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A Masters degree is an academic degree awarded to individuals who successfully denote a higher level of expertise. There are two main types of Masters - taught and research.

Humanities is a concentration that focuses on what being human means to different people as well as the unique incidents that human beings experience in their lifetime. Studying humanities typically includes learning about philosophy, art, music, and language in order to gain a deeper picture of humankind. 

Since all classes are online, students will not have to appear at classes. Schedules may not be as stringent when taking lessons online. Students can work on and carry out assignments when they are ready and at their personal pace. In several online degree courses, students are not expected to take elective classes unless needed by their major. This allows students to zero in on and study particularly what they need to learn for their business. For many students who have a passion for to learn information relevant to their major, online degree programs work excellent as this approach will save time and aid students gain their degree faster.

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MicroMasters Program in Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research (The University of Michigan)

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Online Full time Part time 36 weeks January 2017 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Earn a MicroMasters from the #1 ranked School of Social Work to advance your career. [+]

Best Online Masters in Humanities 2017. Average Length: 6 weeks per course Effort: 8-10 hours per week, per course Number Of Courses: 6 Courses in Program Subject: Health & Safety, Social Sciences Institution: The University of Michigan Institution Offering Credit: The University of Michigan Language: English Video Transcripts: English Price (USD): $49-199 per course Earn a MicroMasters from the #1 ranked School of Social Work to advance your career. Want to make a difference? Reach out, raise hope, and change society? This innovative MicroMasters Program provides an advanced, professional sequence of courses in social work so you can gain the skills needed to empower individuals, families, communities and organizations to meet needs and create positive changes. You will gain a greater understanding of social work practice, an awareness of the history and impact of policy on the provision of key social services, and an appreciation for the research that supports effective practice. Build on this credential and take advantage of a great opportunity to be accepted into the #1 ranked social work Masters Degree program for a fraction of the cost. Job Outlook Participants can use this certificate to improve their career in related fields of practice (e.g., criminal justice, child welfare, aging services). This program could also meet an organization’s goals for continuing professional education for workers. Career Opportunities Include: Child Welfare Specialist, Foster Care/Adoption Worker, Psychiatric Social Worker, Community Organizer, Therapist, Probation Officer Manager/Program Coordinator, Medical Social Worker, Policy Analyst, Social Work Researcher, Geriatric Social Worker What You'll Learn: To apply key skills in working with individuals, families, communities, and organizations to promote positive changes and make a difference. To integrate social justice values into social change processes and actions. To understand the key knowledge bases and frameworks that social workers use to guide their work at the micro, mezzo and macro levels of practice. How social policies and research impact everyday practice with individuals, families, and communities experiencing challenges in their day to day lives. MicroMasters Program Details How To Earn The MicroMasters Credential Complete and successfully earn a Verified Certificate in all six courses. Take Your Credential To The Next Level Completion of this MicroMasters Program will provide participants who apply and are accepted to the University of Michigan School of Social Work an opportunity to be considered for an accelerated pathway to complete the MSW program. Courses Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change Learn the values, techniques, and themes social workers use to help others as well as strategies for addressing social justice challenges. Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Small Groups Learn how to assess and design appropriate intervention strategies for individuals, families, and small groups. Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work Increase your knowledge and critical thinking skills related to diversity, human rights and social justice and injustice. Social Work: Research Learn about the importance of an evidence-based approach in social work practice and how to conduct effective research. Social Work Practice in Community Organization, Management and Policy/Evaluation Learn about macro social work and how to have large scale impact on entire communities and systems of care. Social Welfare Policy and Services Learn about the history of social welfare policy, services, and the social work profession. What is a MicroMasters Program? Developed to advance a career and born from Master's programs of leading universities, MicroMasters programs are a series of higher-level courses recognized by companies for real job relevancy, and may accelerate a Master's degree. [-]