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The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. They can provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. They are also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.

A discipline of professional engineering, civil engineering has to do with designing, constructing and maintaining manmade structures such as dams, canals and roads. The term “civil” is used to distinguish this field from military engineering.

Germany is a great destination for international scholarsand has a high quality higher education system. The value of this level of education has been improved by the Germany's strong economy. Foreign students enjoy excellent living standards in a secure and safe surroundings. Berlin is the capital.

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Master Project Management (civil Engineer (-in))

Hochschule Biberach University Of Applied Science
Campus Full time 3 semesters October 2017 Germany Biberach

The execution of projects in the planning and execution is for some years in a change that will further strengthen this according to experts. [+]

Masters in Civil Engineering in Biberach in Germany. The Project manager (-in) / Civil Engineering (-in) (Master) The execution of projects in the planning and execution is for some years in a change that will further strengthen this according to experts. The trend is towards a holistic management of projects transferred increasingly general planners, contractors and -übernehmern. Both the economic and technical success of the projects is increasingly dependent on the management and control of the actors concerned. These tasks are increasingly outsourced to external or internal company project manager / managers. Due to the increasing complexity of projects in this day and age, this means that a well-functioning project management makes an increasing contribution to the project success. For such services job in construction, as well as in industry, more skilled project managers are always needed. Career Options As a project manager (-in) / Civil Engineering (-in) (master) is to achieve a leadership position in the first place. Construction management, construction supervision, work planning and project control u. a the activities that can be applied to a variety of employers. In addition to building contractors, project control, engineering and planning agencies, including local, state and federal authorities to potential employers. Thanks to the interdisciplinary training are a project manager (-Innen) in other trades welcome workers. The automotive industry, utilities and waste management companies, event management are just a part of the many alternatives to the construction industry. - Construction Manager / in - Surveyors / r - Advisor / in real estate industry - Facility Manager / in - water pollution control officer / r - Engineer / in - Construction - Engineering / in - building / facility management - calculator / in - / in - work preparation - Property Manager / in (real estate) - Process Manager / in - Environmental Management Officer / r Career opportunities The number of vacancies for engineers is always risen in recent years. Given the chronic shortage of skilled workers in Germany, the longer-term outlook could hardly be better. "A degree in engineering is now almost a guaranteed job," said Willi Fuchs of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Especially in the construction industry, the demand for young engineers since 2005 no longer be covered (statistics of the German construction industry). Will be looking for the company, according to a report by the employment agency Adecco, reinforced engineers in the field of project management. Technical knowledge coupled with extensive management skills is the sought-after training constellation. At this skills shortage is unlikely to change much in the future. Although the number of graduates in engineering rises again, but the increasing demand therefore can not long be covered. Yet this is, according to Fox, the average age of the engineers at 50 years. This leads to the conclusion that in the next 10 years, about 450,000 engineers will retire. But more and more companies are looking globally deployable staff. Motivated young professionals and managers have a good chance to be at the beginning of the career come true from abroad the dream. For many engineers of "think outside the box" is a career boost. To abroad to work, you have to apply directly there, not necessarily. Working Without Borders also offer many companies based in Germany. In view of the defendant engineering defect, the industry is looking increasingly women and sees in them a tremendous talent reserve. To more and more young women to inspire a technical study of governments, companies and associations have the "Girls Day" was launched. These efforts seem already to bear fruit. So is the proportion of women, according to a report by the Federal Employment Agency, architects and civil engineers in 2010 at 27%. This is the time when the construction industry was considered an exclusively male domain, probably over. Master Key data Study Process The Master course Project Management (Construction) comprises three semesters, the third semester of the Master's thesis is provided. Upon successful completion of all module / module part examinations and the master thesis the Biberach University awards the Degree Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) To qualify for promotion. Survey Qualifications Master: In order to study at Biberach University project management master's degree in the following conditions are required: a first qualifying, baubezogener degree with a minimum grade of "good" or relevant work experience Successful passing of the selection procedure with selection interview (information on the selection you can find in the articles of Biberach University by the University's own competitions master's degree in Project Management (Construction) with Advanced Degree examination (Master of Engineering)) Application: The complete application for admission must for the summer semester until the 15th January for the winter semester until the 15th July at Biberach University received (preclusion periods). Please apply as early as possible so that any discrepancies can be resolved in time before the application deadline. * LINK * Starting date: By registering as a student (enrollment) the bidder / applicant is a member of the university. The deadline for enrollment is given in the letter of acceptance. For enrollment the documents listed in the letter of acceptance is required. Compulsory course (1st - 2nd semester): On the basis of the bachelor project management / civil engineering, the teaching of the Master program taught in the compulsory study in-depth content modules listed below: The compulsory study in the first two semesters Master (summer semester or WS) includes the following module blocks: -social competence -contracts and administrative -Wirtschaftslehre for PM -Organization -Dates costs These blocks are subdivided each version in submodules. Elective modules: In addition to the modules of the scope of duty, students choose from elective courses from the two specializations infrastructure construction and structural engineering. The elective modules can be combined from the two focal points. This focus modules include the application of skills and infrastructure Structural engineering and both semesters of practical pilot projects or Seminars accompanied. Throughout the course, as many elective modules must be shown that the sum of the credits for the core program, the Master's thesis and elective modules 90 credit points (ECTS) results. Degree (Master's thesis): The program is the Master's thesis and the subsequent colloquium in. 3 Semester completed. Upon successful completion of all module / partial module examinations and the Master thesis, University of Biberach gives Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.). This degree qualifies for promotion. [-]

Master Degree Program Civil Engineering

Hochschule Biberach University Of Applied Science
Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time 3 semesters October 2017 Germany Biberach + 1 more

The master's degree Civil Engineering at Biberach University developed and supplemented in the bachelor predominantly technical content through management components, project management and through applied Bauinformatik, infrastructure programs calculation and finite element methods. [+]

​The Master's program in Civil Engineering at the Biberach University developed and supplemented in the bachelor predominantly technical content through management components, project management and through applied Bauinformatik, infrastructure programs calculation and finite element methods. The scientific study of special technical content is supported through close collaboration with the interdisciplinary institutes Biberach University. Here, the focus according to the majors of the preceding bachelor's or graduate training (eg: Structural Engineering, Transportation, hydraulic), inclinations or professional experience are set differentiated. In order to allow the standing in the professional engineer or civil engineer part-time Master's degree, e-learning components and block courses are provided. Why Master? Civil engineers take on tasks and responsibilities in all areas of our everyday technological environment. They plan, design, build and maintain buildings and facilities of all kinds; develop materials and components, construction and method of operation, calculation methods and software; organize, calculate and monitor processes and procedures. The training requirements of modern civil engineering are just as varied and increasingly complex; the place of the classical architect is now the "high-tech engineer" resigned. With so many practical problems in civil engineering with additional technical and managerial skills and key management techniques are required. This is provided at Biberach University master's degree in "Civil Engineering". The course content is practical and oriented to the versatile, specific requirements in one of the largest professional fields worldwide. Master Key data Structure / process of the Master Program The master's program is modular and consists of attendance phases (block courses, etc.) and controlled domestic contribution (e-learning). Lectures and seminars are held on Saturdays in part. Thus, the master's degree is also part-time possible. Each winter semester starts a new master's degree program. However, the course can be started either in the winter semester or the summer semester. The students in the summer semester can be integrated without loss of time in the current module. The standard period of study including the Master Thesis 3 semesters and ends with the academic degree of Master of Civil Engineering (M.Eng.). For that master's degree student receives 90 ECTS. As a prerequisite for the Master's degree in Civil Engineering proof of a bachelor's degree or diploma statements with above average examination results in the study of civil engineering is to provide a domestic or foreign university or a recognized equivalent degree than at the level of at least three years of study. Teaching content / priorities The training is designed so that both graduates can attend the "structural engineering" and the "Water and transport". The curriculum of the Master program "Civil Engineering" at Biberach University are taught on the basis of multi-layered specific issue positions of a real large-scale project. Here, for a selected topic (eg airports, exhibition, infrastructure projects) Planning Basics analyzed and optimized solutions. In addition to technical issues and economic, environmental and legal decision parameters are taken into account. In key stages of their studies, knowledge transfer takes place through close links with companies and government agencies. For example, accompanied in collaboration with renowned software companies specialized courses in applied Bauinformatik and finished with certificates and programming techniques taught. A separate course "Business English" and various excursions round off the range of topics. What specific curriculum waiting for me in the master's program? The building and planning technical knowledge from the Bachelor studies are deepened project-related master's degree in "Civil Engineering" and expanded. The following contents are included: - Construction or planning technical analysis, design and construction - Innovative Technologies - Applied Construction Informatics: u. a IT in the infrastructure sector, finite element methods (FEM), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Programming - Scientific development of specific technical issues in collaboration with the interdisciplinary institutes Biberach University - Business components and Contract Law - Construction and Project Management - Business English Under the project management, other key qualifications for careers purchase. These include: - "Technically and methodological competencies": Methodological work, time management, presentation, moderation and negotiation techniques, media literacy - "Social-come unita tive skills": team work, people skills and leadership, motivation, communication [-]