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In order to successfully obtain a Masters qualification, you will need to obtain a number of credits by passing individual modules. Most taught Masters will have a number of core modules which you must take and pass in order to obtain the qualification. The assessment of research Masters is almost always entirely by a single dissertation module or project.

Improvements made to manmade things such as tools, structures and machines are largely due to the efforts of people in the field of engineering. These people combine creativity with mathematics and worldly knowledge, resulting in innovation.


Australia has the third largest number of foreign students in the world despite having a community of only 23 million. These are strong academic credentials, but Australian institutions are just as highly ranked as the cities that house them around the native land.

In Australia, Adelaide has been positioned as an “Australia’s educational hub”. In recent years, the number of students flocking higher educational centres such as University of Adelaide is amazing.

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Master of Engineering (Engineering Management)

University of South Australia
Campus Full time 2 years January 2017 Australia Adelaide

Offering two specialisations, the Master of Engineering offers you the opportunity to gain expertise in the area of Autonomous Systems [+]

Masters in Engineering in Adelaide in Australia. Offering two specialisations, the Master of Engineering offers you the opportunity to gain expertise in the area of Autonomous Systems or Engineering Management. This program is also offered in the form of a nested suite of three programs at postgraduate level (graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master). Each qualification extends to the next, allowing you to easily transition to a master level qualification. Autonomous Systems Intelligent autonomous systems represent the next big leap; they are likely to be transformational. These systems are enabled by the fusion of engineering systems, computational intelligence, sensing, communication and software to create intelligent systems capable of interacting with the complexities of the real world. This specialisation blends the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, computing, and systems engineering. It is distinguished by its focus on systems integration, outdoor field and real-world application of the systems. Engineering Management You will gain knowledge and skills in operations management, total quality management, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, automation, energy and society, and project management. This program aims to closely align learning to professional practice and provides you with opportunities to develop and apply skills whilst integrating knowledge to complete a practical industry project in your own area of interest or a project related to any research institutions affiliated to the School of Engineering. Possible career outcomes Autonomous Systems graduates can undertake various roles such as developing, acquiring, managing or researching intelligent autonomous systems in sectors including defence, aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, water, transportation, consumer electronics, information technology, telecommunications, mining and health care. Engineering Management graduates can pursue opportunities as factory operation managers, engineering department managers, energy managers, project managers and engineering business development managers. International Postgraduate Student Grants A number of grants are available to international students seeking to study this program including: International Alumni Postgraduate Tuition grants of $3,000 - recent University of South Australia graduates (onshore and offshore) graduating with a GPA of 6.0 or above International Postgraduate High Achiever Tuition grants of $2,000 – recent graduates of a qualification recognised as being equivalent to an Australian Bachelor of Bachelor Honours program with a GPA equivalent to 5 or above International Student Relocation grants of $1,500 - students relocating from interstate to study a University of South Australia program [-]