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A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


A Master Degree in Commerce will help graduates to easily apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations that arise in the workplace. It is for this reason that employers in a wide range of fields view graduates with a Master Degree in Commerce as highly attractive potential employees.

There are more than four thousand higher education organizations in Europe, from leading research institutions to small, teaching-focused universities. Europe itself is not as much different than other continents, reaching from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa.

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Master's Degree In Marketing Management And Business Management

EAE Business School
Campus Full time 1 year April 2017 Spain Barcelona Madrid + 1 more

The Full Time Master Program in Marketing and Commercial Management of EAE Business School offers the expertise and management skills to ... [+]

Master in Marketing and Sales Management

The marketing of products and services are faced with increasingly demanding consumers and new distribution channels. The new information technologies energize all market players, dominate serves to provide a competitive response in a global environment and local time.

The Full Time Master Program in Marketing and Commercial Management of EAE Business School offers the expertise and management skills to develop marketing policies able to be guided by the possible scenarios.


Through the development of the program is intended to achieve the fund objectives amental following:

- To train the participants with knowledge and techniques to develop the necessary skills to identify opportunities, threats and changes in the competitive environment of the company and guide the company's strategy in terms of possible scenarios. ... [-]

Master Online - International Trade

Instituto Europeo de Posgrado
Online Part time 14 months September 2017 Spain Alcobendas

The Master in International Trade enables students as specialist to effectively occupy positions of responsibility and leadership in companies whose business has a strong international and global nature ... [+]

Master Online - International Trade

The Master in International Trade enables students as specialist to effectively occupy positions of responsibility and leadership in companies whose business has a strong international and global.

What are the program objectives?

The objective of the Master in International Trade is to train front-line professionals, able to understand and solve problems of various kinds, especially related to the effective management of international business. It is achieved through the acquisition of knowledge and skills typically associated with International Business, in addition to the own skills management positions.

Why Choose Us?

The learning methodology is based on the "case method", video classes, virtual sessions and interactive exercises. The student has a weekly schedule of work and personal follow a tutor. The faculty consists of professionals in the business.... [-]

Master Program in Competition and Market Regulation

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
Campus Full time 9 months September 2017 Spain Barcelona

Degree Awarded: Official Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis. [+]

Master Program - Competition and Market Regulation


As competition policy becomes increasingly relevant in both the public and private sectors, there is a great need for professionals prepared to address market regulation issues. The highly practical focus of the Competition and Market Regulation Program (MCMR) assures that students in the program graduate with sound job prospects in their chosen field and an advanced understanding of the interaction between economic theory and practice.


Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis awarded jointly with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.... [-]

Master In Business Management And Marketing

Campus Full time September 2017 Spain Madrid

A program for professionals at international level. Aimed at people who hold or are called to occupy the positions and functions of Commercial Marketing Managers or Sales ... [+]

A program for professionals at international level. Aimed at people who hold or are called to occupy the positions and functions of Commercial Marketing Director or Sales ESEM, with 47 years of activity and development, is the business school specializing in business areas of Sales and Marketing, with recognition in national and international companies. By our classrooms and programs it has been more than 20,000 students on five continents. Target Provide the necessary tools for business development. These tools serve the dual function of Sales and Marketing Management. With the theoretical methodology - ESEM practice, the student will be provided the adptación to new technologies, as necessary and requested today for a post of Sales, Marketing and Sales Manager. The practical content of the program, new technologies, quality of teachers and the exchange of experiences of students, makes this program meets the goal of being High Business Quality. "The philosophy of this Post Grade is learning by doing" Programme structure The program takes place over one academic year and a total of six modules. After the titling it will be obtained Master in Business Management and Marketing. Evaluation Students should develop practical work on the topics covered in the modules, routing and structuring your thesis. The work will be developed within the school hours of each module and evaluated by teachers. If necessary they will receive tutoring to amend those aspects of the work presented that were not according to the requirements of ESEM in each area. The purpose of the program is to ensure that students understand and master the concepts taught. The philosophy of the program is learning by doing. Attendance: 100% for all classes End of Studies Thesis: At the end of each program, as a synthesis of lessons learned and the work done, teams develop a marketing plan with projection to two years Marketing Plan constitute the doctoral thesis and will be directed and evaluated by tutors designated for this purpose. General Services ESEM On-site ESEM, the student apart from the close relationship with faculty and ESEM equipment, available free from: Job Practices in companies Computer room Study Rooms Special Services non-EU students In addition to general services, non-EU students have in ESEM of: Guidance and information for enrollment in the program. necessary documentation requested by the Spanish consulates for processing and obtaining the Visa Studies. Practices in Spanish companies. Incorporation from the sixth month of the start of classes. TIE processing in Madrid. Insurance recruitment in Madrid MAPFRE SEGUROS repatriation and comprehensive health care, by the student for a year. Addressed to University graduates with professional experience. university graduates with professional experience. Commercial department Marketing department managers Thematic content Marketing: Fundamentals of Marketing Market Analysis and Consumer Product & Pricing CRM: Customer Loyalty Social Networks: Application Comunity Manager: Roles and Responsibilities Communication: Advertising Communication plan sales: Commercial negotiation Sales Team Management Sales Forecast Distribution and Sales Management: merchandising Distribution logistics Marketing planning: Marketing Audit Marketing plan Marketing budgets Marketing Plan Development Qualification: Master in Business Management and Marketing [-]

Masters Degree In Business Management And Marketing

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid
Online Part time 12 months Spain Madrid

The Master in Business Management and Marketing provides students with a deep understanding of the subjects of Business Management and Marketing, useful for further career, and helps in the development of critical and analytical capacities necessary to evaluate relevant issues of companies in this key area of ​​economic activity ... [+]

Masters in Commerce in Europe 2017. Taking as its starting point the current market dynamics, which are characterized by low growth rates or saturation thereof and in which, in general terms, supply far exceeds demand, they set a context which only those companies and organizations that are able to adapt to the needs and demands of the markets in which they operate will continue to operate and develop in them. The Master in Business Management and Marketing is an official title whose curriculum is published in the Official Gazette number 75 of 28 March 2012. Addressed to The Master in Business Management and Marketing provides students with a deep understanding of the subjects of Business Management and Marketing, useful for further career, and helps in the development of critical and analytical capacities necessary to evaluate relevant issues of companies in this key area of ​​economic activity. This Master, for its specialization in Commercial and Marketing Management, is geared towards preparing students for access and / or consolidation in an increasingly broad and diverse career. On the one hand, preparing for the development of professional responsibilities related to the Commercial and Management and Marketing, as professional advice or the same specialized training, and on the other hand, allows the entry of students to specialized positions companies under its own specialized training that makes objectively candidates for leadership and management responsibilities. Access to these jobs is facilitated by the experience that students gain by performing practices in companies and institutions from various sectors. Recognition official title Students who meet the requirements of UDIMA obtain the title of Master in Business Management and Marketing taught by UDIMA, besides the title of Professional Master issued by the Center for Financial Studies. UDIMA Requirements: Possess a bachelor's degree, college diploma or equivalent. Program Structure The Master in Business Management and Marketing is structured in different modules, integrated in turn by various subjects in line with the skills to aspiring participant. The route through program modules makes the participant acquires, progressively, the knowledge and skills required to become a professional expert in the area: Master. The Master in Business Management and Marketing Udima is configured undoubtedly the most complete on the market. Main objective of the Master The objective of main learning Master's Degree in Business Management and Marketing is to train professionals who are perfect and highly trained and equipped with the skills by developing their professional activity can reach configured as true leaders in front of business company achieving coordinate and align all functions the same as the axis of the consolidation and value creation for the organization in the environment and market. This training program is designed for the student to master all the necessary knowledge to enable it to establish itself as a senior professional in the commercial and marketing companies and institutions. Methodology Based on a thorough development of Concepts, Strategies, Techniques and Tools Marketing and Sales Management, with subsequent practical application that allows acquire a thorough knowledge and mastery of the same against the decision making and action in their professional activity Classroom training It is instrumented as follows: The meetings follow a model exhibition begins with the identification of objectives; then the corresponding theoretical approaches are taught, supported by appropriate teaching aids, and ends with the analysis of cases or case studies, both individually and in groups. We are committed to each student to acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of the professional role it wants to play. This is achieved both through the development of interactive course and participation in working groups, and in which, depending on the contents to be taught, they are used in each case the most appropriate methodologies. A good theoretical basis is the best support for proper development of a large number of case studies that bring students to business reality. Blended training They are interactive classes, balancing both individual work and participation in working groups. Students acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of professional role they want to play through: resolution of cases, role-playing and video-training, expository method, skills training, conducting exercises, cases and cases teams, debates and discussions. They will be developed through the Virtual Campus and one weekend a month. On line training They begin in the months of October and February each year. The normal duration is 12 months. [-]

Master in Marketing and International Commerce

Vytautas Magnus University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Lithuania Kaunas

Marketing and International Commerce Programme is meant for individuals holding a Bachelor‘s degree [+]

Access Requirements Individuals, holding a Bachelor‘s degree in management and business administration fields , as well as those, having an equivalent university degree in the respective fields can enter this programme of studies. Programme Objectives and Competencies Acquired Marketing and International Commerce Programme is meant for individuals holding a Bachelor‘s degree and pursuing a qualification of master of marketing. The present day organizations are experiencing a growing demand in modern, high qualification marketing specialists, able to think strategically and react to the changing domestic and international business environment. Therefore, the goal of the Marketing and International Commerce Programme is to prepare marketing and international commerce specialists of high qualification who, having mastered the most recent marketing theories and methods, are able to analyse tendencies and changes in the market independently, follow and evaluate scientific innovations, as well as apply the knowledge for the development of organization marketing management. Competencies: - Competence to analyse the business environment; - Competence to assess the business environment changes and their influence on the decisions of the organization; - Competence to apply methodological research methods of marketing problems; - Competence to make decisions relating to the marketing problems; - Competence to apply theoretical knowledge for marketing management solutions; - Competence to perform external and internal marketing audit; - Competence to see, evaluate and analyse the processes in business environment; - Competence to prepare marketing strategy; - Competence to select and apply pricing methods, corresponding with the specificity of business organization and considering environment tendencies; - Competence to organize and manage the supply chain; - Competence to evaluate cultural differences of countries‘ economic systems and apply corresponding decisions; - Competence to prepare and implement strategic marketing plans; - Competence to adapt to external changes and manage internal changes; - Competence to describe and manage processes in business structures; - Competence to analyse and evaluate development tendencies with regard to respectful markets and individual potential; - Competence to prognosticate changes in domestic and international markets. Career Opportunities Graduates of Marketing and International Commerce Programme will be able to: - continue studies in management and administration doctoral programmes, as well as in other doctoral programmes of social sciences area; - work as marketing managers and heads of marketing departments in domestic and foreign companies; - work as foreign companies‘ market/product managers; - work in the organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Customs Department, as well as in other state and business organizations; - work in international commercial organizations; - offer consultancy service to organizations solving marketing and international commerce problems; - establish private business effectively; - work as hired consultants in business consulting firms or establish personal consulting firm. [-]

Own University Master's Degree In Management And International Trade

Vértice Business School
Online Part time 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Madrid Málaga + 1 more

Own University Master in Management and International Trade is a taught by the University of Malaga in collaboration with Vertex Business School and has 60 credits program. [+]

Masters in Commerce in Europe 2017. The Master in Management and Commerce International Documentary Vertex Business School has a high professional interest. With a practical approach, it has been specially designed to acquire a global vision of the company and its environment, as well as the knowledge, skills and management tools necessary to successfully meet the necessary openness of companies to foreign markets. Students who attend our programs, learn to face the different challenges that a business is when you start its internationalization strategy further expand their networking with professionals from other companies and end acquiring a personal differentiation, which facilitates employability, and improving their career. GOALS Acquire a comprehensive strategic vision of the company on a global and international context, allowing align strategic objectives and operational objectives of the different areas that make up the company. To train students to design and implement a plan of internationalization, studying the possible strategies to penetrate new markets. Knowing the advantages of internationalization, and acquire the knowledge and skills of operating in international markets, to develop in them effectively. Understanding the international border management and its importance. Identify risks for companies in import and export operations and analyze the different possible coverage. Analyze the cultural, social, political, legal and economic peculiarities find the company in its internationalization. Provide students with guidelines and interpersonal skills and knowledge necessary for good decision making, promote teamwork and conflict management in the company from a professional and ethical perspective. Methodology Our methodology ONROOM creates an environment of active, next, flexible and participatory learning virtual campus, with constant support and personalized follow. The versatility of educational resources attached to the friendliness of the campus, make Vertex Business School, the best choice for your training and professional development. Our methodological resources: Teacher instructional videos on different subjects Videoconferencing and Master Class with experts recognized in the field. Manuals with the content of each subject Thematic discussion forums Activities and Case Studies Online assessment tests Master final project. Career prospects Expert / a in international trade companies that want to expand internationally. Consultant / a strategy and internationalization Responsible for international marketing Commercial director of import / export Entrepreneur. Creation and development of their own business project Director / a sales management and expansion International markets analyst at market research companies. Expert / a in international trade for e-commerce companies. Provisioning and logistics coordinator. Executive foreign trade Delegate Sales Technical Sales area import / export Client Manager Foreign Trade Assistant Trade and International Marketing [-]

Master's In International Trade In Wine And Spirits

The School of Wine & Spirits Business - Burgundy School of Business
Campus Full time September 2017 France Dijon

We are looking for candidates or candidates with a passion for wine and ready to fully invest in its promotion and marketing in France and abroad. If you recognize yourself in its ambitions, join us. [+]

Choosing the Specialized Master in International Trade in Wine and Spirits Group ESC Dijon, This is part of a network of over 500 professionals in 25 years built around the same passion, It's become immersed in the professional world by meeting the best experts in the framework of courses and seminars but also going to meet the best examples of success and professionalism during the 5 weeks of study tours (free of charge ). This is at the heart of the action and the concerns of the sector to facilitate access to the workplace (as of June of training the majority of students includes a VIE, a CDD or CDI) It is the skills necessary to work internationally through knowledge products, industry players and market approach methodologies, It is developing a dual competence Product- market with a solid education in oenology, viticulture, sensory analysis, viticulture geography, product knowledge and sales management skills and marketing know-how guaranteed by a Grande Ecole de Commerce, This is the opportunity to attend training full time or part time, It is also an opportunity to share his experience with a diverse group given the backgrounds of the participants (1/3 of foreign students, professionals 1/3, 1/3 technical training, business training 1/3; 1/3 humanistic education: languages, law ...) It is an experience in the heart of Burgundy with an opening on all the vineyards of France and the World. Finally it is to choose a course recognized by enterprises (over 200 jobs and internships sent to alumni network each year) and proven over 20 years. We are looking for candidates or candidates with a passion for wine and ready to fully invest in its promotion and marketing in France and abroad. If you recognize yourself in its ambitions, join us. Educational approach of the Specialized Master in International Business of Wines and Spirits Two skills with managerial and product viticulture training, oenology, sensory analysis and tasting training in marketing, international business, network management, vineyard management and economics Understanding, knowledge of industry in France and in the various producing and consuming countries, knowledge of operators and markets an update of knowledge through wide participation of professional speakers in constant contact with the markets Operational training that puts the student in contact with the reality of the sector through regular exchanges with the companies: during study trips when working to achieve during the school year when put into practice: courses, assignments ... A serious training that is based on the requirements of a Grande Ecole developing knowledge (450 hours of training + 5 weeks of study tours) expertise: mobilizing knowledge enables rapid integration of students in various positions expertise be tailored to sector companies expert and qualified teaching staff in the field of wine and spirits with a team of permanent teachers and professors experts Training that builds on the expertise of the Wine Management Institute a diversified training offer (over 200 people trained in different courses) research teams in the field of consumer behavior, innovation, entrepreneurship and cluster an incubator for projects to accompany participants A pedagogy that is based on a skills approach Building up the approach developed by Skills for Business® ESC Dijon group can build a career plan based on existing skills and competency framework validated by professionals coaching in skills acquisition is conducted throughout the training A recruitment that promotes formation of a group "multicultural" to a true "cross-fertilization" between students The diversity of backgrounds is an essential part of the training, students share their experiences, their knowledge, their network, their ways. Group life during the seven months training in Dijon, group work on projects, study tours help to forge strong bonds. An entrepreneurial orientation Entrepreneurship is the heart of the educational process with many projects promoting creation initiatives the ability to integrate during or after training the incubator: the Incub 'wine An important contact with the profession 5 weeks of study tours for full time and 5-week seminar for part time experiential seminar in Cahors (for a week students live among wineries and participate in the discussion of the future of the appellation) broad participation of professional training in courses, conferences ... The strengths of the training A citation which ensures the support of a network of graduates engaged in the sector both in France and abroad A recognition of training by professionals and media A quick dip in the sector Dual expertise to deal with the intelligence of the wine market Training that follows the changing needs of business through a watch and an original approach An opportunity to follow training in full time or part time A part time training in Paris located for accessibility and rapid integration The resources and expertise of a Great Business School and a dedicated Institute: Institute of Wine Management Sectoral approach Knowledge of vineyards Difficult to know all the wines, all the names, all producers, but to locate the products they have to sell the part that we want to export form must know the main vineyards. This knowledge is possible thanks to the interventions of interprofessional, presentations of market experts, wine tours, the students' personal work (WSET, reading the trade press, exchanges between students from different regions and countries ...) The world's leading vineyards: the forces involved French vineyards The Italian vineyard The Spanish winery Other European vineyards The vineyards CEEC US wineries Australian vineyards Chilean vineyards Argentine wineries The vineyards of South Africa The vineyards of New Zealand But also knowledge: spirits fortified wines. Knowledge of the industry INAO and appellations of origin Market organization and stakeholders Large groups of wines and spirits in France and in the world The main brands and products The strategies of directors Market Approach to international markets Market knowledge International exchanges Socio-demographic, economic and cultural characteristics of the main markets The different distribution channels abroad The different modes of implementation: subsidiary, agency, importer ... Aids and export support: agencies, administrations ... [-]

MBA+MMK - MBA y Máster en Dirección comercial y marketing

CEUPE - Centro Europeo de Posgrado y Empresa
Campus Full time September 2017 Spain Madrid

El programa MBA + MMK con su doble posgrado Master en Dirección Comercial y Marketing supone el aunar un programa generalista y fuertemente valorado por perfiles de dirección. [+]

Masters in Commerce in Europe 2017. El programa MBA + MMK con su doble posgrado Master en Dirección Comercial y Marketing supone el aunar un programa generalista y fuertemente valorado por perfiles de dirección, con otro programas master de especialización que supondrá dar cobertura como profesional de las necesidades que toda empresa tiene en áreas estratégicas de marketing y ventas como: agencias de marketing, consultoras de investigación de mercados, agencias de publicidad, departamentos de marketing y ventas. De igual manera está pensado para empresarios o emprendedores que deseen además de fortalecer sus habilidades directivas el profundizar en la rama de dirección comercial y marketing empresarial. El MBA – Master en Dirección y Administración de Empresas es por excelencia el programa máster de posgrado que más implantado está a nivel internacional en escuelas de negocios y universidades de todo el mundo. La idiosincrasia de su contenido, el objetivo para el que se concibió y los excelentes resultados aportados han dado lugar a que sea altamente valorado por las empresas siendo sin lugar a dudas el perfil más demandado y con mayor índice de empleabilidad. [-]

Masters Degree In Business Management And Markerting

Online Full time 840 hours Open Enrollment Spain Madrid

The Master in Business Management and Marketing puts at your hand knowledge on key trade negotiation techniques and marketing strategies, among others. [+]

Certified by the University of Burgos through its Foundation. The Master in Business Management and Marketing puts at your hand knowledge on key trade negotiation techniques and marketing strategies, among others. Thanks to this online master will deepen in consumer purchasing decisions emphasizing the different essential types of customers. You also know the techniques of sales and after sales, analysis of results and treatment should dispense your sales management team to optimize the results of your company to the fullest. Objectives: In less than a year, our students will be credited with the Diploma of Master in Business Management and Marketing, and will be able by themselves: Know in detail and practically the most advanced techniques of Marketing and Business Management. Carrying Production Control by Objectives most important department of any company. Running a specialist in Marketing, able to take full strategic responsibility for the company team. Establish and run a commercial network in any geographic area with guarantees. Knowing from the point of view of practical application training, motivation and evaluation of its network. Designing control systems and resource optimization results. recipients: The Master in Business and Marketing is aimed at: Marketing Directors, Sales Directors and Heads of Sale. Consultants and trainers. Staff departments Marketing and trade. And in general, all those interested in the world of Marketing and Business Management a. agenda: Volume I. Commercial Management and Technical Sales 1 Volume II. Commercial and Technical Sales 2 Volume III. Management and Sales Management Team Volume IV. Communication Techniques Volume V. Trade Negotiations Volume VI. Marketing Management 1 Volume VII. Address Marketing 2 Volume VIII. Marketing strategies Volume IX. Quality, Service and Support Volume X. Merchandising Volume XI. Commercial and Corporate Standards 1 Volume XII. Commercial and Corporate Standards 2 Volume XIII. Foreign trade Volume XIV. telemarketing Volume XV. Marketing and New Technologies Volume XVI. Management Accounting and Cost Terms You will receive the access codes within 24 hours of registration. In case of delayed payment, the second installment is payable within 30 days of enrollment, and the third at 60. [-]

Gmcm - Master In Business Management And Marketing

ISEAD Business School
Online Part time 13 months October 2017 Colombia Bogotá Spain Madrid USA Miami + 4 more

This program provides the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for effectively develop business and marketing efforts that require companies. [+]

The Master in Business Management and Marketing provides the skills and precise theoretical to effectively develop business and marketing efforts that require businesses: consumer awareness, competitive advantage, positioning, channel, etc.


Addressed to

Professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge in the area of ​​Marketing with the aim of: - Develop a career in a marketing department companies products or services to the consumer. - Getting into the new approaches and techniques Marketing for eventual specialization in one of these areas for the future.

Case Method

Methodology: Online

Duration: 730 hours of training (12 months)

... [-]

Specialty Sales And Marketing Organization

Formato Educativo
Online & Campus Combined Part time 6 months September 2017 Spain Madrid

Aimed at Latin American professionals in order to provide knowledge management and immediate practical application in their professional activity and in particular [+]

Gadex Program. Specialty Sales and Sales Organization Aimed at Latin American professionals in order to provide knowledge management and immediate practical application in their professional activity and in particular executive management, and human linkages, cultural professionals and between professionals and American and Spanish companies.

Requirements - Higher degree or professional experience that guarantees a level of responsibility and a sufficient applied knowledge of the subject of the Master. - Be a citizen of a country in Latin America (including Spain).

Duration Number of hours: 425 hours of effective training include:

 ... [-]

Master's Degree In International Trade And Economic Relations

Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM)
Campus Full time 9 months September 2017 Spain Alcobendas

For professionals of the new millennium await different and changing challenges, how to prepare also had to change. With an innovative training pursuing their personal and professional development. [+]

Masters in Commerce in Europe 2017. For professionals of the new millennium await different and changing challenges, how to prepare also had to change. With an innovative training pursuing their personal and professional development. Methods based learning and learning by doing coworking. HUB itself to developing real business ideas. Faculty who are recognized professionals. Collaboration with companies focused on innovation in their sector. training model of the European University, with special focus on skills development. Master's Degree in Trade and International Economic Relations First Official Master taught in Spain; further it is including the Invictus module work in the development of management skills, in which decision-making processes are simulated. It also includes an international stay of 7 days, visiting various European bodies. The master has two strategic partners of reference: Insurance Company Export Credit (CESCE) and the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. WHY STUDY IN THE EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY The rate of employability of our graduates is much higher than those of the current job market: "95% of our students find employment in the first year after completing their studies," in places like Mary Angeles Sánchez Ortega, Head in Central Region IDOM. We have agreements with more than 3,500 companies to offer more internship to our students and our graduates employment. leading companies in their sectors such as Acciona, Movistar, BMW Ibérica, Vodafone, Sony Spain, Bp Oil, Iveco Spain, Airbus Spain, Endesa, Ferrovial, Sacyr, etc. We provide a comprehensive, international university education, designed to help students adjust to the workplace and personal development. Our fundamental principle is academic quality, which reinforced with practical classes and use the latest technology in the classroom. The faculty is highly qualified and has extensive teaching experience, professional and research that enriches the education and training of the student. We are part of Laureate International Universities, a global leader in higher education, with over 1,000,000 students in 80 institutions in 28 countries. This schools network power your international presence, facilitating your trip abroad exchange programs. [-]

Master in Administration & Management of Commercial Bussiness

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
Campus or Online Full time Part time 9 months November 2017 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The Master in Administration and Management of Commercial Businesses and Distribution has an academic value of 60 credits ECTS, including 15 credits that consist of a monitored business project. [+]

The Master in Administration and Management of Commercial Businesses and Distribution has an academic value of 60 credits ECTS, including 15 credits that consist of a monitored business project. Why study this course? You will have an opportunity to achieve strategic positions in a company, such as General Management, Commercial Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Trade Marketing, Key Account Manager, Category Manager, etc. You will advance in your professional career due to acquisition of knowledge, concepts and experiences that will provide you with more confidence and certainty in making decisions that influence the global strategy of the company. You will develop your leadership abilities and at the same time will learn to harmonize them with value generation, social responsibility and ethical compromise. The Master program offers an opportunity to obtain an internship in various companies and institutions. Benefits You will improve your professional perspectives of obtaining a management position. You will live a unique experience of consolidating acquired knowledge with an integral learning process that complements team work with case solving and a final thesis project. You will set out on new professional and personal tracks due to our learning system that is closely related to current business reality and global vision dynamics. You will also have the opportunity to train on the campus of International Excellence of UAB and share experiences with other international students that select our programs to complete their training. Why do we offer you credibility? We are endorsed by a solid trajectory of programs of Business Management and International Marketing of 15 years. You will be enrolled in a Master program of the Masters in Marketing, Commerce and Distribution of the UAB that obtained the quality certification ISO 9001: 2008 and the UNE 66181 of virtual education. Masters programs of the Masters in Marketing, Commerce and Distribution of the UAB are listed among the best in Spain according to the prestigious ranking of the newspaper “El Mundo”. The UAB is ranked the 1st among Spanish universities and is one of the 200 best universities of the world according to the results of QS World University Rankings. Objectives To provide our students with a high level education of the best quality. To develop ethically and effective a strategic vision, to provide innovation. To train people who can lead business projects in companies of different sectors and sizes, both national and international. To promote personal and professional growth by motivating our students to surpass intellectual challenges outlined in the Master course. Methodology A student enrolled in the Master program attends classroom classes in the Campus of Excellence of the UAB. Every class has a theoretical part and a practical part. The method of case studies is applied within the learning process in order to develop the decision-making abilities of the student. The learning process is reinforced by broad knowledge and experience, both in academic and business spheres of the teaching staff. Through simulation games, students face business problem situations for which team work is essential. Our students receive tutoring support within the whole learning process, from the beginning to the development of a thesis project. Our students can profit from high technology tools that support their course of studies, such as the Moodle platform that allows them to access a virtual campus on which they can share their acquired knowledge and engage in further discussions to deepen their theoretical and practical understanding of the contents of the Master. Classroom classes are complemented with online modules through our own methodology of 4-learning. In some cases, our students can get access to additional sessions, recorded with the latest technological systems and stored in the Mediateca section. [-]

Master In International Business

ESde Business School
Online Full time 1 year November 2017 Spain Valencia

The online Master in International Business ESDE Business School is designed to train professionals internationally oriented, capable of managing companies in the process of internationalization or current operation abroad, which dominate financial and strategic environments for sound decision-making and organizational direction. [+]

Masters in Commerce in Europe 2017. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The internationalization of companies and their establishment in foreign markets is a result that globalization has brought, due to increasingly segmented and competitive markets. It is essential to manage and direct the use of information technology, addressing the expansion of operations and implement an organizational culture change, to strengthen the strategy in emerging and global markets. The online Master in International Business ESDE Business School is designed to train professionals internationally oriented, capable of managing companies in the process of internationalization or current operation abroad, which dominate financial and strategic for sound decision-making and organizational management environments. The objective of the program is that the professional master the skills to successfully perform a task management, assessment and evaluation of organizations in international environments. Apply the acquired knowledge in new and changing environments enhancing competitiveness in international markets. Integrate knowledge and make judgments in the field of business management in international environments, from the information available. Generate reflections on the legal, economic, social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments. Career Outlook: Import and export companies. International banking. manufacturing and services. International shipping companies. Multinational companies. regulators. technology sector. International logistics management companies. International trading companies. Consulting firms. Infrastructure management. Small and medium businesses. multilateral institutions. Non-governmental organizations. QUALIFICATIONS AND CURRICULUM The materials that make up the curriculum of the Master in International Business Business School ESDE are distributed as follows: International Business Management Integration and international economic environment This course focuses on the analytical approach to global business environment. As a student actively learn through case studies, problem solving and applications of concepts. The course gives you the opportunity to develop skills and country comparative analysis; understanding of the most important macroeconomic indicators; evaluation of the main risks management and identification of business opportunities. E Innovation International Business In this module you will examine the factors that enable companies to obtain and maintain competitive advantages in the international environment, through the identification of opportunities, capacity building and development of new technologies and forms of organization. Global Marketing The subject of Global Marketing aims to offer an analytical and conceptual framework aimed at decision-making and the development and implementation of marketing programs worldwide. Issues such as the ability to internationalize, the selection of foreign markets, the development of global marketing program and implementation and control of global marketing program will be covered in the course. International Financial Management We provide a basic understanding of international finance and basic choices of the financial management of companies in global markets. You know the responsibilities of CFOs of multinationals or companies with multinational subsidiaries, suppliers or international product markets. Cross-Cultural Management The course is designed to develop as a global business leader. You will cover the main management issues for companies doing business internationally. International Trade Management Strategies Global E-Business Here is an overview of the management of e-business in a globalized world economy. Topics covered include technologies that support e-commerce; different models of e-commerce and applications; security issues; electronic payment systems; legal and ethical issues; global issues in the digital management; design and implementation issues and strategy for implementing e-business. Global Entrepreneurship You will learn the tools necessary for a complete understanding of the process of entrepreneurship in global markets. The course focuses on the recognition and the search for global business opportunities, evaluating the viability of new businesses and learn to handle growing business. International trade management Trade management is the key international activities, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This course covers the theory and practice of managing imports and exports. The main topics covered are business planning, management of intermediaries (including legal aspects) and risk and financial management. Global Supply Chain Management In this course you will develop the ability to conceptualize, design, and implement supply chain in line with the characteristics of the product, the market and customers. you assess how information technology, dynamic markets and globalization are impacting on the strategies and practices of the supply chain, including logistics, digital coordination of decisions and resources, risk management and inventory, procurement and contracting supplier, product design and processes and revenue management. international trade negotiations You will understand the theory of bargaining as practiced in a variety of strategic and international stages. The goal is to help you feel more comfortable and confident with the negotiation process. The course is designed to be relevant to the broad spectrum of negotiation problems that managers face, but used specific examples of international strategy, such as mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. We will offer the opportunity to develop skills through experience and understanding trading on conceptual and analytical frameworks useful in the management of international trade. International Business Simulation The International Business Simulation is the subject of closure. We provide the opportunity to integrate the knowledge acquired during the course implementing international management, playing the role of a category manager for a major consumer products company. The simulation is done in English to add this language, which is essential in a competitive international business environment. Additional activities: "Trading with": The workshops "Trading with" address specific aspects of doing business or provide services in several regions of the world. Focus on the economic and cultural peculiarities of each society, cultures and subcultures and their impact on trade relations. The workshops also dealt with issues related protocols and business etiquette, as well as the ease of doing business in those regions. Specific topics covered are, regional trading blocs, the advantages and challenges of doing business in those countries, guidance for investors and entrepreneurs, case studies, etc. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS To access the master's teachings will be necessary to hold a university degree. They will be accessible to graduates from outside the European educational systems without the approval of their titles, after verification by the University. Admission requirements In the event that demand exceeds the supply of places, the Academic Committee will review the resumes of the candidates in order to decide whether it is relevant or not to grant the right to registration, in accordance with the income profiles and training requirements previous set. For such a case, the Commission shall establish a ranked list of merits of the candidates according to the following criteria: Academic record (50%) Professional experience (10%) additional training (30%) Knowledge of languages ​​other than the mother tongue (10%) will have preference in qualifying English over other languages. The Commission may also carry out a personal interview with the candidate, if it deems it necessary. [-]