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Welcome to the School of Business (SB) of Independent University, Bangladesh. The school offers both undergraduate and master’s degrees. The School of Business offers a variety of opportunities for study, work, and enrichment of the mind for the students.

IUB founded in 1993 is a place where academic excellence is a tradition, teaching a passion and, lifelong learning a habit. School of Business (SB) is one of the oldest and largest schools at IUB. Our school offers specialized programs like BBA, B.Sc in Economics, MBA, EMBA & M.Sc in Economics. The mission of these programs is to create business leaders who can promote economic development of the country by establishing three-way linkage between the academia, the industry and the community.

All the faculty members of SB have academic background from North America, Australia, UK, or equivalent universities. Majority of our faculty have both a Ph.D. and years of experience in the business world.They are continuously publishing articles in international and national peer reviewed journals. Academic knowledge, research findings and business experience are blended by the faculties to produce future leaders in SB. We consistently design and update our curriculum according to the guidelines of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the highest accreditation body of business schools in the USA. As a result our graduates are flourishing in the business world as executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers of changes as well as in the government sector and also in the academic area.

The school is currently offering nine majors for undergraduate and four majors at the graduate level. More than 4000 students are studying in the school; the student/teacher ratio in most classes is 20-1. The courses offered by the school are transferable to any other universities around the world.

Our goal is to provide an educational experience that transforms the lives of our students as the finest professionals. At the undergraduate level, we plan to continue the approach that has ranked our undergraduate program at the top among the others in the country. At the master’s level, our vision is to become the school of choice for MBA students with a clear career objective. Our new program offers an MBA in career specializations that provide intensive focus on the latest business issues and ensures success as professionals.

SB students are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow in their professions. Whether you are in interested in a career as business executive, entrepreneur, and teacher or are still thinking about your place in the world of your profession, the school will give you the caring, challenging, student friendly environment that you need to achieve your goals.

You will benefit from the distinctive academic and programs offered at the School of Business.

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MSc in Economics

Campus Full time 12 months September 2017 Bangladesh Dhaka

Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) is one of the first and leading private universities in Bangladesh. IUB has in angulated the Department of Economics in 2007 under the School of Business; [+]

Mission Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) is one of the first and leading private universities in Bangladesh. IUB has in angulated the Department of Economics in 2007 under the School of Business; the largest school of the university both in terms of the number of faculty members and students. Faculty members have Ph.D. from North America, Australia, UK, or equivalent universities. The course curricula of the Economics Department have been meticulously designed incorporating both the theoretical aspects and practical applications of Economics. The Department emphasizes the quantitative aspects of economic theories and applications in conformity with the contemporary global trend in this discipline. The mission of this Department is to create future leaders of international standard who will prove to be exceptionally competent in confronting the challenges in their respective professions. Admission Requirements Admission to the program will be selective. To apply students must fulfill the criteria given below: Four year Bachelor Degree or equivalent Degree from a reputed university. A CGPA of at least 2.50 or 2nd class undergraduate or graduate level in any previous public examination. Students who have completed their B.Sc. or BBA in Economics or have a satisfactory background in Statistics and Mathematics are also eligible. Acceptable score in the IUB Admission Test Or combined score of 300 in GRE. Semester The program will be offered in 3 regular semesters in a year - Autumn, Spring, and Summer. Duration Duration of the Program will be 3 regular semesters (12 months). Residency Requirement Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours at IUB to obtain the M.Sc. in Economics degree. Degree Requirements To graduate, students must earn credit for 10 courses (30credithours) with minimum CGPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale and meet the residency requirement of the IUB M.Sc. in Economics Program. Transfer Credits Transfer of credits earned for courses completed in other universities may be allowed. However, such transfer may be allowed for courses subject to the following: The courses completed elsewhere were at graduate level The courses were equivalent to IUB M.Sc. in Economics courses The grades earned were at least ‘B’ or equivalent The Department Head or equivalent committee which may or may not ask the applicant to take a written or oral test or both, considers the application satisfactory. All applications for transfers must be submitted to M.Sc. in Economics Program office within 3days of admission along with a processing fee of Tk. 150 for each credit applied for. Transfer credits will not be counted to calculate CGPA. Retake Policy Students will be allowed to retake course only once throughout the program. The latest grade will be considered as the final grade for the course. Grading Scheme This will be followed as per IUB’s grading policy. Class Timing Classes will meet from 6:30 pm in the evening. Incomplete Grade Incomplete grade of ‘I’ will be granted only in exceptional cases, such as, when illness or work-related travel is documented and substantial course requirements have already been completed. If remaining course work has not been completed by the end of the next semester, grade ‘I’ automatically becomes grade ‘F’. Withdrawals Students must apply to the M.Sc. in Economics Program Office for withdrawal from a course with the permission of the concerned course instructor and the Department Head. Probation Students will be required to maintain a minimum CGPA 2.75 throughout the academic period. If students fail to maintain the same, they will be put on provisional status. If students fail to raise their CGPA to 2.75 or above within the next two semesters, they will not be allowed to continue the course and will be dismissed from the program. Time Limitations Students will be allowed up to 5 years from the date of initial enrollment to complete their degree requirements. Financial Assistance Research Assistantship Teaching Assistantship 15% tuition discount for IUB graduates 15% discount on tuition (based on academic achievement) for the deserving students at the end of core courses Payment of fees in installments 50% discount for siblings or spouse. Program Structure Core Courses (12 credits) ECN 501 Microeconomics ECN 502 Macroeconomics ECN 503 Econometrics ECN 504 Mathematical Economics Fields of Concentration (6 credits) Development Economics ECN 509 Development Economics ECN 510 Institutions and Development ECN 511 Economic Policy Issues ECN 512 Development Finance and Project Management International Economics ECN 513 International Trade ECN 514 International Finance ECN 515 Financial Econometrics ECN 516 Global Trading Systems Applied Econometrics ECN 515 Financial Econometrics ECN 517 Time Series Analysis ECN 518 Macro Econometrics ECN 519 Panel Data Analysis Financial Economics ECN 512 Development Finance and Project Management ECN 515 Financial Econometrics ECN 520 Financial Economics ECN 521 Financial Institutions Environmental and Resource Economics ECN 522 Environmental and Resource Economics ECN 523 Environmental Governance ECN 524 Environmental Policy Instruments ECN 525 Environmental Valuation Electives (6 credits) ECN 541 Monetary Economics ECN 542 Public Finance ECN 543 Labor Economics ECN 544 Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness ECN 545 Political Economy of Development ECN 546 Game Theory and Industrial Organization ECN 547 History of Economic Thought ECN 548 Urban and regional Economics (Electives can be taken from fields of concentration) Research Paper (Compulsory) (6 credits) ECN 599 Research Paper [-]


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