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In order to successfully obtain a Masters qualification, you will need to obtain a number of credits by passing individual modules. Most taught Masters will have a number of core modules which you must take and pass in order to obtain the qualification. The assessment of research Masters is almost always entirely by a single dissertation module or project.

A Master's degree in Social Work is concerned with the improvement of the quality of life of a certain individual or communities. Students will combine research, crisis intervention, community organization and strategy to be able to attain results.

Brazil offer a higher education that is partially financed for those students who would like to pursue advanced education. They must be aged between 18 and 35 years. This higher education system enables students to learn practical skills that enable them to face the 21st century challenges.

It’s the largest city in Brazil, and this has seen a system of numerous public and private higher education learning centres. Some of the globally recognized universities such as University of Sao Paulo, Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo State University are located here.

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Graduate In Design For Social Impact

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Sao Paulo
Campus Full time 18 months March 2017 Brazil São Paulo

This is the first course of postgraduate in Brazil dedicated to the theme. Social Business, according to several analysts, present great opportunities and a lack of qualified professionals. [+]

Masters in Social Work in Sao Paulo in Brazil. THIS PROGRAM IS IN PORTUGUESE Taught This is the first course of postgraduate in Brazil dedicated to the theme. Social Business, according to several analysts, present great opportunities and a lack of qualified professionals. Start Date: September / 2015 Days: Mondays and Wednesdays (10 meetings) Time: 19h30 to 22h45 Duration: 18 months Hours: 400 hours Registration until: September / 2015 SCENARIO More and more people, institutions and companies look for ways to positively impact the most diverse social issues, either by conviction or by necessity. Design for social impact resets and features a design process from purposes and methods focused on social innovation, to meet the assumptions involved the business focused on the transformative impact to the bottom of the pyramid. The problems of our time are systemic, meaning that they are interconnected and therefore the solutions require innovative approaches by trained professionals from various fields in cooperation. In this sense, there is now a growing demand by a dedicated approach by a professional vision with comprehensive knowledge and look visionary, able to face complex problems, identify opportunities, engage with diverse groups and inspire / empower people, turning extreme realities to build a world more equitable and sustainable. COURSE This is the first course of postgraduate in Brazil dedicated to the theme. Social Business, according to several analysts, present great opportunities and a lack of qualified professionals. Some say they are the future of the global economy, where everyone wins and the exchange ratios take on new dimensions and perspectives. The graduate of the differential in Design for Social Istituto Impact Europeo di Design - IED São Paulo is to provide an immersive experience participant in one of the distinct social realities with which they will be prepared to interact, thus mixing reflection and practice. The course is structured from three main areas - Design for Social Innovation; Management and Impact; and Sustainable Development. The modular structure of the course is designed to provide the student with a progressive development experience of their skills and conceptual, technological and creative skills. This wide range is filtered by the discussion of what actually generates social impact in the context of how to identify opportunities and how to find ways of establishing consistent dialogue. The course incorporates the collaboration of active partners in the current scenario, such as NGOs, associations, businesses, government agencies etc. The constant contact with inspiring professionals support students in the process of critical review of the real context, to conceptualize creative solutions based on empathy in order to amplify the impact of targeted projects and services for social enterprises. DELIVERY Each participant will be encouraged to develop their own views to go their way and act as a designer in a changing world. The program graduates will have developed a global perspective, while we understand the specifics needed to meet local singularities. Be able to integrate different disciplines of the world of design in their projects, focusing on the social impact of business. Humanistic, multidisciplinary and creative, the Social Information formed by IED São Paulo should be able to assess and create new models, strategies, environments, products and services with the potential to fulfill a key role in the development and transformation of society. In addition to the systemic view of the acute sensitivity to human issues and deep knowledge in innovation, this new professional will have practical experience in working collaboratively. Therefore, we expect a critical attitude, reflective and constructive. The program graduates will bring their valuable experience to companies, institutions, NGOs or initiatives related to Creative Economy, joining multidisciplinary teams, communities and / or entrepreneurs to undertake their own projects. The course also provides the performance in careers in areas such as design innovation, design and strategy, business development, brand development and social responsibility. [-]