World Wide Education GmbH


We offer academic study programs based on distance education.

Our programs are state-of-the concerning content and presentation technology. It´s your choice if you want to learn on the computer or on a mobile device, while travelling.

Our global access to academic and industry experts as well as international institutions gives you the advantage to be able to have access to studies on the highest levels.

Research and Development

Since 2009 WWEDU is running an internal think tank, which has the purpose to consult and support in the areas of future oriented development in distance education. This includes technology and curriculum development.

One of the projects is the development of the MSc in technology based education.

The R&D department has various cooperations with academic institutions in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Right now the team includes: Jon Baggaley, Otto Benavides and Wolfram Laaser.

The think tank is administrated by the management team.