Approved official program description for REYST MSc in Sustainable Energy Science

REYST MSc in Sustainable Energy Science

Reykjavik Energy Graduate School of Sustainable Systems – REYST

REYST MSc in Sustainable Energy Science

Reykjavik Energy Graduate School of Sustainable Systems – REYST

REYST is an international graduate programme in sustainable energy science. We have only been operating since 2008, but have so far attracted students from all over the world. Our students come from countries such as Finland, India, Ethiopia, Philippines, Germany, Djibouti, Indonesia, Colombia, United States of America, Taiwan, Scotland and Iceland. 

The REYST field of operation is research based graduate education where Reykjavik University is responsible for the academic quality of the program. REYST emphasises protection of the environment and sustainable energy use worldwide. The unique experience and knowledge of the REYST partners is the strong foundation we build on. The program is characterised by emphasis on sustainable energy use, geothermal in particular, interdisciplinary approach to the subjects, good access to research facilities and to companies and institutes that specialise in the utilisation of sustainable energy and practical projects are intertwined in the academic program. Our target groups are students of any nationality interested in research based graduate education. REYST MSc programme is 120 ECTS units, duration is 18 months and starts in the beginning of August each year with an application deadline February 1/April 30.

The Icelandic community uses most of its energy consumption from sustainable energy sources. It builds on a long tradition of using sustainable energy and possesses a vast scientific and technical knowledge on utilising geothermal energy and hydropower. That experience and knowledge is of great value. It is our duty to bring that knowledge forward to the next generations and to the world. With REYST we can share our knowledge and transfer the technical know-how to other countries.

Graduate Programme Overview

  • 120 ECTS composed of 60 ECTS in courses and a research project of 60 ECTS completed with a Master thesis and final exam
  • Duration of programme is 18 months
  • The program is level 4, fulfilling the requirements needed to start PhD studies. PhD programme offered through Reykjavik University 
  • Cross-disciplinary interaction and integration isa strong theme
  • Students are supervised in selecting courses
  • Students have good access to research facilities and field related companies and field work will be an integrated part of the studies
  • The language of instruction is English

Program Objective

To graduate students with good theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the various fields of sustainable energy use, including the use of geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, wind power, energy efficiency, etc.


Master of Science in sustainable energy
Master of Science in sustainable energy engineering

Details of Programme

REYST offers MSc programme that includes a selection of REYST courses, other MSc courses offered at Reykjavik University and a 60 ECTS (full year) master’s thesis. This is a broad-based theoretical and practical program with two main educational fields: engineering and business. It is expected that each student will specialize within either of these two main fields. Multidisciplinary interaction and integration is a strong theme and graduate students are required to take several courses outside their field of specialization.Students holding BSc degree in geosciences, engineering or business can apply to REYST.

All students are required to finish the following courses:

• R-M1 Introductory Field Trip 
• R-M4 Introduction to Energy Economics
• R-M5 Interdisciplinary Project Course
• R-M6 Overview of Sustainable Energy Systems

And (depending on the student's background):

• R-M2 Introduction to Earth Sciences
• R-M3 Introduction to Energy Technology

Students pursuing the MSc in engineering degree must take at least 12 ECTS of engineering design.

Expected level of master’s degree graduates

Graduates from the program will have acquired a broad-based understanding of sustainable energy systems as well as a solid knowledge of either of the core disciplines in business or engineering. Engineering graduates will also have acquired the necessary background in engineering design. A graduate is expected to be able to solve complicated tasks in research and/or design, be able to carry out independent projects and work effectively on cross-disciplinary teams on multifaceted and complicated problems in the fields of energy exploration and utilization.

Target Groups

• Students of any nationality interested in research based graduate education in the field of sustainable energy utilization.
• Professionals who want to extend or update their knowledge in specific areas.


REYST offers a limit amount of scholarships. Students with excellent grades in their undergraduate studies and references should apply to REYST.

Graduate Programme Requirements

A completed BS degree, (or equivalent, 180 ECTS), from a university recognized by government or accredited by other recognized organisation. A final university degree in Business, Science or Engineering is required for the graduate programme.

Students in their final year of undergraduate education may also apply and if qualified, receive a conditional acceptance. In that case the student must include a written statement from the head of their department, giving an expected completion date.

Language Requirements

Applicants must provide proof of their proficiency in English.

English proficiency tests are waived for applicants with English as language of instruction (minimum 3 years of full-time higher education studies). Please enclose a relevant certificate from your university with the application. For EU citizens from partner universities, a certificate from the University language department or the relevant head of department stating the student’s good level of English will be enough. Please note, however, that knowledge of English may be taken into account in the selection process for some programs, i.e. a good TOEFL / IELTS result may be of added value.

Official Documentation

For documents required by the Admissions Office: please note that applications not supported by officially certified documents will not be processed. The documents must be stamped and signed by the issuing institution (legible name and contact information) or a notary public, in the original language and in officially certified translations. For some countries, only official transcripts sealed by the university and sent directly from the university to Admissions Office will be accepted. For documents required by the chosen Master's programme, photocopies or duly verified documents are accepted.


The REYST program starts in the first week of August each year. REYST admits new students once a year.  The application deadline depends on the applicant´s country of residence. Residence permits for applicants outside the European Economic Area (EEA) member countries require a longer processing time than for applicants that reside within the EEA.

Students outside EEA: The application deadline is February 1.
Icelandic students/students from EEA countries: The application deadline is April 30.

If you want more information or have questions, please fill out this form. It takes approximately 45 seconds to complete.

The program was to my interest as it is a research based program. A true preparation to pursue PhD as next career step.

The course is very relevant to career prospects and my present position. The course offered in English. The combination of the course papers are to my requirements.

Campus based
Duration 18 months
Part time No
Full time Yes
Price 1,500,000 ISK. REYST offers scholarships
Start date August 2014
End date Request Info
Place Iceland, Reykjavik
Application deadline Request Info