Australian Catholic University


The Australian Catholic University

ACU is The Australian Catholic University, a public university funded by the Australian Government and open to students and staff of all beliefs.

ACU hassix campuses in Australia and offer programs throughout Australia and overseas.Students enjoy the benefits of small, friendly campuses and small class sizes, and have direct access to highly qualified lecturers and quality student support services.ACU campuses are located in Brisbane (Queensland), North Sydney and Strathfield, (New South Wales), Canberra (ACT), Ballarat and Melbourne (Victoria).

Quality Innovative Teaching

ACU has an established reputation for quality and innovative teaching with specialist undergraduate and postgraduate education in disciplines including arts, business, business information systems, information technology, education, educational leadership, environmental science, exercise science, midwifery, music, nursing, paramedicine, psychology, philosophy, social sciences, social work, theology, religious education and visual arts and design.

Rigorous Intellectual Scholarship and Ethics

ACU is dedicated to rigorous intellectual scholarship and the individual's pursuit of truth and academic freedom. Its ethos is derived from Christian values and the Catholic intellectual tradition, and our core concern is with ethics in all fields of endeavour. In all its courses the University empowers students with a strong sense of social responsibility and concern for the moral and ethical dimensions of their study and their professional and personal lives.

Highly Employable Graduates

ACU’s graduates are high achievers and enjoy one of the best rates of employment in Australia (Source: Graduate Careers Council of Australia). Many find jobs using their professional skills before they have graduated.

Why should you choose ACU?

The most important thing when deciding which university to attend is to choose a university that offers the course that most interests you and meets your career goals.

The Graduate Experience

ACU graduates are high achievers and enjoy one of the best rates of employment in Australia. Many of our graduates find job using their professional skills before they have graduated.

Get the Best Job and Qualify for Life

ACU can provide you with an education so you not only qualify for your dream career, but you qualify for life.

Opportunities for Early Achievers

ACU also recognises that you are worth more than just your score and we offer early entrance into university for school leavers and non-school leavers through our Early Achievers Program.