will provide prompt, reliable service in a personalized manner. During the program, we provide all our delegates 24hours support in case of emergencies.
  • Collaboration: Within our company we work as a team to meet our mission; furthermore, to best serve our customers and to the betterment of our industry, we search for opportunities to work with colleagues in our field. We always work very tightly with our various partners such as universities, businesses and law firms.

What We Offer

At CBL-International, we are committed to offer you the best study abroad experience possible. Our goal is to become in the near future one of the leading private education providers of tailor made individual university courses, executive conferences and summer schools.
Here is what our elite programs offer you:

  • Value: At CBL-International we deliver what you need most for your program to be enriching, memorable and successful. We offer everything from tuition, conferences, accommodation, orientation, guidance, excursions, airport pick up and more.
  • Service and Support: The CBL-International team is at your service before, during and after your program has ended. Our staff is dedicated to answer swiftly any questions prior the start of your program. Once on site, we are available 24hours per day for any emergencies or enquiries you may have.
  • Excellence: Our programs are tailor made to suit our delegates. We want to offer you the best experience by providing you with the best academic members during the entire program. We cooperate with universities, law firms and multinational corporations locally in order to give you the most relevant information and knowledge possible.
  • International experience and discovering new cultures: Immersing yourself in the countries culture is also part of the CBL-International experience. Language classes, cultural excursions and conferences by local businesses and people are some of the great experiences we offer in order for our delegates to better understand and to learn more about the country they are exchanging in. With students and young professionals from all over the world participating each year, we guarantee an international experience that you will not forget.