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Welcome to the best place to search for masters degrees, MA, MSc, and master programs offered by the best universities and business schools around the world! We have over 30,000 different programs for you to choose from. You can search for masters programs by field of study, school location, full time, part time or online/distance studies, and sort the results by country, city and program title. We will help you with your research in the educational world: find here the masters degree that will suit your requirements best and contact the school directly!

The Benefits of a Masters

A Master degree program is an opportunity to further advance your education. Many people complete a post-high school curriculum that meets the bachelor's degree level. At this point, many students enter the workforce and begin working in the career they've selected during their bachelor's degree. However, there's more to learn and that's where the Master comes into play. When making the decision to enroll in a Master program, students must consider their overall goals. One of the key benefits to a Masters degree is that the student is able to learn at a higher level and on more advanced subjects. As a result, the individual is then able to apply for higher levels of employment, earn more in their position, or even work in more advanced fields. Often, employers encourage employees to work towards a Masters as it shows the student is dedicated to his or her field.

How Long Is a Masters Program?

Every program is slightly different in terms of duration. Generally speaking most individuals can complete a master's degree program in 18 to 24 months. However, many others attend just part time, which can mean going for a longer period but with fewer classes taken every few months. For some fields, such as advanced healthcare and law, it is common for these degree programs to take up to 36 months, as a full time student.

When choosing a university for a Masters program, the curriculum will outline the specific courses required. It's important to note, though, that most programs allow for some customization to ensure that the student is able to get the education he or she needs to truly fulfill his or her desired learning.

Types of Masters Programs Available

The Masters programs available range significantly, mainly because virtually all types of bachelor's degrees can continue with additional coursework to complete the Master. This includes areas such as:

  • Business Management, including focuses on financials, human resource, and marketing
  • Engineering and technology
  • Law and regulations
  • Biological and medical
  • Social sciences
  • Arts and humanities

Many universities offer a Master that will allow the student to focus on his or her desired area of study. If you are looking for such a program and cannot find it at one university, another one will likely offer it.


The cost of a Masters program will differ significantly from one school and region to another. Universities tend to charge students more for these more advanced courses than for bachelor's degrees. However, this is due to the more advanced knowledge, higher levels of technology needed, and more advanced teaching methods. As a result, global costs for a Masters program may be very affordable to very expensive.

Individuals interested in enrolling in a Master degree will want to ensure first that he or she has all required degrees. Then, it is possible to find a program designed specifically for the area of study he or she wishes to explore to further a career. Read more about Masters programs here.

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Master in Marketing & Sales

EAE Business School
Campus Full time October 2017 Spain Barcelona

Globalisation, new information technologies and new distribution channels are changing marketing’s point of view. Also, consumers have become more and more demanding and have more [+]

Master 2017. Master in Marketing & Sales in Barcelona / Madrid Globalization, new information technologies and new distribution channels are changing marketing’s point of view. Also, consumers have become more and more demanding and have more information, so they are fully aware of what they want and need. All companies need professionals in their Marketing area, capable of successfully leading the correct combination of the three main elements offered by this Master Degree: solid marketing training and knowledge, the skills necessary to know how to respond to the current market and environment and the ability to turn the existing technologies into a competitive advantage. The EAE’s Master in Marketing & Sales in Madrid or Barcelona has three objectives presented in three main areas: To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes those allow people to contribute towards the marketing area in an efficient manner: Identifying opportunities, threats and changes to the company’s competitive environment and guiding the company’s strategy according to possible scenarios and specific cases. To develop management skills in participants to allow them to succeed in their professional life: Being able to communicate and encourage work teams in a globalized, diverse and multicultural environment, standing out for leadership and negotiation. To provide a clear view of the opportunities and risks of the new marketing trends, and to know how to adapt the company to a new competitive environment: Being able to lead the implementation of new operational management systems aimed at the market and the consumer. Program Introduction to Business Organization: Organization and Business Administration Quantitative techniques Organizational Management: Business and Marketing Planning Process in organizations Market Research, Information Management and Decision Making Financial impact of strategic decisions Marketing in Digital Environments Strategic Marketing Management: Creating value in businesses Delivering customer value Strategic Market Planning and Go-To Market: Sales and Marketing strategies Managing customers and Key Accounts, new models of business organization Business strategies for Customer-Centric Marketing. Business GameMarketing in Digital Environments Marketing & Sales plan ... [-]

Master's Degree In Hotel Management And Catering (Barcelona)

School of Tourism and Hospitality - The OSTELEA
Campus Full time April 2017 Spain Barcelona

The Master in Hospitality Management and Restoration, which aims to train professionals and managers who lead global business projects in the field of hospitality management, but from the necessary business perspective to be efficient in decision-making within this sector globalized and dynamic, and not obviate the impact of new technologies. [+]

Master in Hospitality Management and Restoration The Master in Hospitality Management and Restoration, which aims to train professionals and managers who lead global business projects in the field of hospitality management, but from the necessary business perspective to be efficient in decision-making within this sector globalized and dynamic, and not obviate the impact of new technologies. Why study the Master: Revenue Management, which is taught through a Business Game. This particular field of hotel marketing is widely developed in this field through an applied through a business game vision. This Master may be taken in Madrid or Barcelona integrated practices: The theoretical component of the applied subjects developed in the classroom, but implementation is a collaborative business practice. Professional practices. The Master offers the possibility of work experience in areas of management of hotel chains and catering companies. It includes a series of meetings with managers of hotels, catering business and international tourism consultants. Ostelea is a member of the Spanish Association of Directors and Executives Hotel (AEDH). Case method: The case method allows the best student systematically its decision-making process through the discussion of actual cases of tourist companies. Some of the cases that are working are: El Bulli and Ryanair. Attendance at trade fairs: Students attend trade fairs such as Alimentaria (Barcelona), considered one of the fairs of the world's most important food sector; or IBTM (Barcelona), one of the leaders in business tourism. GOALS The Master in Hospitality Management and Restoration Companies allows you to: KNOW THE HOTEL INDUSTRY AND CATERING Build a strong base of knowledge of the tourism industry from an international perspective and always from the management approach. GLOBAL VISION Train managers oriented business management of tourism enterprises able to get the expected results worldwide. DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIC PLANS Know the keys to the development of strategic plans and immediate action in multinational tourist environments. INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT Develop the capacity for creativity and innovation in the hotel business and its sustainable management through a comprehensive and specialized training, qualifying participants for taking positions in hotels. TRAINING Develop the skills of a global manager tourist companies to make a collaborative, assertive and participatory work among all team members develop. CURRICULUM The Master in Hospitality Management and Restoration Companies Ostelea is classified into 5 modules: Structure and Finance in the Hotel Industry Talent Management and Innovation Strategic and Operations in the Hotel Industry and Restoration Business Address Marketing and hotel and catering Marketing (Revenuew Management) Final Master's work. Professional careers Professions Career Services is a support area for students and alumni Our goal is to guide and accompany the student to reach new professional goals and achieve a better match between your expectations and professional interests with the labor market. Career Services Webminars Talent Development Itinerary Entrepreneurs Directions Career Career Transition Itinerary Online job forum Graduate Programme Company Meetings Employment Workshops Professional outings Hotel and catering business address. Departments responsible for corporate hotel chains. Hotel division heads of business groups. Division responsible for food and beverage (Food & Beverage) Supervisor authorities operating centers. Director of Marketing of hotel and catering business Commercial Director of hotel and catering business Admissions and Qualifications ADMISSIONS The admission process guarantee the suitability of the candidates, so all participants can make the most of this learning experience. To start the admission process is necessary to fill the request for information. From that moment Ostelea will contact the candidate to close an interview which must provide the following documentation: Titulación Universitaria The Curriculum Vitae Motivation letter Two letters of recommendation After completing the interview, the Admissions Committee will examine case by case and communicate the resolution to the candidate to report the status of their admission. QUALIFICATIONS The participant who successfully completes the program will take: The Masters in Hotel Management and Restoration The Ostelea, School of Tourism & Hopitality The Masters in Hotel Management and Restoration EAE Business School The Masters in Hotel Management and Restaurant Management from the University of Lleida In order to obtain the degree from the University EAE and is necessary to meet the requirements applying these institutions. [-]

Master of Finance

Hult International Business School
Campus Full time 1 year August 2017 China Shanghai USA New York Boston San Francisco United Kingdom London United Arab Emirates Dubai + 8 more

Hult’s one-year Master of Finance equips you with the foundation necessary to tackle the complex world of corporate financial management. Learn both the language of business and the tactical financial skills needed to make an impact in corporate finance and accounting. [+]

Master 2017. Pursue a career in corporate finance and make an impact within a multinational company. Hult’s one-year Master of Finance equips you with the foundation necessary to tackle the complex world of corporate financial management. Learn both the language of business and the tactical financial skills needed to make an impact in corporate finance and accounting. Locations Start your program in Boston and have the option to rotate to up to two other Hult campuses for your electives as part of our Global Campus Rotation. Your Master of Finance at a glance Who is this program for? Candidates who have recently graduated from university or college, as well as individuals with up to three years of work experience who want to launch a career within the finance function of multinational companies. What you’ll learn Smart financial management decisions maximize shareholder and company value and limit risk. The role of the CFO and the company’s finance team is to optimize financial performance. They do this by looking for ways to fund investments, free up capital, and decrease costs. By understanding the nuts and bolts of the business and what drives the numbers, they also advise on which activities drive profitable growth. The Master of Finance degree is designed to give students this breadth of insight. Why Hult? At Hult’s Boston campus, you’ll be living among some of the brightest minds in the fields of accounting, investment management, and consulting with companies like PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte, Fidelity, State Street Bank, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain Capital all calling Boston home. Hult also brings business practitioners into the classroom. For example, Hult accounting professor Tom Porter has over 30 years of professional accounting experience, while Hult professor Jon Bentley served as a Partner at PwC. Curriculum Immersion Your Master of Finance program begins with a three-week Immersion. Immersion is the first course in all our Master degree programs and lays the foundations for a successful year. It is a combination of learning academic fundamentals, teamwork, and forging a sense of community among classmates.You will also have the opportunity to orientate yourself to life at Hult and your new home city. The Immersion course prepares you to develop into well-rounded business professionals over the duration of your program and provides the knowledge and skills required to apply a competency-based approach to leadership development. You'll end the course with a capstone simulation which introduces you to complex, integrated high-level business problems in a true-to-life team format. You'll develop and execute a corporate growth strategy, managing all functional areas of a business. Core courses For your first three modules, your core courses will focus on the fundamentals of finance—taught from a global perspective. You will then tailor your final two modules to your individual interests and career goals with electives that your can choose to take at any of our six global campuses. Financial Accounting Financial Management Managerial Accounting Modeling & Analytics I.S. For Accounting & Control Corporate Finance Tax Factors in Business Decisions Internal Consulting & Control Regulatory Environment Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations International Financial Reporting Electives As part of your Master of Finance, you will have the opportunity to take four electives of your choice once you have successfully completed all of the core courses. You can opt to build upon the knowledge you have already acquired during your core courses, or you can choose to pursue greater understanding in an area of personal interest. Practical application: Simulations & The Hult Business Challenge Applying business theory in realistic scenarios is central to all aspects of the Hult curriculum. Classes are enriched with practical application at every opportunity and skills are put to the test with both virtual and real-world projects. Career development Navigating an international job search requires an individual approach. At Hult, we are experts in international student placement and work one-on-one with you to craft a tailored career strategy. Career Fast Track The earlier you start your job search, the greater your chance of success. Our Career Fast Track program enables you to have everything in place so you can start applying for jobs as soon as you arrive on campus. Before your start your program at Hult, you'll have access to software that gives you a line-by-line resume review, webinars on resume writing, global market employment trends, and creating a targeted job-search strategy. So when you arrive on campus you can concentrate on your studies, networking opportunities, and begin your job search straight away. Line-by-line resume reviews Webinars on global employment trends, personalizing your job search, and how to get your resume to a globally competitive standard Interactive sessions with expert Careers Advisors Personalized support We work one-on-one with you to craft a tailored career strategy and give you the tools to execute it. Coaching Throughout your program, you'll attend workshops and coaching sessions to equip you with essential knowledge and skills in areas like LinkedIn optimisation, personal branding, negotiations, interview preparation, and job search strategy. Advice You'll be assigned a personal Careers Advisor who will work with you one-on-one to help you position yourself to enter your target location and industry. They can advise you on everything from visas to job applications and long-term career paths. You also have the opportunity to have an alumni mentor. Events There is a packed schedule of career events that bring companies on to campus to present, network, and recruit, as well as alumni mixers, expert guest speakers, and career open house events. Post-graduation Your career development doesn't stop when you graduate and neither does Hult's support. Constantly stay connected Your alumni network is one of your biggest assets, Hult Connect is an online portal that allows you to link with the 16,000 Hult alumni working in every major industry in every corner of the world. You'll also have access to our global job board so you can continue take advantage of our relationship with the world's top employers seeking talent. Hult's Alumni Mentorship Program provides you with an opportunity to be a part of coaching the next generation of leaders coming out of Hult. Hult Connect, the online portal for our 16,000+ alumni network Alumni Mentorship Program Global job board and networking events Lifelong education Change never stops, so your business learning shouldn’t either. We empower you to stay up-to-date with emerging trends by taking a complimentary elective each year for the rest of your life. One elective a year, on us. Most careers span decades and critical skills can change as you progress in seniority. The rapid pace of change also means future critical business knowledge might have simply been impossible to learn during your program. Before 2004 there was no Facebook or YouTube; neither the iPhone nor Airbnb existed prior to 2007; and yet understanding the impact of these innovations is critical for business success today. At Hult, you can refresh a skillset or get up to speed in a new business trend by enrolling in one elective a year at any of our global campuses. There’s a small registration fee, but the course is otherwise free of charge. Executive education options for life. Instead of studying an elective, every year Hult alumni can enroll in a range of leadership Summer Executive Education Programs at our historic Ashridge Estate campus in Berkhamsted, U.K. Courses feature a range of leadership and development programs, and are taught by experts with practical, theoretical, and commercial experience. There’s a small registration fee, but courses otherwise cost over $10,000 so the savings over time for Hult alumni are significant. Admissions & fees Hult takes a holistic approach to reviewing your application. In addition to academic achievement, we look for cultural awareness, leadership potential, and a drive to succeed. [-]

Master's In Management And Fashion Design

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona
Online Full time 12 months November 2017 Spain Barcelona

Learn how to run a fashion project and discover the business side of the industry. [+]

What happens when I have a project brand, a very clear universe and world domination business but do not have enough information about the fashion sector and everything around you? or, what happens when I studied fashion, I know production processes but I'm outdated in the new industrial processes both in the design and fashion styling? How should I act in case you can reactivate an existing brand, or open a new business line within a brand that already works, but you need to reach a wider audience? This master's degree aims to combine contemporary way the theoretical and the practical hand working professionals to respond to those who, with one foot in the fashion industry or need to complete or update their training. These professionals will share with our students all its know-how in everything around fashion from a prism 360 (Fashion Culture, Fashion Communication, Design Management, etc.) oriented to optimize actions and achieve benefits in starting projects ( Fashion start-ups) or projects that need renovation, the Master in Management and Fashion Design aims from creativity as the starting point of any fashion project, detailing the same time each of the roles of the various professionals involved in the chain, understanding the multidisciplinarity within the fashion industry, and can create and manage the right equipment to our project. The Master in Management and Fashion Design ESdesign is unique because it is designed from a new starting point of a new knowledge base that focuses on online training, the only format that can respond to this changing world and versatile as is the fashion sector. The goal is to train professionals to work in a sector growing 2.0, providing new and rapidly Fashion industry. GOALS The main objectives of this program are: Train professionals able to manage, design and implement a project Fashion autonomously or able to participate in a specialized roles defined for each participating team. Make the knowledgeable student of fashion culture, from its business, historical and cultural aspects, through its technical components and its usability. Provide a vision of fashion and modern, sustainable, competitive and above all accessible to new professionals, many of which will be formed by Internet industries. Provide the necessary professional skills to develop a strategic creative direction. Cross creativity and fashion marketing to get right strategies depending on the purpose. Brand Meaning. Exercise creativity and innovation skills: strategic planner in creative sectors. Promote entrepreneurship, strengthen business skills to manage projects at the level of budgets, organizational charts, supplier management and planning. Notions of design provide each and every one of the steps to give life and shape to a collection from a double theoretical and practical aspect. Thanks to practical design and basic exercises tutored by Fashion Designers of active renowned within the industry. Acquire skills, knowledge of new concepts and new business models in the sector. Introduce marketing tools: define the brand proposition and value, in which territory it is located and what its basic essence. Notions of design, image processing and digital tools. Communication 2.0 (reputation and impact) and e-commerce. Everything you need to understand the digital environment and dialogue with the offside environment and fashion world. At the end of the course, students will have material generated to develop a digital portfolio, enabling them to promote themselves in the workplace. CURRICULUM The Master in Management and Fashion Design is structured from the following subject areas are integrated into a cross-project developed along the length of the course: Fashion Industry The Fashion Industry is a broad term in which different knowledge of the sector, as varied as textile culture are included, the industry organization, phases of design, production, distribution and communication. This module also try purely textiles aspects such as the types of fabrics, garments, and colorful aspects. Eco fashion and sustainability, new values ​​for fashion companies, KM0, Slow Fashion, Fashion and Solidarity will also work. Art direction, image processing Overview of steps to create a digital image from Adobe tools package. Notions of graphic design applied to fashion communication. It will enable students to solve easily create photo documents using Photoshop. Address in fashion design. creative processes, design analysis pledge The Project Director of Design and Creative Director of Design is an industry professional orchestra proposals fashion a brand so that everything is balanced, from the organization of the collection, its DNA, the values ​​transmitted (not only aesthetic) , the importance of point of sale, communication and image proposals ... and everything that should receive approval. This module will begin to analyze and work the fashion collections from the garment, its volume and structure. Body relationship, design and pattern. topics of prints, embroidery and ornamentation of the garment and the particularity of the knitted fabric is also work. creative direction and trends. Creativity and marketing In this module we learn to develop creative strategies to lead processes and marketing activities, establishing its principles while envision real examples and propose our own strategies to foster our creativity. Public concepts, target, fan and other key concepts needed work. Project management of a designer with a multinational company own brand. In this module we also introduce the world trends: how they work, activation key moments, Hype and megatrends. Trendsetter and earlyadopters. Fashion culture This module will review the cultural and sociological aspects of Fashion: history and sociology of fashion, leading brands and designers, urban manifestations of Fashion, Fashion influencers and new ways of understanding the business, both offline and online. A professional must possess a Fashion Fashion Culture, and therein lies largely the key to its success in the sector. Address in fashion design. Design Collection In this module we try setting fashion collections, according target, style and brand values. We will also work as a collection arises: from concept to collection. And initial research topic. Structure of the collection. Briefings and times. The color and fabrics in the collection. Color charts and harmonies. Choice and balance of fabrics in the collection. Types of fabrics for garment. Coherence and balance of the collection. Collection box. Samplers, technical specifications of the product and escandallos. Digital Tools. portfolio This module will enable students to solve easily creating vector Illustrator documents (layouts, technical specifications), for use both in design and promotional activities (newsletters, social media ...). mini-projects with clear to develop each of the projects proposed by the educational objectives will arise. Support will be provided to other areas of the master to carry out continuous assessment projects as well as the portfolio for the final work of Master, for which the student will be trained in the techniques of digital presentation. Fashion design and market. brands This module will be treated Fashion collections from brands and their styles and segments, thematic working to understand different markets capsules: the collection according to the company, production and distribution. Small business to the mass market. Street wear, jeans wear and denim universe, luxury and brand. Couture and party collections for men, children's collection. Communication and Media In this block we will analyze current communication formats. From internal to external agencies departments. From the press release and press kit to internal communication. corporate communications, casualization and experience. In the same way, they will be analyzed and studied in detail the media, online and offline, key in the fashion world. Environment 2.0: Social Networks, metrics and positioning digital architecture. Social networking platforms and detail through case studies. The importance of Facebook to the novelty of Snapchat. strengths and weaknesses of each and conceptualization of strategies 360 points. Examples and continuing to build a clear roadmap concerning the digital environment. In the same way this module introduces students to the methodologies and tools of measurement and analysis of operation of an online presence. The digital environment and new job within fashion. From strategy to tactics online. Master Thesis In addition to overcoming the credits of the various modules, all students must develop a final project, consisting of a personal research project, implementation and development from the contents covered. Master class by: - Krizzia Robustella (Fashion designer, own brand) session that will give Krizia in ESdesign will discuss how to survive riding a brand and a store, how two collections a year are overcome, how a collection arises, and what happens until the clothes are hung in the store and also on the (Krizia is very active on the Internet, especially in Instagram). us also discuss the challenges and the future of a small streetwear label and signature. - Aurora Balboa (Designer accessories and Bimba Lola) - Enric Marti (Winner Fashion Fad 2015 and junior designer at Del Pozo) The session will focus on the opportunities offered fashion for an emerging designer, and we will talk about his experience, how he built his first collection and how faces work as creative in a great brand as Del Pozo. - Jaume Vidiella (Fashion stylist press and Gateway) The curriculum is divided into four modules. The subjects comprising the curriculum are distributed as follows: SUBJECTS ECTS Fashion Industry 5 Art direction, image processing 5 Address in fashion design. creative processes, design analysis pledge 5 creative direction and trends. Creativity and marketing 5 Fashion culture 5 Address in fashion design. Design Collection 5 Digital Tools. portfolio 5 Fashion design and market. brands 5 Communication and Media 5 Environment 2.0: Social Networks, metrics and positioning 5 Master Thesis 10 TOTAL ECTS 60 Requirements  Recommended profile This Master is aimed at people who meet the following profile: Graduates in Fashion Design Graduates in other disciplines of Design (graphic, interior, industrial ...) Graduates in Communication Sciences Fine Arts graduates Graduates in Economics and Management Graduates in Audiovisual Communication Businessmen or entrepreneurs wishing to start their own project Fashion Professional Sector Fashion, with other higher education with experience in the field of fashion design and / or creative environments in the sector, who feel interest in digital fashion universe (Creditable by academic curriculum and / or porfolio, who feel interest by the digital fashion universe). In cases where the student accredits previous higher education to a process of accreditation of university degree, the Academic Committee will evaluate the CV and portfolio of the candidate and the curriculum completed, which should maintain a reasonable equivalence with existing studies degree in the same area. Degree People who pass the program evaluation will obtain a double degree: Course at ESdesign - Superior School of Design Barcelona Course at the International University of Valencia, who credited them as professionals in the specialty studied. Career prospects Students taking this Master can develop their career in the following areas: Fashion Industry. Marketing and communication departments in fashion companies. Free-lance professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, startup company who want to shape their personal project Professionals and active projects with brands that want to develop or revive their business model. Working professionals looking for recycling, a new look. Designers who wish to develop their own fashion label or supplements incorporating a creative vision of its collection area strategy. Profiles with marketing and leadership skills, seeking venture into the fashion universe and shelling operation. Companies that need an activation on a new line or any of its future projects. Those looking deep into qualitative research trends and trend-forescasting to perform consulting brand strategy and innovation. In short, anyone who intends to become a specialist in management and professional definition of a mark in the fashion world. [-]

Master Security Business Information

OBS Business School
Online Full time Part time 12 months May 2017 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The graduate in Business Information Security professionals and managers to facilitate the definition of strategies and knowledge of tools to work around the security of the data. Information has become the most valuable to many organizations active at present data are an essential element to generate competitiveness ... [+]

Master 2017. Master in Business Information Security The graduate in Business Information Security professionals and managers to facilitate the definition of strategies and knowledge of tools to work around the security of the data. Information has become the most valuable to many organizations, today data are essential to competitiveness and generate high profit margins for active element of modern business. Companies, regardless of size, are making great efforts to keep the information from its source to its use for operations and decision-making, which is a given amount of data being generated daily function and understandable from different sources. Social networks, mobile devices, e-commerce, the era of big data, etc., are some of the factors that have driven the fact that security in information security management and IT management have become factors key to today's organizations. Companies need to implement solutions and processes to ensure their information, both internal and external threats, it is why the Business Information Security currently represents one aspect to be considered in the Strategic Plan of the entire organization. Professional outings Systems Auditor Computer specialists Network Administrator Database Manager IT Security Consultant Security Manager Information Security Analyst IT risks Systems Developer Infrastructure Manager Project Manager IT Security Objectives of the Master in Business Information Security What goals are going to get? Professionally train managers in leadership and management systems information security companies. Define the necessary keys to interact with consultants and security experts. Promote and implement strategies capable of shielding the knowledge of companies. Leveraging knowledge assets imperative for improvement and development in the framework of the information society and knowledge. Get a second accredited by the most reputable business school in Spain, EAE Business School, as ranked Merco (2014) and guaranteed qualification for a major public universities in Spain, the University of Barcelona (UB), with more than 560 year history. Curriculum Master in Business Information Security The program lasts 12 months and can be started in May or November of each year month. It comprises a total of 10 modules, divided into 3 blocks, and a final project being developed along the Master. Security Requirements Master of Business Information The fundamental goal of our admissions process is to ensure the suitability of candidates. All participants must get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni. These are the stages of the admission process: 1. Prerequisites for admission in February. Admission 3. Personal Interview 4. Cover letter in May. 6 Assessment Admissions Committee. Matriculation Master degree in Corporate Information Security People who pass the evaluation of the program and meet the academic requirements established by the UB, will be awarded the UB (University of Barcelona). In addition, all persons who pass the assessment will receive the degree of EAE Business School. To obtain the degree of UB is necessary to have University Degree (Engineering Degree or Diploma). Failure to have a University Degree, once passed the different assessments, a diploma of university extension of UB is obtained. Financial Aid Master in Business Information Security OBS offers candidates the scholarship program to promote continuing education for professionals, entrepreneurs and managers. To apply for one of these grants, which fund part of the program, candidates must be admitted to the program and meet the specified requirements. The Admissions and Scholarship Committee will assess the adequacy of the profile and the career of the candidates, the reasons given in the letter of scholarship application and the candidate's professional and academic recommendations. [-]

Online Master in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Creighton University Online
Online & Campus Combined Part time 18 - 24 months September 2017 USA Omaha

Creighton University’s Online Masters in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution develops strong leaders across a variety of industries that can systematically break down problems, mediate different points of view, and collaborate towards innovative solutions. [+]

Creighton University’s Online Masters in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution develops strong leaders across a variety of industries that can systematically break down problems, mediate different points of view, and collaborate towards innovative solutions. The program is offered by the Werner Institute at Creighton University School of Law, ranked by The Princeton Review in its Best 169 Law Schools (2015). Concentrations Organizational Collaboration and Conflict Management International Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Health Care Collaboration and Dispute Resolution The flexible program enables students to complete their degree completely online in 18-24 months. The program also includes two 5-day residencies at Creighton’s campus in Omaha, Nebraska giving students an opportunity to practice their skills in role-playing simulations and group exercises. Students also complete a practicum experience in a professional or organizational setting that you choose. Partnership with Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Creighton students and recent graduates receive ACR membership for $50 per year, a tuition break of $200 per semester, as well as other discounts towards publications and conferences. [-]

Grenoble MIB

GISMA Business School
Campus Full time 24 months January 2017 Germany Berlin

The Grenoble MIB has been designed by Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) and is delivered in English, in the heart of Berlin, Germany. The Master in International Business (MIB) has recently climbed from 20th to 13th position in the 2016 Financial Times’ Master in Management ranking. [+]

Master 2017. GGSB MIB The Grenoble MIB has been designed by Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) and is delivered in English, in the heart of Berlin, Germany. The Master in International Business (MIB) has recently climbed from 20th to 13th position in the 2016 Financial Times’ Master in Management ranking. Apply before 16.12.2017 to qualify for an up to 20% scholarship. Course Requirements Undergraduate degree at 2:1 or equivalent (e.g. 60%) from a recognised university (assessed by GEM admission board) Work experience is not a requirement GMAT is not an obligatory requirement, but is considered an advantage and may be required for some applications (target score 550) English proficiency options TOEFL 94 (22 minimum in each component) IELTS 6.5 (6.0 minimum in each component) PTE 63 (51 minimum in each component) Cambridge Proficiency Exam: A, B, C [-]

Master In Management For Entrepreneurs

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores
Online Full time 1125 hours October 2017 Spain Barcelona

In the Master of Entrepreneurship, created in collaboration with Seedrocket, we help you gain experience and knowledge to promote and accelerate your Startup, working within an entrepreneurial ecosystem and learning from the experience of mentors recognized that will help you develop and accelerate the growth of your company. [+]

They say that when you've already failed in a first venture are better prepared for the next. And it's true because you have gained experience and learned from your mistakes. And one of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs are not sufficiently well prepared to resover the problems that you'll face. In the Master of Entrepreneurship, created in collaboration with Seedrocket, we help you gain experience and knowledge to promote and accelerate your Startup, working within an entrepreneurial ecosystem and learning from the experience of mentors recognized that will help you develop and accelerate the growth of your company. Upon completion of the Master in Management for Entrepreneurs you will be able to develop and validate your idea and business model, pose a business growth strategy and learn the skills and essential skills to succeed in a venture technology-based and Internet. We will use 100% practice methodology with which you will apply what you learn to your company. What will I learn? Upon completion of the Master of Entrepreneurship you will be perfectly able to: Undertake with guarantees of success. Apply agile methods: Lean Startup, Scrum, Open Innovation, etc. Create your own company, from conception of the idea to its implementation. To know the fundamental aspects of the economic and financial strategic planning. Apply the "Corporate Entrepreneurship" in your organization. Understand the new business models Internet Develop a Business Plan and present it to investors. Leveraging technology and innovation in the strategy of your company. Knowing the different forms of access to capital (Fiends & Family, Business Angels, etc.). Integrate new digital marketing techniques: Social Media, SEO, SEM. Manage sales more effectively. Leading and select high performance teams. Make quick and accurate decisions. To whom it May concern? The Master of Business Administration Online for Entrepreneurs is intended for the following profiles: Entrepreneurs who need to enhance their skills to carry out their own business projects. Future entrepreneurs who bet on a style of entrepreneurial life in which being their own bosses and where are they who direct their career path. Entrepreneurs with innovative projects that require training to enhance their knowledge and want to have the support and help of SeedRocket. Directors involved in processes of change and innovation. Young entrepreneurs, SME managers and recent graduates who seek to learn things not taught in universities or traditional business schools: learning to undertake. Curriculum The structure and materials of Master deDirección Business for Entrepreneurs is organized as follows: Module 1. Entrepreneurial Strategies. From Idea to Opportunity Vision of the entrepreneurial project. From the idea to the customer The idea. And feasibility study The value proposition Tools for estimating prospects Type of business models Module 2. Methodologies Methodologies and project management tools problem solving Module 3. Technologies Technological innovation Technology and business management applications Free software vs. proprietary software emerging technologies Software for marketing strategies Undertake Internet Financial Analysis Module 4. Business Ideas Financial Accounting. How to read, understand and use corporate financial statements Projected balance sheet and income statement. Basic concepts and analysis and interpretation of financial statements Financial plan. Treasury Plan Module 5. Product Plan Phases of the product. Development, launch and maintenance Product design Structure and basic elements of a web Web project management Module 6. Financing for Entrepreneurs The assessment of projects and companies Filing front of investors Partners and type of investment The art of bootstrapping private investors I crowdfunding crowdfunding II Financial plan. Business plan 7. Market Module Objective: To identify, understand and quantify Principles of marketing and industry analysis Distribution channels Retail Module 8. Mobile Technologies Integration of software and hardware components, mobile connectivity and information systems across the enterprise Cloud computing & big data Module 9. Internationalization Why and when to tackle the challenge of internationalization? Getting Started: markets strategic options for internationalization: distribution, outsourcing organizational models of global companies financial consolidation Management barriers to internationalization: language, exchange rates, taxes Legal implications of internationalization Module 10. Sales Force Management Forecasts and sales forecasts Practical techniques to determine product price. Strategy and pricing policy Negotiation. How to get what you want 11. Outbound Marketing Module The content as the core of marketing strategy RRPP. The new approach sends content interactive marketing: email marketing Mobile Marketing: Business, apps and success stories 12. Logistics Module Logistics e-Commerce Dropshipping 13. Module Inbound Marketing Introduction to search and keyword marketing research Google AdWords and Google Display SEO on page SEO off page. social linkbuilding Inbound marketing and social ads Introduction to gamification growth hacking Social e-Commerce 14. Legal Aspects Module legal aspects of entrepreneurship legal aspect: LPD, LPI, patents and trademarks 15. Coaching Module Introduction to coaching Practical coaching 16. Human Resource Module Team management Direction and motivation. Leadership Time management Search and incorporation of talent. Profile Selection New salary and compensation practices 17. Web Analytics module Introduction to web analytics Features and functions of Google Analytics Analysis and optimization of results in web analytics Module 18. Trends Coolhunting storytelling Module 19. Business Model Validation Strategic plan Master Final Project [-]

Master of Science in International Finance

Geneva Business School (GBS)
Campus Full time Part time 18 months September 2017 Switzerland Geneva Spain Barcelona + 3 more

The Master of Science in Finance (MSc.F) with a Major in International Finance is designed to challenge your understanding of finance through rigorous training in the conceptual, analytic and empirical intricacies of modern international finance and investment. [+]

The Master of Science in Finance (MSc.F) with a Major in International Finance is designed to challenge your understanding of finance through rigorous training in the conceptual, analytic and empirical intricacies of modern international finance and investment. GBS has established trading partner in London, the London Academy of Trading, to offer short term trading sessions during the final 6 month Thesis period, increasing job opportunities afterwards. The ethos of the London Academy of Trading is to provide an opportunity for trainee financial traders to develop successful careers within a positive and creative environment with the view to move into the finance and trading sector as skilled and equipped professionals. Facts Duration: 18 months Credits: 90 ECTS Language: English Intakes: February and September Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Finance Major in International Finance. Exchange Program: Rotate between campuses. We offer the opportunity of studying in all of our campuses during the 18 months of the master program. Internships: GBS work with the best and for the best. All of our students have guaranteed internships with the most important enterprises with world-wide recognition. Location: Geneva Campus and Barcelona Campus Program The program requires the successful completion of 90 credits. The program consists of 4 groups of courses common for all Masters, from which students may select the desired subjects to study: Core Courses, Elective Courses, Master Thesis and the following Orientation Courses, which are mandatory to complete the selected major: Banking Organisation and Administration Banking and Financial Law Portfolio Management Asset Management Analysis Hedge Fund Analysis and Management Case Studies Career Options The program is of particular relevance to those working in, or planning to work in: Assets Manager International organisations treasurer manager International financial manager International financial consultant Application and Admissions Selection Criteria GBS’s selection process emphasises leadership potential, academic ability, personal qualities and competencies. We are looking for candidates with managerial experience, people skills and a proven academic record. Admission Requirements Bachelor degree or equivalent in a related field (plus 2 years experience). For Executive Master, 5 years experience Completed application form with passport photo included Photocopy of all academic diplomas or certificates Official English exam results: IELTS 6.0, TOEFL IBT 70, proof of studying previously in an English speaking environment for a minimum of 3 years, or successful completion of the university’s admission examination. Photocopy of your passport Receipt for the payment of the application fee Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) Recommendation letter [-]

Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management

University of San Francisco - School of Management
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 Spain Barcelona

The Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM) at the University of San Francisco will take you to Barcelona, Taipei, and San Francisco, revealing successful, creative, and innovative business practices through the cultural lens of three vibrant cities. [+]

The Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM) at the University of San Francisco will take you to Barcelona, Taipei, and San Francisco, revealing successful, creative, and innovative business practices through the cultural lens of three vibrant cities. The MGEM program combines direct exposure to multinational entrepreneurial firms with an international cohort of students to provide you with global business skills for success. - Spend four months in each participating city and graduate in one year - Offered at USF's San Francisco Downtown Campus, in conjunction with Institut Quimic de Sarria (Barcelona) and Fu Jen Catholic University (Taipei) - All courses are taught in English - Undergraduate degree must be conferred within the past three years Entry Requirements - Official Transcript(s) – Upload copies of transcripts from each accredited college or university attended to the online application. If admitted to the program, instructions for sending official, sealed transcripts will be provided. - Résumé – Submit a current résumé demonstrating relevant work experience. - Letters of Recommendation – Two letters of recommendation are required. At least one recommendation should come from a college professor who is well-acquainted with the applicant's academic capability. If the recommender must submit a hard copy letter by mail, please request that your recommender complete this form to include with his/her letter. - Statement of Purpose or Essay – A 500 to 1000 word essay about yourself, your background, and your short- and long-term professional goals is required. Please be sure to address why you have decided to pursue this degree at the University of San Francisco. You may also want to include information about your family and personal interests. - Interview - The University of San Francisco School of Management interviews are by invitation only. As such, should you be selected to interview, an invitation will be sent to the email account associated with your online application and include all necessary details. - English Proficiency – All applicants are required to demonstrate English proficiency by submitting a TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic score. Any applicant who has completed two or more years of a degree program at a higher education institution in the U.S.A., or any of the exempt countries (contact us for more information), is waived of this requirement. For applicants from any South American, European, and/or African Country, please apply to Institut Quimic de Sarria (IQS). For applicants from any Asian or Oceanic Country, please apply to Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU). [-]

Master in Nonprofit Administration

The University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business
Campus Part time 14 - 50 months September 2017 USA Notre Dame

The Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) degree in the Mendoza College of Business delivers an education that in 2011 was ranked 4th in ethics by the Aspen Institute-Beyond Grey Pinstripes. Our program, which draws students from an array of undergraduate majors and varied work backgrounds, is designed for individuals with at least two years of post undergraduate nonprofit work or volunteer experience, and we strongly encourage an... [+]

Master 2017. Master in Nonprofit Administration The Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) degree in the Mendoza College of Business delivers an education that in 2011 was ranked 4th in ethics by the Aspen Institute-Beyond Grey Pinstripes. Our program, which draws students from an array of undergraduate majors and varied work backgrounds, is designed for individuals with at least two years of post undergraduate nonprofit work or volunteer experience, and we strongly encourage an interview for entrance into the program. Giving business professionals the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in our close-knit community and to better serve the nonprofit sector without leaving their current jobs, the MNA degree features on-site summer courses as well as fall and spring e-learning courses. The total time commitment on campus is 10 weeks over a two to four summer timeframe. During the first summer, four weeks of core courses are taken; during subsequent summers, courses are taken in two-week blocks. Distance learning courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters. The degree includes 42 credit hours (30 core credits, 9 elective credits, and 3 credits for the field project) in a core curriculum that includes the fundamentals of managing or leading nonprofit organizations – from small community-based initiatives to large national organizations – and the exploration of critical strategic issues facing nonprofit leaders today. Classes range from economics and human resource management to ethics, marketing and board development. In addition to the core curriculum, students have many elective choices to customize their educational experience. These include leadership, investment, entrepreneurship, tax policy, and e-commerce. For the individual seeking career development, whether in a nonprofit, government, social service, or advocacy organization, Notre Dame blends a world renowned tradition of academic excellence with a deep commitment to positive change in a program that allows degree completion in 14-50 months. Core courses Accounting for the NFP Board Relations & Management Decision Analysis & Statistics Economics of NFP Enterprises Ethics in Nonprofit Organizations Field Project Financial Management Human Resource Management Legal Environment Management Communication Marketing for Nonprofits Nonprofit Management Planning & Policy Admissions The Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) program in the Mendoza College of Business welcomes qualified applicants who possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. The following items are required for a complete application: The Notre Dame MNA Program now offers qualified applicants the opportunity to apply for a GRE waiver. A completed application form Official TOEFL or PTE Academic score report (international students only) A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $60.00, made payable to the University of Notre Dame Official academic transcripts A personal essay Two completed recommendation forms A current resume Official GRE* scores (code 0883) Though not required, we strongly encourage a personal interview with our program manager *Note: Effective Aug. 1, 2011, the official GRE test will be revised. However, scores from GRE tests taken prior to Aug. 1, 2011 will be accepted during the yearlong rollout phase of the new exam. All GRE test scores are valid for five years from the date taken. [-]

Master's in Management

ESMT Berlin
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Germany Berlin Region

ESMT's Master's in Management (MIM) prepares talented analytical minds for careers in global business. [+]

ESMT's Master's in Management (MIM) prepares talented analytical minds for careers in global business. The ESMT Master's in Management combines fieldwork in global companies with applied coursework and research on the latest business and management theories. Admitted students have a variety of academic backgrounds and use the time at ESMT to gain valuable knowledge and interdisciplinary experience to apply their previous expertise to economic and management problems. The program is divided into two streams with a focus on international management. One stream (Quantitative Business) is designed for quantitative decision analysts and one stream for creative and strategic thinkers (Innovative Management). The ESMT MIM program uses an interdisciplinary approach: students apply analytical models to understand the global economy, product development, and new techniques in technology management within global companies. Students planning to pursue a further academic career also have unique access to research practices and projects with ESMT's faculty. A Master's degree bridging technology and applied business ESMT's Master's in Management is an innovative program designed with input from top German companies. The two-year degree gathers a selected group of talented individuals who can show strong analytical ability and strategic thinking in their application to the MIM. Courses emphasize how these techniques and research methods can further an organization's global goals in a business context. Students will complete multiple projects and internships with global companies before graduation; some of this work should be done abroad. Balanced with soft-skills and career reflection in the classroom, the program will help students become more aware individuals who can make a difference in their organizations. We invite you to learn more about the ESMT MIM below. MIM program strengths We've identified four core strengths that make the ESMT Master's in Management unique: Corporate exposure and experience: ESMT MIM students complete up to 11 months of applied study: an internship, a social impact project, and a thesis project. ESMT has a growing corporate partnership with a variety of global companies who offer internships and projects. Cutting-edge technology management: Courses integrate qualitative analysis into applied methods for global business management so that graduates can work in a fast-paced business setting and work successfully with technology-based products and services on a global scale. International aptitude and social impact: At ESMT, Germany's most international business school, courses are taught by international faculty trained in the world's top institutions. Classes all have an exceptionally diverse student body. MIM candidates are going to study either German or a further foreign language. All students are encouraged to spend time abroad on projects and internships where possible. Soft skills for high-growth careers: ESMT's small class sizes and applied approach ensures that students gain valuable presentation and teamwork experience. Further seminars focus on conflict management, diplomatic communication, negotiation simulations, and other skills likely to be the difference between a graduate's stagnation or promotion. Admission requirements To be considered for the ESMT Master's in Management program, students need: A previous degree (at least Bachelor's equivalent). Applications will also be accepted from final-year undergraduate students awaiting completion of their degree. Proof of strong quantitative abilities to enroll in the Quantitative Business stream, either through previous coursework during the bachelor's studies or a GMAT/GRE score. In order to enroll in the Innovative Management stream, students with a degree in any discipline and excellent grades are welcome to apply. Ideally no more than 18 months of postgraduate work experience Proof of English fluency (TOEFL minimum of 95 or equivalent for non-native speakers). Our code is 8707. Completed application, including essays and recommendations Final admissions interview via Skype Financing the ESMT MIM ESMT's Master's in Management is an excellent investment in your future. Most students fund their studies through a combination of savings, parental support and loans. ESMT has limited scholarship funds for top applicants, based on merit. For parents, please see our page here for more information on funding options. [-]

Master of Management (MAM) in Sustainability

Sustainability Management School
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years January 2017 Switzerland Gland + 1 more

The aim of the full time (one year) or part-time (two years) <strong>Master of Business Administration in Sustainability Management</strong> is to offer a predominantly professionally-oriented education that addresses sustainability challenges facing leaders in today’s complex work patterns. [+]

Master 2017. The aim of the of the full time (one year) or part-time (two years) Master in Management with an emphasis in Sustainability Management is to offer a predominantly professionally-oriented education that addresses sustainability challenges facing leaders in today’s complex work patterns. This Master Program is interdisciplinary since it blends business strategy, natural and social sciences. Designed for all professionals in corporations, nonprofits and governmental agencies demanding sustainability knowledge and practice. This Master Program is designed to improve managerial or entrepreneurial skills through tackling sustainability challenges while leading hotel facilities. Program Organization: Length: 3 terms (full-time program) or 6 terms (part-time program). Content: 9 core modules, 5 major courses including a project in collaboration with our local and international partners and a final capstone course. Small classes. Upon request, individual lectures. Starting Dates: January, April and September. Requirements for the Master’s Programs: - Official certified transcripts and diplomas of Bachelor or Master Studies, with certified translation if not originally in English. - TOEFL (minimum score of 550 PBT or 80 IBT), or IELTS (minimum score of 5.5), or other Standardized English Placement Exams. - Motivation Letter indicating why you want to study in Switzerland at Sustainability Management School. - Copy of Passport or ID. Graduate Program Costs - Non-refundable application fee - 200 CHF for EU/500 CHF for Non-European. - 1-year program costs: 33,400 CHF (OPTIONAL second year with internship, an additional 7,600 CHF) SUMAS does not currently offer any scholarship programs or grants. [-]

Master in International Hotel Management

Vatel Switzerland - International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management
Campus Full time 2 - 4 semesters February 2017 Switzerland Martigny

The Master curriculum offers talented students a demanding and challenging combination of academic courses and projects to achieve higher strategical positions in the hospitality industry [+]

Master in International Hotel Management

Today, the hospitality and tourism industry is cosmopolitan and globalized, and therefore scouts for trained and qualified personnel.

The Master Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management combines a university teaching approach with a professional edge, whose aim is to train operational and higher managers in the field of hospitality with a wide range of equipment and facilities pertaining to international companies. 

This programme prepares students for specialised executive and managerial positions in hospitality and tourism companies. The programme combines cutting-edge management science with traditional know-how in hotel and restaurant management. Course work is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings. ... [-]

Master in Political Marketing

Rome Business School
Campus or Online Part time 9 months March 2017 Italy Rome

LAST SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE, APPLY NOW! The Master’s Degree in Political Marketing is aimed at providing the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively and professionally manage the communication and marketing processes that support political campaigns and activities. [+]

LAST SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE, APPLY NOW! Working in politics has never required as many professional competencies as in this historical period. Playing an active role in an electoral campaign on in the life of a party, but also writing about politics on a daily basis, are activities that, without specific training and without the mastery of the most up-to-date techniques, risk being unproductive.

The Master’s Degree in Political Marketing is aimed at providing the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively and professionally manage the communication and marketing processes that support political campaigns and activities. Political-Electoral Marketing - Strategy - Market research for politics - Segmentation, targeting and positioning for politics - Political-Electoral marketing mix - Marketing 2.0 and 3.0 for politics Web and Social media for politics - Web and Social Media campaign planning, implementation and control for politics - Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for political communication - Political blogging - Emailing techniques Public speaking - Verbal and Non-verbal communication - Feedback effectiveness - Active listening - Steps for an effective public presentation Political Press Office - Political journalism - The Press Office - The planning of activities - Implementing actions and monitoring results. Organising events - Choice and ideation of the most suitable event in order to reach objectives - Project definition - Budget definition through the evaluation of economic aspects - Promotion: online through social media and offline through traditional media - Practical organization of the event. The electoral system and its specificity - Plurality systems - Majority systems - Proportional systems - Mixed systems Leadership for politics - Interpersonal influence - Leadership styles - The techniques Spin Doctoring - Role and activity evolution - Strategies and techniques - Excellency cases Fundraising for politics - Fundraising techniques and tactics - Fundraising patterns - The management of the relationship with donors - Budgeting and staffing models - Effective and ethical profiles - Phone banking, canvassing and special events Electoral campaign management - Traditional vs digital campaigns - Human resources management and organisation for an electoral campaign - The thematic campaign - Territorial campaign - Cases studies Innovative communication techniques for politics - Graphic, video and digital design - Modelling and 3D animation - Augmented reality - Mobile apps - Video mapping International excellency cases Edsegovi’s HOLOS model (Mexico) Learning Options This course may be attended in the following formulas: - on campus, at the Rome Business School Rome headquarters. - distance learning, through a cutting edge e-learning platform with live lectures and a great teacher-student interaction. Participation fees In order to ensure a top quality training course, attendance is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Selection is based upon the evaluation of CVs and on the results of technical-motivational interviews. The participation fee for the Master’s Degree in Political Marketing is of € 3.500,00 (V.A.T. included). ... [-]