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Engineering Design

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

The Master in Engineering Design gives insight into scientific as well as professional working methods in product development and design. The program provides development of creativity and communicative, leadership and cooperative skills, as well as the ability to take social and ethical engagement.

Online learning refers to use of electronic media and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. With online learning one has the flexibility to access their studies at any time and from anywhere they can log on.

Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the western most point of Eurasia, Europe is usually divided from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas.

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Master In Multi-device Web Design And Programming

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona
Online Full time 12 months November 2017 Spain Barcelona

Domina any means so that the message reaches the user optimally adapted to each of the devices. [+]

Top Online Masters in Engineering Design in Europe. Have you thought about the amount of visual impacts that you receive daily from the web environment through their multiple devices? We continually inform, seek, share, relate, interact, analyze, discard, ... information provided on the Internet. So important is the reliability of information, such as how it is presented and adapts to each of the devices. The market is essential to have professionals capable of understanding the constant transformation of the environment, understand the user to send you information and message. The Master in Web Design and Programming Multidevice covers all aspects necessary for the student to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable it to undertake, manage, design and implement projects, services and Internet applications. Throughout the course, students will be able to better understand and address the needs, technology and the real possibilities of each client or project to provide an effective response to its objectives, as well as being able to offer graphic creative contributions made it is a unique and innovative piece. In this context they will be as important keys digital design and development of skills and guidelines for monitoring a project from capturing customer requirements to the presentation of the final product. With this training the student will have a detailed overview of the entire process of creating an interactive project where the business vision, the user experience (UX) technology and interface design are at the center. GOALS The main objectives of this program are: Understanding the new ways of seeing the present and the future in an online environment. Acquiring skills and knowledge of new concepts (interface design, usability, interaction or positioning) and adapt other already known graphic design to this environment. Being able to manage, design and implement an Internet project autonomously or be able to participate in a specialized roles defined for each participating team. Acquire a work process taking in every phase of the project: briefing, concept creation, strategic / objective definition based on customer needs, GUI development, prototyping, programming front-end. Learning to synthesize the site architecture, usability and strategy of a multimedia project by designing its graphical interface and work with wireframes. Understand the importance of user experience (User Experience) as a discipline that gives meaning to the joint work of technology, design and interaction. Learn communication protocols and proprietary technologies of multi-device projects and internet to better understand what requirements need each applying all of that on different media (web and webApp) in a multiplatform environment (screen, tablet and smartphone). Acquiring the ability to define web client strategy, plan the project on which to work, position both organically and through the web payment (SEO and SEM). Promote entrepreneurship, strengthen business skills to manage projects at the level of budgets, organizational charts, supplier management and planning. Professionals to share with the daily life of a professional studio, see how they tackle projects and the best way to solve the problems encountered in the development of a multidispositvo product. At the end of the course, students will have material generated to develop a digital portfolio, enabling them to promote themselves in the workplace. CURRICULUM The Master in Web Design and Programming Multidevice is structured from the following subject areas are integrated into a cross-project developed over 10 subjects: Digital media strategy and project management In this module the student faces the understanding of new ways of seeing the present and the future in an online environment. To do this you must assimilate new concepts (interface design, usability, interaction or positioning) and adapt others already known from graphic design to this environment. Learning methods and processes for developing a suitable product strategy, defining goals and success metrics, analyzing the current reality of business in the middle, as well as planning and strategy development. User Experience (UX) The student must master the key concepts that ensure a rich user experience. Explores factors such as interaction design, information architecture, accessibility, navigation flows, usability. We will work on all tasks applied in the development of specific outcomes (for example wireframes or prototypes) that advance product development and validation of these results. GUI design The purpose of this module is to synthesize architecture, usability and strategy of a multimedia project by designing your GUI. It affects fundamental aspects of interactive visual communication and the student is introduced to the inclusion of elements of interaction and navigation in multiple media (eg web interfaces for mobile and desktop). It will work from conceptualization through sketching visual to performing mockups and the definition of a library of design patterns. Frontend development The purpose of this module is to learn communication protocols own web projects and deepen the HTML5, CSS3, jQuery languages ​​... Responsive Design This module aims to raise awareness and experience in responsive web design projects: How do they adapt to different devices? How and what contents are displayed in each? For this purpose are defined all the new options, both the potential and requirements such as graphics software tools. At the end of the module will be designed, developed and implemented (a mock up level) output web solutions platform. Focus on issues of code (bootstrap) affecting development for multiple devices (responsive) will be used. Prototyping and End Arts The submission of proposals is one of the crucial points of the project, the module objective is to expand the resources and provide tools for submitting proposals to customers, improve argumentario, quality and finish more real (InvisionApp and Marvel). On the other hand it is essential to contextualize the various processes in a digital project and the various actors involved. We will give special attention to step between the original equipment design and programming, for a smooth passage between designers and programmers, minimize errors and save time (Zeplin). Managing a CMS A set of tools for content management (CMS), each specialized in a certain purpose (social, commercial, communication) will be. It will deepen the use of Wordpress, trying detailed installation, configuration and extension using modules and plugins. Finally, the student will know the dynamics of development in client / server environments and understand issues related domains, hostings, etc. Design in new digital environments and mobile devices WebApp, native application and hybrid application, adaptive design. In this block we will learn and will implement all aspects of creating projects for new digital environments: from conceptualization, the functional definition and design of wireframes, to the visual design and prototyping of Apps and WebApps and see the adaptive design. We deepen in a special way in the graphics and usability decisions and discover new professional tools (Sketch), new work processes and methods that will get our digital projects have the quality and the necessary finishes for travel and market success . Digital Analytics: metrics to optimize a website One of the great advantages of digital environments is the ability to measure any interactions made by users. This allows us to obtain valuable information about their type and behavior to optimize site performance and make decisions more successful business. The aim of the module is to understand the working methodology when designing a measurement system, learn how to deploy and configure the basic functionalities and obtain the necessary KPIs. Project management and business Detail the production phases of a digital project, from customer contact to the product launch. We identify the different roles and tools used in the management of a digital project. We will give an overview of the implications and requirements of the management of a digital project, so that students can be aware of them and take into account all the factors to successfully carry out the project. Master Thesis In addition to overcoming the credits of the various modules, all students must develop a final master project, consisting of a personal research project from the content taught during the program. Although most of the TFM is done individually, group and personal tutorials will be established at the beginning, to choose and plan the object of study, and during its development, to maintain the objectives and achieve the desired results. Workshop and Learning units Through industry experts, workshops where they acquire new knowledge, develop skills and exchange impressions will be delivered. Backend workshop This workshop will delve into issues related to the backend. It means the file structure issues and special attention will be given in languages ​​such as PHP, Javascript and jQuery. RRSS Establish strategies to maximize the power of social networks and increase the success of multimedia products. case studies will be presented. Sketch workshop Sketch is becoming the benchmark for your multimedia designs; the most versatile, comprehensive and dedicated software used to design in online environment. Not only is a web layout software: it is a tool to make our lives easier designers. The curriculum is divided into four modules. The materials that make up the curriculum are distributed as follows: SUBJECTS ECTS Digital media strategy and project management 5 User Experience (UX) 5 GUI design 5 Frontend development 5 Responsive Design 5 Prototyping and End Arts 5 Managing a CMS 5 Design in new digital environments and mobile devices. WebApp, native application and hybrid application, adaptive design 5 Digital Analytics: metrics to optimize a website 5 Project management and business 5 Master Thesis 10 TOTAL ECTS 60 Requirements  Recommended profile This Master is aimed at people who have the following profile: Graduates in Design Graduates in Communication Sciences Graduates in Telecommunications Engineering and / or Computer Graduates in Audiovisual Communication In cases where the student proves previous higher education to a process of accreditation of university degree, the Academic Committee will evaluate the candidate's CV and portfolio and completed the curriculum, which must maintain a reasonable equivalence with existing studies degree the same area. Degree People who pass the program evaluation will obtain a double degree: Course at ESdesign - Superior School of Design Barcelona Course at the International University of Valencia, who credited them as professionals in the specialty studied. Career prospects Students taking this Master can develop their career in the following areas: Graphic studios Departments web advertising agencies Departments of marketing, communication and design of large companies Accounts departments of advertising agencies Free-lance professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, startup company, etc. [-]

International Master Bim Manager

Zigurat E-Learning | Escuela de Ingenieria y Arquitectura
Online Part time 18 months March 2017 Spain Spain Online

In Master BIM Manager, students relate and work collaboratively through a BIM server, which makes the flow of communication and exchange much faster and assertive information. [+]

IN THE CLOUDS Our technical team has structured this course 100% in the environment "cloud" where students can work together and communicate projects from anywhere in the world. HERITAGE BUILDING Besides training in design, we teach students to create their own libraries, style book and BEP. INTEROPERABILITY More than believing in the evolution of IFC, the Master BIM Manager encourages students to think beyond. IFC can not prevent us from cooperating. STRATEGIES FOR IMPLEMENTATION We turned professional consultants with expertise in managing corporate strategy. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT The villain of AEC. There are few companies which have high-level knowledge and preparing for the post-work. The Real Estate market has taken this role and guarantees: those who know how to manage an asset, have jobs and for life. cOLLABORATIVE WORK In Master BIM Manager, students relate and work collaboratively through a BIM server, which makes the flow of communication and exchange much faster and assertive information. REHABILITATION OR RESTORATION In countries such as Portugal, where there are many historic buildings, who know how to use BIM to a new operations in this sector, it will stand out internationally. The use of laser scanning, point cloud and drones, is also featured in our course and one of the future issues, which will be worth a lot of money. INFORMATION, INFORMATION AND INFORMATION The implementation module, has the power to translate our students to other countries, their customs, norms, expectations and applications. The problem of the standard is not developing it or translate it, it is to interpret it. The Master BIM Manager helps you get there. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT A little human in a course of exact. BIM Manager is not only a technician but also the leader and trainer of a high performance team. MODELING ADVANCED Unlike tools courses, we teach our students to project in BIM, through case studies and real projects. [-]

International Master Bim Manager

Zigurat E-Learning | Escuela de Ingenieria y Arquitectura
Online Part time 1 year October 2017 Spain Spain Online

The Master BIM Manager enables students work in BIM systems from advanced management 4 platforms: Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan and Aecosim, providing interoperability skills of various programs used in each of the phases of a project. [+]

Top Online Masters in Engineering Design in Europe. BIM training The Master BIM Manager enables students work in BIM systems from advanced management 4 platforms: Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan and Aecosim, providing interoperability skills of various programs used in each of the phases of a project. BIM in the International Context Considering we headed to an increasingly competitive market, many governments have adopted regulations concerning the application of BIM. Companies working in BIM are more likely internationally and cover a greater number of public tenders and private projects. In Spain it will be mandatory for public tenders from 2018. Demand for BIM Managers BIM Manager's profile is becoming more relevant in the construction sector for the adaptation of enterprises in the new BIM methodology. They are therefore highly prized. Currently, only in Spain it is estimated that in large and medium enterprises require approximately 2,000 BIM Managers. In Latin America, with a growth of 8% sector about 20,000 BIM Managers are needed. Internationally associates Ziggurat is member of various international partner in relation to BIM, as buildingSMART and Canada BIM Council (CanBIM), in order to be at the forefront of BIM institutions worldwide. On the other hand, program managers and BIM Freelance, Antonio Tort and Gustavo Ferreiro, are members of the scientific committee of buildingSMART International for standardization of BIM systems worldwide. More about the Master The Master is based on learning the management of the main BIM tools on the market, to know how to manage information and documentation during all phases of a project; and the powers of Implementation of BIM in organizations and collaborative teams Management under BIM environments. Work Methodology The International Master BIM Manager is entirely practical. Actual projects are carried out in multidisciplinary groups of 5-6 persons under collaborative BIM server environments. The virtual campus is the meeting point between students, teachers and mentoring. BIM course A1 This course will allow the participant to have basic understanding and management of applications on the market leading BIM: Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan and AECOsim. You can also choose which of these platforms to use, and will feature four temporary license software. [-]