Master's Programme in Marketing, Services and Communication Management

University of St.Gallen (HSG), School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs

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Master's Programme in Marketing, Services and Communication Management

University of St.Gallen (HSG), School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs


Customer value – the goal of sustainable corporate management

In a globalised world, sustainable corporate value can only be created through convincing products and services for customers, who are the focus of attention. Marketing along these lines concentrates on achieving the highest possible customer focus with the products and services. This integrative view, which transcends classical marketing, is what the Master’s Programme in Marketing, Services and Communication Management (MSC) is committed to: the programme combines all management disciplines that take their bearings from customers and unites them with the markets and business models of topical industries. This orientation provides our students with an integrated understanding of corporate management from a customer’s point of view and of a sustainable generation of customer value.

The customer value approach: value for customers and the value of customers

The core of the programme is constituted by the customer value approach: companies and institutions provide customers with goods and services. The solution of customers’ problems, their experience of the product and thus the contribution to their satisfaction define the product’s value for customers. At the same time, however, companies only take their bearings from customers who are valuable in the long term. The customer service approach is promising and helps to answer the key question of entrepreneurial strategy: which goods and services should be provided for which customers and markets?


Marketing, service management and communication and their application areas:

On the one hand, our programme is based on the functions of marketing, market research, service management and communication; on the other hand, it provides students with an insight into a great number of up-to-date application areas such as Marketing of Innovations, Automotive Marketing, Financial Services and Insurance, Family Business and Virtual Communication. The selection of application areas is constantly being updated and is intended to provide students with well-founded access to specific markets.

Besides the application areas, core studies consist of an application project, courses in Customer Value and Communication Management, Consumer Behaviour and Market Research, and independent electives. They are supplemented by a Master’s thesis and Contextual Studies (particularly in sociology, psychology, communication and languages).


The MSC encourages the exchange between students, institutes and practice. In application projects, students work in small groups on real tasks set by a company or institute. The project partner remains the same throughout the three-term project period. This early and enduring contact with practice partners teaches students professional teamwork with business partners and often leads to further cooperation with students for their Master’s thesis, individual projects or job offers.

International exchange programmes

The Master’s Programme in Marketing, Services and Communication Management (MSC) offers its students an opportunity to take part in double degree and exchange programmes:

• Exchange programmes with more than 190 partner universities worldwide

• CEMS Master’s in International Management

• DM2 double degree programmes

Career perspectives

MSC graduates have a wide range of qualifications and are prepared for attractive functions and professional field.

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