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A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


A Master Degree in Commerce will help graduates to easily apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations that arise in the workplace. It is for this reason that employers in a wide range of fields view graduates with a Master Degree in Commerce as highly attractive potential employees.

Since all classes are online, students will not have to appear at classes. Schedules may not be as stringent when taking lessons online. Students can work on and carry out assignments when they are ready and at their personal pace. In several online degree courses, students are not expected to take elective classes unless needed by their major. This allows students to zero in on and study particularly what they need to learn for their business. For many students who have a passion for to learn information relevant to their major, online degree programs work excellent as this approach will save time and aid students gain their degree faster.

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Master Online - International Trade

Instituto Europeo de Posgrado
Online Part time 14 months September 2017 Spain Alcobendas

The Master in International Trade enables students as specialist to effectively occupy positions of responsibility and leadership in companies whose business has a strong international and global nature ... [+]

Master Online - International Trade

The Master in International Trade enables students as specialist to effectively occupy positions of responsibility and leadership in companies whose business has a strong international and global.

What are the program objectives?

The objective of the Master in International Trade is to train front-line professionals, able to understand and solve problems of various kinds, especially related to the effective management of international business. It is achieved through the acquisition of knowledge and skills typically associated with International Business, in addition to the own skills management positions.

Why Choose Us?

The learning methodology is based on the "case method", video classes, virtual sessions and interactive exercises. The student has a weekly schedule of work and personal follow a tutor. The faculty consists of professionals in the business.... [-]

Master In International Trade

ADEN Business School
Online February 2017 Argentina Mendoza

The Master in International Business Management and Foreign Trade has been designed for a completed 100% online, wide flexitime, absolute geographic independence. [+]

THE MASTER IN MANAGEMENT BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL AND TRADE OUTER It has been designed for a completed 100% online wide flexitime absolute geographic independence The Master in International Trade provides a strategic view of changing international business scenario. GOALS Provide businesses and human capital which operates in international environments qualified to adequately address the process of making strategic decisions and solving problems related to the management of international trade. To publicize the new vision, guidelines, fundamentals, prospects and factors that directly affect the global scenario of global business, characterized by increasing complexity and constant changes subjugation. Equipping attendees with the practical and theoretical knowledge as well as the tools and skills needed to function in international markets, allowing present situations and make strategic decisions related to the external dimension of the organization, its international projection and commercialization of products and / or service. Analyze how the operation linked to international business from a methodological perspective eminently useful and practical is managed. recipients Directors, Assistants and Administrative Department of Export Companies. Consultants and Consultants in business internationalization. Mypes managers and Micromypes. Foreign trade professionals in all areas. Grade Career College Students and Graduate Area, related to the subject taught. Anyone interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the complex and changing world of international trade and strategic management tasks associated with such activity. academic content MODULE 1: Introduction to International Trade: Basic Concepts. Process on Globalization and International Economy MODULE 2: Strategic Policy and International Markets Location. Economic Blocks: Comparison MODULE 3: Internal Structure and Organization of International Companies. APPROACHES The Foreign Markets: Export Decision and Strategic Positioning. Global Marketing MODULE 4: Operational Management of Foreign Trade Management International Negotiation and Intercultural Differences MODULE 5: International Commercial Contracts, Guarantees and routes of International Commercial Litigation Resolution MODULE 6: Risks in the international arena of negocios.Medios Collection and Payment in International Trade. Choice of Payment Instrument. Categories, Dynamics and Operation MODULE 7: Foreign Trade Transport Management and International Logistics MODULE 8: European Union Market Objective EmpresaLatinoamericana MODULE 9: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility END OF MASTER WORK applied knowledge The main feature of ADEN International Business School is its focus on applied knowledge and skills learned to work. This allows our students to lead business projects related to each training dictate. To do this during the program completed the student must actively case analysis, project development, specialized workshops, project management and activities directly linked to the management participate. These applications are made through specialized software, video conferencing, simulation platform and other technical resources. Videoconferencing INTERACTIVE Integrative in each module and presentation videoconferences. Through a revolutionary technology incorporated as a means of participant / teacher interaction, a videoconference platform through which we promote mentoring, networking in presentation meetings, meetings integrators in each module and apply new learning activities as the resolution of cases and development of collaborative projects. SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS Talent recruitment: Recruitment and human capital Talent recruitment: selection stages. Selection competency Talent recruitment: Evaluation and reporting. How to collect and provide useful information Talent recruitment: Recruitment 2.0. Networks and selection Talent management: Learning to Learn Talent management: Learning organizationally Talent management: talent Heights Talent management: approaches and perspectives Mirador Conducting workshops does not require additional payment. Participants who carry out the activities required by the workshop will receive an additional certification completed, evaluation and approval of each workshop. Participants will receive a certificate proving International Business School ADEN 30 hours with evaluation. Certification At the end of the program certification by EUNCET - Polytechnic University of Catalonia, credited the completion of the relevant studies to Master in International Business Management and Foreign Trade (*), with final work approved. Along with the certificate an academic report detailing of all the agenda items and the respective grades achieved by the student will be given. The participant will also receive a certificate issued by University of California at Irvine - Extension and ADEN International Business School, crediting the assessment completed with Specialization in International Business Management and Foreign tradent (^) 140 hour program. The certificate shall be accompanied by an academic report detailing the relevant themes (first 4 modules) to program recognized by Universitiy of California at Irvine - Extension. Methodology ADEN ONLINE has achieved in 10 years an innovative educational experience for executives and business managers. The program has been designed for a completed 100% online with wide geographical flexitime and absolute independence. Executives from around the world choose this program as an opportunity to better themselves at the highest level, without interference with their work responsibilities, family time or recreational activities. The main engine of the teaching-learning process of specialization is given by a context where the student is constantly challenged, motivated and accompanied by a constant interactivity with the program director and specialists in charge of each subject. Participants to enter the platform should address the following activities weekly: Analyze the readings and conduct research and development activities related to them. Analyze and respond multimedia material associated questionnaires. Study the proposed case studies and propose solutions Participate in forums providing opinions with theoretical and practical foundation. Interacting with bandmates, make decisions and implement them in the simulator. Participate in integrating videoconferencing and virtual workshops with specialists. Teacher / student and student / student interaction has been raised synchronously and / or asynchronously, ie teachers and students may or may not match the hours of entry to the platform and similarly interact constantly while solving all queries. Besides the meetings via videoconferencing in real time throughout the program optimize the relationship between all participants. The geographic space defined by the student when connecting from home, airport, etc. either from a PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone. Ie no physical classrooms, requiring physical displacement, or compliance schedules, but constant exchange of ideas, proposals, projects and development of networking among participants under the mentorship led by the director of the master as professional specialists is required charge of each subject. interactive educational platform. Custom accompaniment. Paced. Academic excellence. No fixed schedules or geographical displacement. Direct link to work activity. Videoconferences scheduled. Case analysis and project development. multicultural learning. 100% Acceptance for mobile. Access to virtual campus The participant will receive a username and personal password with which will be identified in the Virtual Campus ADEN ( By accessing the campus will be enabled sequentially the contents of each of the modules comprising the program. The contents are composed of: Mid materials developed by experts in the subject, presented in different digital formats (documents, videos, presentations, charts, concept maps, specialized links, etc.). Application exercises, self-assessments, games and case development. Video conferences. Discussions and consultations. [-]

Master of Commerce

RMIT University: Online
Online Part time 2 years October 2016 Australia Melbourne

Incorporating award-winning coursework and academics and globally relevant coursework, RMIT’s online Master of Commerce program has been purpose-built for business-savvy professionals. Whether you’re looking for a career change or want to gain a deeper understanding of core business functions in a global business context, this is the course for you. [+]

Best Online Masters in Commerce 2016/2017. Incorporating award-winning coursework and academics and globally relevant coursework, RMIT’s online Master of Commerce program has been purpose-built for business-savvy professionals. Whether you’re looking for a career change or want to gain a deeper understanding of core business functions in a global business context, this is the course for you. Choose from a range of exceptional postgraduate courses from across three disciplines including HR, Marketing, and Supply Chain and Logistics for better management oversight and expand your knowledge. Underpinned by an extensive network of industry connections including business practitioners, experienced academics and industry-relevant courses, connect with renowned industry leaders and while learning the fundamentals of business functionality. You will learn:
 to navigate the complex and evolving world of business various areas of key business functions and operations for greater management oversight integral business concepts and principles related to key business units What you will study 
Choose from a range of courses to cover various career moves, transitions and progressions.
You will study one compulsory capstone course, Business Research Design, and eleven courses selected from: 

 Courses in human resources 
Key Concepts in Human Resource Management
 Professional Human Resource Management Practices
 People and Organisations
 Employment Law 

Courses in marketing
 Marketing Management 
Consumer Behaviour 
Marketing Communication Strategy 
Marketing Research 

Courses in supply chain and logistics 
 Supply Chain Principles 
Business Analytics 
Supply Chain Modelling and Design 
Business Project Management The benefits of studying online with RMIT Study while you work full-time RMIT’s accelerated online programs prepare you for greater career success, while you continue to work full time. This flexible approach to postgraduate study offers more opportunity to carry on with life commitments while advancing your career. Finish sooner You can enrol into any of our six study periods throughout the year; each study period is seven weeks long. So whether you need to fit your study around work, family, or treks through the Himalayas, you can create a timetable that suits you. No on-campus exams or lectures 
While you will have online assessments, the Master of Commerce delivers a convenient online program without the requirement for on-campus attendance and traditional exams. All lecture material and content is delivered direct to you through an interactive online learning platform, wherever you are. Access to world-class academics Our online programs are developed and led by renowned academics and industry leaders who possess the most up-to-date knowledge to equip you to tackle management challenges. We’ve simply optimised our on-campus content for the digital classroom to make studying more achievable for busy lifestyles. Work-connected learning 
The driving force behind our program is the industry connections you’ll make while studying. Learn from renowned academics and industry leaders, while guided by a notable advisory board of executives. This means that what you learn can be applied to your work immediately. Dedicated support and assistance Our study concierges are experts in student support and will be with you every step of the way, available to help you throughout your study journey. Students will receive one-on-one guidance, assistance and motivation as well as help you access any tools, resources or services you need, and help you achieve your study goals. Program intakes 6 intakes annually (October, January, March, May, July and September). Nested qualifications In addition, our Master of Commerce encompasses courses that make up our Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma, so if you need to exit the program early, you can earn a postgraduate qualification by successfully completing specified courses. The Graduate Certificate is also a pathway to the masters for some students (see entry requirements). Entry requirements Australian Bachelor degree or equivalent, or higher level qualification, in business (or a related discipline); or RMIT Graduate Certificate in Commerce. Applicants with a degree in a non-business or related discipline need to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Commerce to complete the Masters degree in two years accelerated part-time mode. [-]

Masters Degree In Business Management And Marketing

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid
Online Part time 12 months Spain Madrid

The Master in Business Management and Marketing provides students with a deep understanding of the subjects of Business Management and Marketing, useful for further career, and helps in the development of critical and analytical capacities necessary to evaluate relevant issues of companies in this key area of ​​economic activity ... [+]

Taking as its starting point the current market dynamics, which are characterized by low growth rates or saturation thereof and in which, in general terms, supply far exceeds demand, they set a context which only those companies and organizations that are able to adapt to the needs and demands of the markets in which they operate will continue to operate and develop in them. The Master in Business Management and Marketing is an official title whose curriculum is published in the Official Gazette number 75 of 28 March 2012. Addressed to The Master in Business Management and Marketing provides students with a deep understanding of the subjects of Business Management and Marketing, useful for further career, and helps in the development of critical and analytical capacities necessary to evaluate relevant issues of companies in this key area of ​​economic activity. This Master, for its specialization in Commercial and Marketing Management, is geared towards preparing students for access and / or consolidation in an increasingly broad and diverse career. On the one hand, preparing for the development of professional responsibilities related to the Commercial and Management and Marketing, as professional advice or the same specialized training, and on the other hand, allows the entry of students to specialized positions companies under its own specialized training that makes objectively candidates for leadership and management responsibilities. Access to these jobs is facilitated by the experience that students gain by performing practices in companies and institutions from various sectors. Recognition official title Students who meet the requirements of UDIMA obtain the title of Master in Business Management and Marketing taught by UDIMA, besides the title of Professional Master issued by the Center for Financial Studies. UDIMA Requirements: Possess a bachelor's degree, college diploma or equivalent. Program Structure The Master in Business Management and Marketing is structured in different modules, integrated in turn by various subjects in line with the skills to aspiring participant. The route through program modules makes the participant acquires, progressively, the knowledge and skills required to become a professional expert in the area: Master. The Master in Business Management and Marketing Udima is configured undoubtedly the most complete on the market. Main objective of the Master The objective of main learning Master's Degree in Business Management and Marketing is to train professionals who are perfect and highly trained and equipped with the skills by developing their professional activity can reach configured as true leaders in front of business company achieving coordinate and align all functions the same as the axis of the consolidation and value creation for the organization in the environment and market. This training program is designed for the student to master all the necessary knowledge to enable it to establish itself as a senior professional in the commercial and marketing companies and institutions. Methodology Based on a thorough development of Concepts, Strategies, Techniques and Tools Marketing and Sales Management, with subsequent practical application that allows acquire a thorough knowledge and mastery of the same against the decision making and action in their professional activity Classroom training It is instrumented as follows: The meetings follow a model exhibition begins with the identification of objectives; then the corresponding theoretical approaches are taught, supported by appropriate teaching aids, and ends with the analysis of cases or case studies, both individually and in groups. We are committed to each student to acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of the professional role it wants to play. This is achieved both through the development of interactive course and participation in working groups, and in which, depending on the contents to be taught, they are used in each case the most appropriate methodologies. A good theoretical basis is the best support for proper development of a large number of case studies that bring students to business reality. Blended training They are interactive classes, balancing both individual work and participation in working groups. Students acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of professional role they want to play through: resolution of cases, role-playing and video-training, expository method, skills training, conducting exercises, cases and cases teams, debates and discussions. They will be developed through the Virtual Campus and one weekend a month. On line training They begin in the months of October and February each year. The normal duration is 12 months. [-]

Master in Administration & Management of Commercial Bussiness

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
Campus or Online Full time Part time 9 months November 2016 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The Master in Administration and Management of Commercial Businesses and Distribution has an academic value of 60 credits ECTS, including 15 credits that consist of a monitored business project. [+]

Best Online Masters in Commerce 2016/2017. The Master in Administration and Management of Commercial Businesses and Distribution has an academic value of 60 credits ECTS, including 15 credits that consist of a monitored business project. Why study this course? You will have an opportunity to achieve strategic positions in a company, such as General Management, Commercial Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Trade Marketing, Key Account Manager, Category Manager, etc. You will advance in your professional career due to acquisition of knowledge, concepts and experiences that will provide you with more confidence and certainty in making decisions that influence the global strategy of the company. You will develop your leadership abilities and at the same time will learn to harmonize them with value generation, social responsibility and ethical compromise. The Master program offers an opportunity to obtain an internship in various companies and institutions. Benefits You will improve your professional perspectives of obtaining a management position. You will live a unique experience of consolidating acquired knowledge with an integral learning process that complements team work with case solving and a final thesis project. You will set out on new professional and personal tracks due to our learning system that is closely related to current business reality and global vision dynamics. You will also have the opportunity to train on the campus of International Excellence of UAB and share experiences with other international students that select our programs to complete their training. Why do we offer you credibility? We are endorsed by a solid trajectory of programs of Business Management and International Marketing of 15 years. You will be enrolled in a Master program of the Masters in Marketing, Commerce and Distribution of the UAB that obtained the quality certification ISO 9001: 2008 and the UNE 66181 of virtual education. Masters programs of the Masters in Marketing, Commerce and Distribution of the UAB are listed among the best in Spain according to the prestigious ranking of the newspaper “El Mundo”. The UAB is ranked the 1st among Spanish universities and is one of the 200 best universities of the world according to the results of QS World University Rankings. Objectives To provide our students with a high level education of the best quality. To develop ethically and effective a strategic vision, to provide innovation. To train people who can lead business projects in companies of different sectors and sizes, both national and international. To promote personal and professional growth by motivating our students to surpass intellectual challenges outlined in the Master course. Methodology A student enrolled in the Master program attends classroom classes in the Campus of Excellence of the UAB. Every class has a theoretical part and a practical part. The method of case studies is applied within the learning process in order to develop the decision-making abilities of the student. The learning process is reinforced by broad knowledge and experience, both in academic and business spheres of the teaching staff. Through simulation games, students face business problem situations for which team work is essential. Our students receive tutoring support within the whole learning process, from the beginning to the development of a thesis project. Our students can profit from high technology tools that support their course of studies, such as the Moodle platform that allows them to access a virtual campus on which they can share their acquired knowledge and engage in further discussions to deepen their theoretical and practical understanding of the contents of the Master. Classroom classes are complemented with online modules through our own methodology of 4-learning. In some cases, our students can get access to additional sessions, recorded with the latest technological systems and stored in the Mediateca section. [-]

Masters Degree In Business Management And Markerting

Online Full time 840 hours Open Enrollment Spain Madrid

The Master in Business Management and Marketing puts at your hand knowledge on key trade negotiation techniques and marketing strategies, among others. [+]

Certified by the University of Burgos through its Foundation. The Master in Business Management and Marketing puts at your hand knowledge on key trade negotiation techniques and marketing strategies, among others. Thanks to this online master will deepen in consumer purchasing decisions emphasizing the different essential types of customers. You also know the techniques of sales and after sales, analysis of results and treatment should dispense your sales management team to optimize the results of your company to the fullest. Objectives: In less than a year, our students will be credited with the Diploma of Master in Business Management and Marketing, and will be able by themselves: Know in detail and practically the most advanced techniques of Marketing and Business Management. Carrying Production Control by Objectives most important department of any company. Running a specialist in Marketing, able to take full strategic responsibility for the company team. Establish and run a commercial network in any geographic area with guarantees. Knowing from the point of view of practical application training, motivation and evaluation of its network. Designing control systems and resource optimization results. recipients: The Master in Business and Marketing is aimed at: Marketing Directors, Sales Directors and Heads of Sale. Consultants and trainers. Staff departments Marketing and trade. And in general, all those interested in the world of Marketing and Business Management a. agenda: Volume I. Commercial Management and Technical Sales 1 Volume II. Commercial and Technical Sales 2 Volume III. Management and Sales Management Team Volume IV. Communication Techniques Volume V. Trade Negotiations Volume VI. Marketing Management 1 Volume VII. Address Marketing 2 Volume VIII. Marketing strategies Volume IX. Quality, Service and Support Volume X. Merchandising Volume XI. Commercial and Corporate Standards 1 Volume XII. Commercial and Corporate Standards 2 Volume XIII. Foreign trade Volume XIV. telemarketing Volume XV. Marketing and New Technologies Volume XVI. Management Accounting and Cost Terms You will receive the access codes within 24 hours of registration. In case of delayed payment, the second installment is payable within 30 days of enrollment, and the third at 60. [-]

MSc In International Trade

IMF - Business School
Online Full time Part time 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Madrid + 1 more

Boost your career in a dynamic international environment and Get trained for: [+]

Best Online Masters in Commerce 2016/2017. Boost your career in a dynamic international environment and Get trained for: Develop a systematic approach to analyzing events in the environment of international organizations and key international trading. Mastering an analytical and conceptual framework focused on efficiency in decision-making. Design and implement marketing programs worldwide. Know, design and implement supply chain based on product characteristics, international markets and client. Reaching the keys to success of the venture and be able to design a strategic plan to develop international business. Assimilate the keys of the legal framework and the general system of international recruitment. Area: International Trade Aimed at: University graduates or professionals with equivalent experience who need to renew their knowledge to advance their careers or to complement their training in the areas of Commercial and Marketing [-]

Masters In E-commerce (online)

Escuela de Negocios y Dirección
Online Part time 1 year October 2016 Spain Madrid

Find out how you can make an online business more efficient [+]

Find out how you can make an online business more efficient GOALS What will you be able to do once you have completed the online Master in E-commerce? Establish strategies that optimize the digital positioning of the company. Manage SEO campaigns. Decide on estimates based on results of SEO campaigns. Manage Google Adwords campaigns according to targets. Digital advertising design according to what is intended by the company. Optimize customer relationship 2.0 and loyalty. Establish policies image management and online brand reputation in social networks. Manage an e-commerce optimizing purchasing processes. Develop business transformation plans. Projecting business models. Connect with investors to develop business plans. recipients: the Master in E-commerce is aimed at those responsible for the digital areas of business, entrepreneurs who want to develop their business idea in the online environment and department than necessity or self-concern, want to delve into the field of e- business. agenda: Strategic Plan for E-commerce. Business models and strategy. Market analysis and competition. target audience, brand positioning and USP. Product portfolio and pricing policy. I Digital Advertising: Search Engine Optimization. Operation of search engines. Objectives of our website Planning an SEO campaign. Factors positioning SEO Budget. Analysis of a SEO campaign. Advertising Digital II: Search Engine Marketing. SEM. Search Engine Marketing. Basic concepts. Google Adwords I. Google Adwords II. Advertising Digital III: Inbound marketing, e-mail marketing, RTB, Display and Retargeting. Planning and procurement of digital media. Inbound marketing. Advertising on social networks. E-mail marketing. Affiliate Marketing. Display and enriched Advertising. programmatic advertising. Retargeting. Mobile marketing. Content marketing. Gamification and Advergaming Landingpages creation and optimization. Campaign analysis and profitability analysis. Technological solutions for e-commerce. Introduction and key concepts. Keys to build an online store. Technological solutions. Payment methods. Integration with other tools. Operations and logistics in E-commerce. The value chain in the E-Commerce. Warehouse management. Inventory management. Transport. Dropshiping and logistics aggregators. Improvement and process optimization. Management control in E-commerce. Definition of strategic objectives. KPIs and dashboards. Business analytics. Measure the profitability of an online store. Customer Management. Relational marketing. Customer experience. Optimizing E-commerce. ConversionRateOptimization. Optimization shopping cart. Upselling, cross-selling and Behavioural Marketing. Optimizing customer registration process. Recovery of abandoned carts. Optimization and improvements in the store. Digital analytics. Campaign Analysis google Analytics Reporting and Dashboards Current trends in e-commerce. Social Commerce. Gamification. Mobile Commerce. SOLOMO. Others. Workshop and workshops. legal aspects of electronic commerce. Creativity. Tools. Professional skills. Others. Final project. Qualification: The Masters in E-commerce certification issued by the Business School Digital ESNEDI and the School of Business and Management, as well as the title issued by the European University Miguel de Cervantes will be awarded to all those who comply with the rules of the program and approve all materials developed in the agenda. Methodology: The emergence of new technologies has given companies the ability to sell anywhere, anytime. outgrow the excuses: regardless of their turnover or size, not adapt to this new situation implies a loss of competitiveness. Thanks to online Master in E-commerce ESNEDI acquire 100% vision how to manage an online business and make it profitable for operating profit. Digital Business School ESNEDI is a spin off of the School of Business and Management, educational institution specializing in postgraduate training at the enterprise level. After more than 15 years of experience and academic support provided by the European University Miguel de Cervantes and over 30,000 students who have decided to go for his pedagogical model, Enyd has introduced its new training catalog, which aims to facilitate the acquisition of skills They are requiring key professional profiles of the digital economy. The methodology used in the online mode of the Master in E-commerce includes learning skills key by Master class taught through virtual video conferences, workshops / workshops, the practical development of business case and challenge (projects proposed by real sector companies solved individually or in groups) and a challenge end, in which the student must demonstrate what they have learned by solving a course provided by one of the partner companies. Of course, you can also compatible with all teaching immersion in companies, focusing on the practical application of knowledge in a professional environment. You want to know more? Contact us and get informed without commitment. Career Outlook: director of web projects and e-commerce consultant in strategic and digital marketing, revenue management, director of digital marketing, marketing business intelligence. [-]

Master's Degree In Commercial Engineering

Génesis Universidad
Online Full time Part time Open Enrollment Mexico Monterrey

With this expertise, you will develop skills and competencies to identify, develop and implement strategies and business processes of a company to help you be in charge of large projects, the glider competitive alternatives around innovation and business transformation and the key to any organization wishing to achieve high levels of competition in the global marketplace tab. [+]

Best Online Masters in Commerce 2016/2017. The courses are taught by 100% virtual mode. Undergraduate students will be professionals capable of entering the labor market with great success. With this expertise, you will develop skills and competencies to identify, develop and implement strategies and business processes of a company to help you be in charge of large projects, the glider competitive alternatives around innovation and business transformation and the key to any organization wishing to achieve high levels of competition in the global marketplace tab. DURATION OF THE PROGRAMME 5 cycles Timetable: 24/7 Classes start: 15th of each month. Graduate profile Graduates of Genesis, may play in occupations such as: Advisory entrepreneurs in import and export projects. Administrator and / or manage centers or companies related to the distribution and product placement in national and international markets. Self-employed in the commercial branch, should establish their own company. Consultant in the national and international market. Consultant for the development and implementation of business strategies in public and private entities. Business consultant in local, national and international public and private companies [-]

Master In Foreign Trade And Internationalization (on Line)

EOI Spain’s School of Industrial Organisation
Online & Campus Combined Part time Spain Madrid

Train and graduates, professionals, managers, technicians and people with potential to hold positions of responsibility in order to enhance visibility and personal competitiveness of enterprises in foreign markets and internationalization processes. Facilitating the acquisition and development of skills and management tools aimed at improving the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of its foreign trade and internationalization processes. Enriching personal and professional development, promoting teamwork, the relationship between the participants and the professional and business networking. Knowing the characteristics of a foreign market in a region of local specialists hand of Foreign Trade. Projecting the knowledge gained developing a business Internationalization Project.Provide a title certifying learning MASTER reached at the University of Alcalá and EOI. [+]

Module 1. International Management Virtual Classroom Management International Relations and Business Internationalization: Key Principles International Business Strategic Vision The Spanish company in the European Business Opportunity Identification: Tools Project Methodology International Marketing International Logistics International Taxation International Recruitment International Financing Institutional Support for internationalization ICT for internationalization Group Project Module 2. International Project Diagnosis Capacity Business Internationalization Internationalisation Capability Diagnostic Product / Service Selecting Markets Positioning Strategy Marketing Plan Logistics Plan Strategy Implementation / distribution Procurement Analysis Fiscal Analysis Plan Negotiations Organization Human and material resources Economic Analysis, Feasibility Financial Analysis Financing Integration Internationalization Strategic Plan, Planning Module 3. International Logistics Management Fundamentals of International Logistics EDI Information Systems International Delivery Terms INCOTERMS Physical protection of the goods Legal and economic protection of the goods Technical and operational aspects of international transport Commercial management of transport Legal and transport documentary Function in the EU Customs Customs Practice Logistics Plan Module 4. International Financing Commercial operators and financial Methods of collection and payment no documentary Methods of collection and payment Documentary Insurance Export Credit Track Changes Currency Markets Export Financing Import Financing Project Finance Aid agencies and international financing Risk Management: Business Risk, Country Risk and Exchange Risk Module 5. Management Skills Networking Leadership Time Management Motivation International Negotiation Protocol Expatriate Management Writing techniques Oratory Presentation Skills Module 6. Regional Area: Asia History and International Relations in Asia Political Systems Asian economies The business culture in Asia APEC ASEAN Business Opportunities China: business management systems India: business management systems Japan: business management systems Successful example [-]

Master blended learning in Marketing and Commercial Management (in Spanish)

ESERP Business School
Online & Campus Combined Full time June 2017 Spain Madrid Barcelona Palma de Mallorca + 1 more

ESERP Business School offers programs that allow even more flexibility than the Master in class. Designed for students with highly variable work schedules or who must travel frequently, distance education presents [+]

ESERP Business School offers programs that allow even more flexibility than the Master in class. Designed for students with highly variable work schedules or who must travel frequently, distance education presents the study and evaluation entirely online and can be accessed at any time and place to the virtual platform, with the option to attend a maximum of 60% of attending classroom, between October and June, at the branch of ESERP of your choice. The educational content of Masters blended learning is adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area, offering 60 credits, thus ensuring a constant effort to improve management skills and optimal development of attitudes such as initiative, teamwork or critical capacity. The Masters of ESERP put special emphasis on skills development, always based on updated knowledge that allow students to practice applying the most innovative techniques and tools strategically. To achieve this we rely on a compound Faculty by specialized professionals in the classroom introducing the real problems of the current business organization, providing the student online tracking. For the integration of students in the business world and in the process of decision-making, applying a dynamic education system and active, used as a teaching tool, among others, the case method and simulation.... [-]

Master's Degree In Marketing And Business Management (online)

EUDE Escuela Europea De Direccion De Empresas
Online 1500 hours Open Enrollment Spain Madrid

The Master in Marketing and Business Management EUDE Business School prepares you as a specialist in two key business areas within an organization, enabling you with the knowledge and skills needed to assume positions of managerial responsibility. [+]

​The Master in Marketing and Sales Management of EUDE Business School prepares you as a specialist in two key business areas within an organization, enabling you with the knowledge and skills needed to assume positions of managerial responsibility. Studying the Master in Marketing and Sales Management in the form of Online you will study a flexible program that ensures full compatibility between work and personal life with training, beneficing our platform Learning Desk platform leading European training where you will access to classes, Master Class and Conference Live a faculty quality, you will have all teaching materials in E-book, online tutorials with professors, working on open forums to encourage networking among peers and in addition you can also take advantage of networking with over 50,000 domestic and international students and access to an employment with more than 1,200 companies. The main objective of the Master is to train top executives, who are not only able to assume positions of responsibility within an organization, but are able to propose value propositions: consuming what you want, where you want, when you want, as they want, how much you want and how you want to pay. Surpassing the Master in Marketing and Sales Management will acquire the following professional and personal skills: - Perform tasks of senior management. - Take responsibility for the design and implementation of the strategic decisions of Marketing, Communications and Business Management. - Develop and manage globally marketing plans. - Assume the strategic and operational management of the Marketing Mix variables. - Organize and manage the business and the different distribution channels and logistics in today's market contexts. - Assume and optimize integrated communications company and manage relationships with external communication services. METHODOLOGY: The working methodology developed in EUDE Business School is based on the Case Method. An eminently practical training is the best foundation for the student to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience that the company needs. The cases developed in each area of ​​learning are success stories that give students ample scope for analysis and discussion. The classroom with small groups or Desk Platform Learning, a leading platform at European level will be the most appropriate forum for students to share their views and thoughts on each document. The curriculum has been prepared under the supervision and guidance of leading companies in the sector, as well as a faculty composed of managers and exdirectivos multinational and national companies (Telefónica, Deloitte, DHL, Inchaersa, Geindesa, Debebe or Drommer Consulting) . We are aware of the effort involved in training and we provide a variety of tools that facilitate student learning of content from different perspectives: ebook, Hypermedia Box Sessions On Campus Virtual, case studies, conferences with prestigious speakers, etc. The evaluation will occur on multiple factors: Participation in discussion groups (DISCUSSIONS), Case studies, participation in activities, exams and the Final Master Project. Upon completion of the program the student will deliver and defend his Master's Thesis. The PFM is a business plan, real or simulated, in which the student must have applied all the knowledge and tools acquired. Throughout the duration of the program the student will have a personal tutor and a continuous feedback from teachers who allow students always know their strengths and areas for improvement. Syllabus - AREA OF KNOWLEDGE: MARKETING MANAGEMENT - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: MARKET RESEARCH AND DECISION MAKING OF MARKETING - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: STRATEGIES PRODUCT AND PRICE - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: DIGITAL MARKETING - AREA KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS SALES - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: CRM AND RELATIONSHIP MARKETING - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: MARKETING PLAN - AREA OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SKILLS - FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT COMPANY - MASTER END PROJECT - FINANCE, BUDGET AND ANALYSIS: KNOWLEDGE AREA OTHER INFORMATION OF INTEREST SCHOLARSHIPS TO STUDY: EUDE Business School offers you a unique scholarship scheme and study aids for training from businesses and partner agencies, whereby you can benefit from substantial financial assistance towards the cost of the degree. REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCESS TO THE DEGREE: As requirements is necessary to have a university degree or alternatively three years of demonstrable professional experience. DEGREE: Own title EUDE Business School. [-]

Own University Master's Degree In Management And International Trade

Vértice Business School
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Own University Master in Management and International Trade is a taught by the University of Malaga in collaboration with Vertex Business School and has 60 credits program. [+]

Best Online Masters in Commerce 2016/2017. The Master in Management and Commerce International Documentary Vertex Business School has a high professional interest. With a practical approach, it has been specially designed to acquire a global vision of the company and its environment, as well as the knowledge, skills and management tools necessary to successfully meet the necessary openness of companies to foreign markets. Students who attend our programs, learn to face the different challenges that a business is when you start its internationalization strategy further expand their networking with professionals from other companies and end acquiring a personal differentiation, which facilitates employability, and improving their career. GOALS Acquire a comprehensive strategic vision of the company on a global and international context, allowing align strategic objectives and operational objectives of the different areas that make up the company. To train students to design and implement a plan of internationalization, studying the possible strategies to penetrate new markets. Knowing the advantages of internationalization, and acquire the knowledge and skills of operating in international markets, to develop in them effectively. Understanding the international border management and its importance. Identify risks for companies in import and export operations and analyze the different possible coverage. Analyze the cultural, social, political, legal and economic peculiarities find the company in its internationalization. Provide students with guidelines and interpersonal skills and knowledge necessary for good decision making, promote teamwork and conflict management in the company from a professional and ethical perspective. Methodology Our methodology ONROOM creates an environment of active, next, flexible and participatory learning virtual campus, with constant support and personalized follow. The versatility of educational resources attached to the friendliness of the campus, make Vertex Business School, the best choice for your training and professional development. Our methodological resources: Teacher instructional videos on different subjects Videoconferencing and Master Class with experts recognized in the field. Manuals with the content of each subject Thematic discussion forums Activities and Case Studies Online assessment tests Master final project. Career prospects Expert / a in international trade companies that want to expand internationally. Consultant / a strategy and internationalization Responsible for international marketing Commercial director of import / export Entrepreneur. Creation and development of their own business project Director / a sales management and expansion International markets analyst at market research companies. Expert / a in international trade for e-commerce companies. Provisioning and logistics coordinator. Executive foreign trade Delegate Sales Technical Sales area import / export Client Manager Foreign Trade Assistant Trade and International Marketing [-]

Master In International Business

ESde Business School
Online Full time 1 year November 2016 Spain Valencia

The online Master in International Business ESDE Business School is designed to train professionals internationally oriented, capable of managing companies in the process of internationalization or current operation abroad, which dominate financial and strategic environments for sound decision-making and organizational direction. [+]

INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The internationalization of companies and their establishment in foreign markets is a result that globalization has brought, due to increasingly segmented and competitive markets. It is essential to manage and direct the use of information technology, addressing the expansion of operations and implement an organizational culture change, to strengthen the strategy in emerging and global markets. The online Master in International Business ESDE Business School is designed to train professionals internationally oriented, capable of managing companies in the process of internationalization or current operation abroad, which dominate financial and strategic for sound decision-making and organizational management environments. The objective of the program is that the professional master the skills to successfully perform a task management, assessment and evaluation of organizations in international environments. Apply the acquired knowledge in new and changing environments enhancing competitiveness in international markets. Integrate knowledge and make judgments in the field of business management in international environments, from the information available. Generate reflections on the legal, economic, social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments. Career Outlook: Import and export companies. International banking. manufacturing and services. International shipping companies. Multinational companies. regulators. technology sector. International logistics management companies. International trading companies. Consulting firms. Infrastructure management. Small and medium businesses. multilateral institutions. Non-governmental organizations. QUALIFICATIONS AND CURRICULUM The materials that make up the curriculum of the Master in International Business Business School ESDE are distributed as follows: International Business Management Integration and international economic environment This course focuses on the analytical approach to global business environment. As a student actively learn through case studies, problem solving and applications of concepts. The course gives you the opportunity to develop skills and country comparative analysis; understanding of the most important macroeconomic indicators; evaluation of the main risks management and identification of business opportunities. E Innovation International Business In this module you will examine the factors that enable companies to obtain and maintain competitive advantages in the international environment, through the identification of opportunities, capacity building and development of new technologies and forms of organization. Global Marketing The subject of Global Marketing aims to offer an analytical and conceptual framework aimed at decision-making and the development and implementation of marketing programs worldwide. Issues such as the ability to internationalize, the selection of foreign markets, the development of global marketing program and implementation and control of global marketing program will be covered in the course. International Financial Management We provide a basic understanding of international finance and basic choices of the financial management of companies in global markets. You know the responsibilities of CFOs of multinationals or companies with multinational subsidiaries, suppliers or international product markets. Cross-Cultural Management The course is designed to develop as a global business leader. You will cover the main management issues for companies doing business internationally. International Trade Management Strategies Global E-Business Here is an overview of the management of e-business in a globalized world economy. Topics covered include technologies that support e-commerce; different models of e-commerce and applications; security issues; electronic payment systems; legal and ethical issues; global issues in the digital management; design and implementation issues and strategy for implementing e-business. Global Entrepreneurship You will learn the tools necessary for a complete understanding of the process of entrepreneurship in global markets. The course focuses on the recognition and the search for global business opportunities, evaluating the viability of new businesses and learn to handle growing business. International trade management Trade management is the key international activities, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This course covers the theory and practice of managing imports and exports. The main topics covered are business planning, management of intermediaries (including legal aspects) and risk and financial management. Global Supply Chain Management In this course you will develop the ability to conceptualize, design, and implement supply chain in line with the characteristics of the product, the market and customers. you assess how information technology, dynamic markets and globalization are impacting on the strategies and practices of the supply chain, including logistics, digital coordination of decisions and resources, risk management and inventory, procurement and contracting supplier, product design and processes and revenue management. international trade negotiations You will understand the theory of bargaining as practiced in a variety of strategic and international stages. The goal is to help you feel more comfortable and confident with the negotiation process. The course is designed to be relevant to the broad spectrum of negotiation problems that managers face, but used specific examples of international strategy, such as mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. We will offer the opportunity to develop skills through experience and understanding trading on conceptual and analytical frameworks useful in the management of international trade. International Business Simulation The International Business Simulation is the subject of closure. We provide the opportunity to integrate the knowledge acquired during the course implementing international management, playing the role of a category manager for a major consumer products company. The simulation is done in English to add this language, which is essential in a competitive international business environment. Additional activities: "Trading with": The workshops "Trading with" address specific aspects of doing business or provide services in several regions of the world. Focus on the economic and cultural peculiarities of each society, cultures and subcultures and their impact on trade relations. The workshops also dealt with issues related protocols and business etiquette, as well as the ease of doing business in those regions. Specific topics covered are, regional trading blocs, the advantages and challenges of doing business in those countries, guidance for investors and entrepreneurs, case studies, etc. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS To access the master's teachings will be necessary to hold a university degree. They will be accessible to graduates from outside the European educational systems without the approval of their titles, after verification by the University. Admission requirements In the event that demand exceeds the supply of places, the Academic Committee will review the resumes of the candidates in order to decide whether it is relevant or not to grant the right to registration, in accordance with the income profiles and training requirements previous set. For such a case, the Commission shall establish a ranked list of merits of the candidates according to the following criteria: Academic record (50%) Professional experience (10%) additional training (30%) Knowledge of languages ​​other than the mother tongue (10%) will have preference in qualifying English over other languages. The Commission may also carry out a personal interview with the candidate, if it deems it necessary. [-]

Master of Commerce

Curtin University
Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time 2 years January 2017 Australia Perth Sydney + 2 more

This program aims to develop your practical knowledge of, and research skills in, local and international industries. [+]

Best Online Masters in Commerce 2016/2017. Master of Commerce This program aims to develop your practical knowledge of, and research skills in, local and international industries. The majors in this course allow you to specialise in various disciplines in commerce and are suitable if you wish to expand your existing knowledge or change your career trajectory. Major areas of study: Professional Accounting CPA Australia Extension Advanced Accounting CPA Australia Extension Applied Finance Applied Economics Marketing Information Systems and Technology Supply Chain Management. Research project units within the course aim to develop high levels of communication and research skills, as well as creativity and flexibility in the application of knowledge and skills to new situations. Credit for previous study Applications for credit for recognised learning (CRL) are assessed on an individual basis. Applicants with a recognised undergraduate degree in marketing or a related discipline may be eligible for a maximum of 100 credits CRL. Australian & NZ students ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A bachelor degree or an equivalent qualification in any discipline from a recognised tertiary institution. You are also required to meet Curtin’s academic and English language entry standards. WHERE: Bentley or Sydney This course may not be offered at all locations every year. WHEN: February or July HOW: Full-time or part-time STUDY: Off-campus, mixed on- and off-campus, partially online and on-campus DURATION: Expected completion: 2 years Minimum completion: 1 years International students 2015 ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A bachelor degree or an equivalent qualification in any discipline from a recognised tertiary institution. Minimum English language entry requirements: IELTS ACADEMIC (INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM) Writing 6.0 Speaking 6.0 Reading 6.0 Listening 6.0 Overall band score 6.5 Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): Grade C Pearson Test of English Academic: 58 WHERE: Bentley or Sydney This course may not be offered at all locations every year. WHEN: February or July HOW: Full-time STUDY: Off-campus, partially online and on-campus DURATION: 2 years full-time or equivalent part-time [-]