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PAEX - Partners for Excellence

Fundação Dom Cabral Business School

Cooperation among mid-size companies

Sharing experiences and optimizing results.
A quest for results: this is the main goal of the PAEX partnership. It currently consists of 260 mid-size companies organized into regional groups in Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. Within this environment, FDC promotes improvements in mid and long term results by raising awareness and gradually building up knowledge.

It encourages the exchange of experiences while discussing management models and putting management and strategic tools into practice. It is all carried out based on the perspective of building together. Company and FDC always work side by side and follow-up on the results.

Cooperation that generates results

  • Improved economic-financial results.
  • Redefinition of the company’s management strategy, based on an integrated model.
  • Definition of the organization’s performance indicators.
  • Periodic follow-up of goals.
  • Redesign of the typical processes that bear greater impact on results.
  • Realignment of the company’s commercial strategy.
  • Broadening horizons due to contact with the leading-edge of business management.

PAEX in the productive chain

Large size companies have been using PAEX in their productive chains, their business units, their channels and with their suppliers.


Entrepreneurial PAEX

A partnership developed and adapted for entrepreneurial mid-sized companies with strong growth potential.


Designing the business project with the client
Developing together the vision for the  future of the company. Preparing and implementing Strategic Planning together with the company while reassessing its business.

Results contract

Annual, with a three-year perspective. The results contract stems from the business project.

Monthly management assessments
Control, follow-up and the needed redirecting.


The moment when experts from FDC and from the company work together to meld theory and the day-to-day routine of the Financial, Commercial, Processes and People areas. Monitoring is tailored to the situation and methodologies are developed and implemented according to each company’s needs.

Executive Development Program

Every year, three executives from each company take part in a 96-hour development program that emphasizes Strategic Planning; Marketing; Finance; People; Operations and Logistics; and Processes.

Advanced Executive Development Program
A place to discuss emerging management themes with the top executive or with one who is being groomed for the position and who has already attended the PDD.

Exchanges among network partners; these are encouraged by meetings.

  • Annual PAEX Network Meeting: presidents and top executives who belong to PAEX meet to discuss the results achieved during the year, opening up opportunities for exchanges with other companies, sectors, countries and cultures. The meeting is a chance to exchange ideas about scenarios and gather subsidies for the Business Project.
  • The Presidents’ Committee: it is a restricted group made up by the president of each partner organization, and it discusses current topics and common problems while promoting the development and integration of executives.
    Executive Group: professionals meet and exchange experiences. At the same time, they come into contact with updated and world-class content.
  • Management Group: managers, executives and the president (the main executive). Under direct monitoring by FDC experts in each company within each group, methodologies are developed, adapted and implemented in the various fields of business management. This group follows-up on the goals that have been set in results contracts and in the monthly management assessments (AGM) and takes the measures needed to achieve the results contracted.


Groups of mid-size companies:

  • grouped by geographic region;
  • non-competitors, preferably;
  • under a process of continuous development;
    at the same level of management complexity.

Groups are made up of up to ten companies from the same region. This format makes for easier exchanges and access to activities, as executives do not need to leave their territories.

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