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A masters refers to the completion of a graduate study program that prepares students to further their knowledge of a specific subject or advance their careers. The majority of masters are granted by state or public universities.

Strategy studies are excellent to pursue for people looking to learn about how to make the best business decisions regarding resources. Because corporate decision making is a crucial process, individuals may explore in depth the strategic principles that guide choice making.

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Sweden borders Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Øresund. Sweden is a developed post-industrial society with an advanced welfare state. The standard of living and life expectancy rank among the highest in the world.

Top Master Programs in Strategy in Sweden 2016/2017

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Master in Strategic Entrepreneurship

Jönköping University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Sweden Jönköping

This programme will improve your entre­preneurial effectiveness, when creating and launching new start-ups as well as when identifying and developing oppor­tunities within existing organizations. [+]

Best Masters in Strategy in Sweden 2016/2017. This programme will improve your entre­preneurial effectiveness, when creating and launching new start-ups as well as when identifying and developing oppor­tunities within existing organizations. Entrepreneurship plays an important part in our society and this programme will equip you with the skills you need to ma­nage an existing company as well as those you need to create new businesses and be successful. The programme is designed according to state-of-the-art research results but also offers practical projects and start-up experiences. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Swedish business landscape, thereby experiencing the interplay of the local business dimension with the global one. Courses include guest lectures by Swedish business world representatives, projects with Swedish organisations, and opportunities to deve­lop your own venture ideas. All courses are given in English. The programme is open to students from around the world, and courses have a diverse international participation of students. This international atmosphere contributes to a broad perspective of the issues discussed in class. Study abroad Students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities. The alternative to international exchange is to study elective courses at JIBS. Both alternatives allow you to create your own individualized profile. Part of the elective semester can be devoted to an internship. The advanced internship in entrepreneurship includes the possibility of working with your own business. Internships Part of the elective semester can be devoted to an internship. After your degree You will gain specialized master level competencies in business administration with a focus on venture creation and venture management as well as business renewal. There is a wide range of career opportunities awaiting you after gradua­tion, including: Business owner-manager/entrepreneur, business developer, project leader, change manager, business deve­loper. The programme also prepares stu­dents for doctoral research education. Courses NB Preliminary list of courses Year 1 Autumn Entrepreneurial Growth 7.5 hp Entrepreneuring; Person and Process 7.5 hp Advanced Research Methods in Business Administration 7.5 hp Creating a New Venture 7.5 hp Year 1 Spring Advanced International Marketing, Trade, and Export Management 7.5 hp Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Renewal 7.5 hp Entrepreneurial Finance 7.5 hp Family Business Development 7.5 hp Year 2 Autumn Studying abroad/Elective courses 30 hp Year 2 Spring Master Thesis in Business Administration 30 hp Facts Credits: 120,0 Level: Master's Rate of study: Full-time Place of study: Campus-based Language: English Start date: Autumn 2016 Requirements: The applicant must hold the minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (i.e the equivalent of 180 credits at an accredited university) with at least 90 credits in business administration, economics, industrial engineering and management, or equivalent. At least 60 credits must be in business administration. Proof of English proficiency is required. The number of places is limited. Selection is made based on: Academic results from bachelor level studies Letter of motivation GMAT (not required, but a good score may strengthen your application) [-]

MSc Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations

Linköping University
Campus Full time 2 years August 2017 Sweden Linköping

The two-year master’s program aims to educate future leaders with good judgment, who can make well-balanced decisions. [+]

MSc Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations, 120 credits In the two-year master’s program in Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organizations (SMIO) we aim to educate future leaders with good judgment, who can make well-balanced decisions. The program combines fundamental academic knowledge (thinking and reasoning) and experiential knowledge (skills) to prepare students to go beyond applying known solutions to known problems. Upon successful completion of the program, students will have acquired good analytical skills and the ability to think strategically. Through the international focus of courses as well as the international composition of the SMIO class, students will be well-prepared for working in international organizations. Semester 1 The courses of the first semester focus strategy by studying the two parts that strategy ties together, the inside of the organization and the environment of the organization. The first course, Classic Leadership and Organization Dilemmas (15 ECTS) takes strategy as a starting point and explores a number of classic dilemmas (such as how to divide scarce resources between exploration and exploitation activities) and the resulting leadership and organization challenges. The second course, Contemporary International Management Paradoxes (15 ECTS) starts in strategy as well, but looks outside of the organization and particularly on globalization issues and the macro perspectives. The course will initially take you on a historical journey to help you understand how we ended up where we are, but then zoom in on a number of challenges and paradoxes that organizations of today face. The skills focused in the first semester are classic academic ones such as ‘learning to learn’, argumentative writing, visualization methods, rhetoric, critical thinking and analysis. Semester 2 The dilemmas and paradoxes that students meet in this first semester are of the kind that are insoluble – that is they cannot be solved once and for all, rather they have to be continuously managed. The second semester therefore focuses on analytical tools and models that can be used to manage the dilemmas and paradoxes that were introduced in the first semester. The semester starts with Business Finance (7,5 ECTS), a hands on case-based course focused on application and solving problems. Management Control Systems (7,5 ECTS) is the second course of the semester and focuses on issues such as performance measures and incentive systems through a number of cases. The third course, Perspectives on Human Resource Management (7,5 ECTS) starts in classic HRM issues and lands in contemporary models and challenges such as how to work with HR in increasingly temporary and project-based organizations. The semester ends with a Term Project/Paper (7,5 ECTS) where you will synthesize what you have learned over the past two semesters. There are two optional approaches depending on your future career interests. The first option is to work together with a company and help them to solve a problem and then write a project report based on your findings. For those interested in a research career, the other option is to take on a research problem and work together with one of the professors at the department. The skills practiced this semester are qualitative and quantitative analysis, argumentation, writing, presentation and communication skills, project management, and teamwork. Semester 3 The third semester also focuses on analytical tools and models that can be used to manage the dilemmas and paradoxes of the first semester. The semester starts with Strategy - Classic and Contemporary Views (15 ECTS) which will introduce you to different eras of strategic thinking, in the form of ‘Big’, ‘Best’, ‘Fast’, and ‘Beautiful’. For your second and final course before the thesis, there are two options. If you are interested in innovation, project management, knowledge creation and integration, and working in high-tech companies then you can choose to study Innovation and Project Management (15 ECTS). If you instead are interested in marketing and sales, and issues of branding, product design and understanding consumers, then you can choose to study Advanced Consumer Marketing (15 ECTS). The semester will end with the development of a Master Thesis Proposal. The skills focused this semester are further qualitative analysis and argumentation. Semester 4 The fourth semester is entirely dedicated to your Master Thesis (30 ECTS), which will be written in teams of two. You will independently develop a research problem, design and carry out a study, analyze data, synthesize results, present it all in writing and defend your work in a public seminar. Each pair will be appointed a thesis advisor and be part of your advisor’s thesis group which will meet regularly to discuss and give feedback on your work-in-progress. The master’s thesis will tie together the program and enhance your ability to solve problems independently and in a scholarly manner. Career opportunities Upon completion of the Business Administration master’s programme, students will be competent analysts and competitive candidates for employment in international organizations in general. Students who specialize in Innovation and Project Management will be ready to work within high-tech companies, and be equipped with a special understanding of highly innovative settings and project-based organizing. Students who specialize in Marketing will instead have a good foundation for understanding customer behavior, new market research methods and brands .. Among our alumni we find for example consultants, business analysts, innovation strategists, marketing and brand executives, HR managers and project managers. Some alumni have also started their own businesses while others have chosen to pursue an academic career through doctoral studies (PhD). Programme facts Degree: Master of Science (120 credits) in Business Administration Language: English Duration: Two years Pace of study: Full-time Campus: Linköping Application code: LIU-91000 Application period: 16 Oct - 15 Jan Start date: August / September Tuition fees Citizens from within the EU/EEA and Switzerland: No tuition fees All others: SEK 110,000 (approx. USD 16,100/EUR 12,000) per academic year Programme specific requirements A bachelor's degree in business administration or economics with at least 180 ECTS credits or equivalent. Alternatively, a bachelor's degree with/and at least 60 ECTS credits (two semesters of full-time study) of business administration-related courses (for example Accounting, Marketing, Organization Theory, Strategy, Finance, HRM). Each applicant must enclose a letter of intent written in English, explaining why they want to study this programme, and a summary of their bachelor's essay or project. If applicants hold a degree that does not include a bachelor's essay or project, then their letter of intent should describe previous studies and any other academic activities related to the master's programme. All supporting documents, including the letter of intent and the specific paper, should be sent to University Admissions in Sweden, FE 1, SE–838 73 Frösön, Sweden. The overall purpose of the two-year master’s programme in Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations (SMIO) is to educate a new generation of managers and researchers who understand science and business in an international setting. [-]

Master in Entrepreneurship

Linnaeus University, School Of Business & Economics
Campus Full time 2 - 4 semesters September 2017 Sweden Växjö

The program syllabus includes courses which provides a theoretical depth in business development respectively different perspectives on entrepreneurship, specially emphasizing Scandinavian perspectives. [+]

Department: School of Business and Economics

Level: Second Level

To develop businesses and societies by identifying, implementing and analyzing entrepreneurial projects together with practitioners.

The program syllabus includes courses which provides a theoretical depth in business development respectively different perspectives on entrepreneurship, specially emphasizing Scandinavian perspectives. The first semester a course in methodology provides knowledge and skills in interactive methods (action research) and in parallel a development project is identified and initiated together with a business, an organization or a local community. The project is implemented during the second semester. The project work provides skills to take on qualified project and process leadership roles and to be practically useful for the organization or the local society which has been chosen. Methodological skills are deepened during the last course during the second semester to enable a capacity to relate project work to development of theory. The second year consists of a study abroad semester and is completed by a master thesis during the last semester. The program will therefore provide both theoretical depth as well as high practical relevance as acquired knowledge is applied on real cases.... [-]

Master in International Business Strategy

Linnaeus University, School Of Business & Economics
Campus Full time 2 semesters September 2017 Sweden Kalmar

In the multicultural learning environment student will be prepared to work in international teams and knowledge intense market organization in global industrial companies. [+]

At the growth oriented master program in International Business Strategy the purpose is to develop the student’s ability to analyze international strategic challenges faced by Multinational Corporations and Small and Medium sized enterprises.The program is designed for students seeking management positions working with international challenges. Throughout the program the students’ analytical capacity is stimulated. Focus is dedicated to an enhanced ability of understanding how firms can find competitive, dynamic and socially responsible solutions to international competitive challenges. LIVE – CASE COMPANIES plays a central role throughout the program. In teams the students are assigned a live case company which brings their international strategic challenges to class. The student teams work in group to solve these live strategic issues faced by highly competitive Swedish firms, e.g. Volvo Construction Equipment, Electrolux, Norden Pac Machinery.The first semester includes two courses with focus on how multinational companies from mature markets solve different strategic business challenges encountered in emerging country markets. The core revolves around how to balance economic and social aspects of international business strategy by creating economic, social and natural values for different stakeholders in emerging country markets and how to develop a dynamic local market organization for sustainable competitive advantage.The second semester includes another two courses pertaining to both small and medium sized companies as well as multinational companies. The first course deals with the internationalization process and different forms of entry strategies. The second course focuses on how multinational companies solve different strategic business challenges in mature markets.The program is ended by a degree project which is often a project coming from the LIVE-CASE companies.... [-]