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In order to successfully obtain a Masters qualification, you will need to obtain a number of credits by passing individual modules. Most taught Masters will have a number of core modules which you must take and pass in order to obtain the qualification. The assessment of research Masters is almost always entirely by a single dissertation module or project.

Improvements made to manmade things such as tools, structures and machines are largely due to the efforts of people in the field of engineering. These people combine creativity with mathematics and worldly knowledge, resulting in innovation.


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Master Mechatronics / Systems Engineering

Hochschule Aalen
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 5 semesters November 2017 Germany Aalen + 1 more

As mechatronics system engineer you will explore one of the most interesting and diverse activities offered by the industry today. System engineers are professional managers with a broad interdisciplinary area of ​​responsibility. They are required in their profession as a whole person ... [+]

Masters in Engineering in Aalen in Germany. As mechatronics system engineer you will explore one of the most interesting and diverse activities offered by the industry today. System engineers are professional managers with a broad interdisciplinary area of ​​responsibility. They are required in their profession as a whole person. System engineers want to know more ... not just when studying, but also at work. For them, "lifelong learning" is not an empty slogan, but a daily reality. System engineers as specialists for the whole That the mechatronics mechanics, electronics and software merges together, is now well known. But if one specialist in mechanics, electronics and software can alone develop a sophisticated mechatronic system that rarely goes well. "A system is more than the sum of its parts" - a special expertise is in accordance with the development of mechatronic systems required that goes beyond the pure technical knowledge of mechanics, electronics and software. The mechatronics system engineer knows and shapes the relationships and interactions between the parts of the system. He is like the "specialist for the whole". Mechatronics - Systems Engineering The master program "Mechatronics - Systems Engineering" provides qualified graduates the opportunity to specifically prepare for a future career as a mechatronic system engineering. The mechatronics degree programs of universities and Aalen Esslingen have by pooling their resources and skills the course in cooperation together. The master's degree can be both full-time (3 semesters) and part-time (5 semesters) are studied. As a graduate you wear the academic degree "Master of Engineering (M. Closely.)". The certificate will be issued jointly by the universities Aalen and Esslingen. The courses of the program in the summer semester in Aalen place and in the winter semester in Göppingen. Since the lectures do not build on each other, the baseline is possible both in summer and winter semester. Content of the program The program deepens specific mechatronic-interdisciplinary subjects, without specializing in specific industries or applications. He is a solid basic knowledge mechatronic advance and therefore reiterates few content from the Bachelor studies. The core of the curriculum forms a series of courses, which are all based on the central idea of ​​the model-based mechatronic design. The other half of the courses concerned with special fields that are important for mechatronics professionals of tomorrow. At the request of our students, we have now also taken options in the curriculum. We are confident that our elective modules will come to medical systems and mobile robotic systems on your interest. Alternatively you can also select a module from another master's degree at the University of Aalen. Laboratory equipment and industry contacts Who wants to work in a practice-oriented, requires a reasonable laboratory equipment. In fact, offer the six participating at our Master's program mechatronic laboratories in Aalen and Esslingen an outfit that leaves little to be desired. Good contacts with the industrial enterprises of the region it easier to find interesting master theses and subsequent career. Our motto: Small but powerful The professors of the course is a seminar-teaching at heart, in the room for questions and discussions remains. In the good learning environment is one of the strengths of our program - which is reflected back to us by our students. But this is only in groups possible that are manageable in size. Conversely, this means that we have to limit the number of places. Therefore in the summer term we take on only 10 new entrants in the winter semester 15th Of course we are very happy about the great interest in our study. Unfortunately, this also means that we can not always take account of all eligible applications. Individual approach Our students come from various universities and from various disciplines to us. They bring with individual professional knowledge and interests. For us, this results in the challenge to meet the individual differences justice. Studying part-time The program "Mechatronics - Systems Engineering" is also aimed explicitly at engineers who are already working and want to use a master's degree to to further qualify or possibly also a new career direction. We are pleased that we can now welcome a significant number of students with professional experience with us. For students who want to pursue while studying a profession, we offer a part-time version of the program. Admission Requirements To the Master Mechatronics - to study systems engineering, you should have a Bachelor of mechatronics, mechanical engineering or a "related" degree program have been completed with an overall grade of 2.4 or better. What is a "related" degree, we define the basis of a list of core subjects. [-]