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Business Studies

A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.

Business studies is an academic program that is designed for students wanting to learn more about how businesses are run. Courses may include more general topics or more specific ones to help prepare students for a particular career.

Education in the United Kingdom is a devolved matter with each of the countries of the United Kingdom having separate systems under different governments: the UK Government is responsible for England, and the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive are responsible for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, respectively.

London is the capital of UK, the most populous region and where royal family lives. It has the largest concentration of higher education in Europe with 412 thousand students at 43 universities.

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Master of International Business (MIB)

Hult International Business School
Campus 1 year August 2017 United Kingdom London

Based on our award-winning MBA curriculum, Hult’s one-year Master of International Business program will help you gain a global perspective of finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy. [+]

Part time Masters in Business Studies in London in United Kingdom. Gain a global perspective of finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy with our Master of International Business program. Based on our award-winning MBA curriculum, Hult’s one-year Master of International Business program will help you gain a global perspective of finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy. Locations Start your Master of International Business in Boston, San Francisco, London, or Dubai, then choose to explore any other two campuses as part of Hult's unique Global Campus Rotation. Your Master of International Business at a glance Who is this program for? Candidates who have recently graduated from university or college, as well as individuals with up to three years of work experience who want to gain a broad understanding in all areas of international business. What you’ll learn By the end of the Master of International Business program, you will have developed a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of global business. In addition, specializations will allow you to tailor the program to your individual and professional goals. There are six specializations to choose from—marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, family business, and business analytics. Why Hult? Only Hult enables you to combine your studies with immersive learning in up to three world-class cities with Global Campus Rotation. Plus, throughout your core studies, Hult takes you out of the classroom to help you learn the basics of strategy, management, and finance through experience. See classroom theories brought to life through on-site visits to companies, compete in complex computer-based simulations as the head of a new enterprise in a virtual marketplace, and learn from professors who themselves have years of business experience. Curriculum Based on Hult’s award-winning MBA curriculum, students benefit from a unique combination of business knowledge, professional skills development, and practical experience. Immersion Your Master degree program begins with a three-week Immersion. Immersion is the first course in all our Master degree programs and lays the foundations for a successful year. It is a combination of learning academic fundamentals, teamwork, and forging a sense of community among classmates.You will also have the opportunity to orientate yourself to life at Hult and your new home city. The Immersion course prepares you to develop into well-rounded business professionals over the duration of your program and provides the knowledge and skills required to apply a competency-based approach to leadership development. You'll end the course with a capstone simulation which introduces you to complex, integrated high-level business problems in a true-to-life team format. You'll develop and execute a corporate growth strategy, managing all functional areas of a business. Core courses For your first three modules, your core courses will focus on the basics of business theory—taught from a global perspective. You will then choose from six specializations to tailor your final two modules to your individual interests and career goals: marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, family business, and business analytics. Accounting International Marketing Global Economics Leadership Skills Capstone Simulation Financial Management Operations Management Global Strategy Hult Business Challenge Specializations Customize your Master program with specializations that allow you to tailor the program content to your personal and professional goals. In your final two modules, you can choose four elective courses from a wide range of topics. To be awarded a specialization, you must complete three of your four electives in your chosen specialization. Marketing Finance Entrepreneurship Project Management Family Business Business Analytics Practical application: Simulations & The Hult Business Challenge Applying business theory in realistic scenarios is central to all aspects of the Hult curriculum. Classes are enriched with practical application at every opportunity and skills are put to the test with both virtual and real-world projects. Career development Navigating an international job search requires an individual approach. At Hult, we are experts in international student placement and work one-on-one with you to craft a tailored career strategy. Career Fast Track The earlier you start your job search, the greater your chance of success. Our Career Fast Track program enables you to have everything in place so you can start applying for jobs as soon as you arrive on campus. Before you start your program at Hult, you'll have access to software that gives you a line-by-line resume review, webinars on resume writing, global market employment trends, and creating a targeted job-search strategy. So when you arrive on campus you can concentrate on your studies, networking opportunities, and begin your job search straight away. Line-by-line resume reviews Webinars on global employment trends, personalizing your job search, and how to get your resume to a globally competitive standard Interactive sessions with expert Careers Advisors Personalized support We work one-on-one with you to craft a tailored career strategy and give you the tools to execute it. Coaching Throughout your program, you'll attend workshops and coaching sessions to equip you with essential knowledge and skills in areas like LinkedIn optimisation, personal branding, negotiations, interview preparation, and job search strategy. Advice You'll be assigned a personal Careers Advisor who will work with you one-on-one to help you position yourself to enter your target location and industry. They can advise you on everything from visas to job applications and long-term career paths. You also have the opportunity to have an alumni mentor. Events There is a packed schedule of career events that bring companies on to campus to present, network, and recruit, as well as alumni mixers, expert guest speakers, and career open house events. Post-graduation Your career development doesn't stop when you graduate and neither does Hult's support. Constantly stay connected Your alumni network is one of your biggest assets, Hult Connect is an online portal that allows you to link with the 16,000 Hult alumni working in every major industry in every corner of the world. You'll also have access to our global job board so you can continue take advantage of our relationship with the world's top employers seeking talent. Hult's Alumni Mentorship Program provides you with an opportunity to be a part of coaching the next generation of leaders coming out of Hult. Hult Connect, the online portal for our 16,000+ alumni network Alumni Mentorship Program Global job board and networking events Lifelong education Change never stops, so your business learning shouldn’t either. We empower you to stay up-to-date with emerging trends by taking a complimentary elective each year for the rest of your life. One elective a year, on us. Most careers span decades and critical skills can change as you progress in seniority. The rapid pace of change also means future critical business knowledge might have simply been impossible to learn during your program. Before 2004 there was no Facebook or YouTube; neither the iPhone nor Airbnb existed prior to 2007; and yet understanding the impact of these innovations is critical for business success today. At Hult, you can refresh a skillset or get up to speed in a new business trend by enrolling in one elective a year at any of our global campuses. There’s a small registration fee, but the course is otherwise free of charge. Executive education options for life. Instead of studying an elective, every year Hult alumni can enroll in a range of leadership Summer Executive Education Programs at our historic Ashridge Estate campus in Berkhamsted, U.K. Courses feature a range of leadership and development programs, and are taught by experts with practical, theoretical, and commercial experience. There’s a small registration fee, but courses otherwise cost over $10,000 so the savings over time for Hult alumni are significant. Admissions & fees Hult takes a holistic approach to reviewing your application. In addition to academic achievement, we look for cultural awareness, leadership potential, and a drive to succeed. The option to earn a second Master degree in a further six months of accelerated study at our U.S. campuses Hult’s ambitious curriculum allows you to earn a one-year Master of International Business degree and a second Master degree in only 18 months.That means you can earn two degrees in the time it would take to complete one program at many traditional business schools. [-]

MSc International Management and Business Development

Glasgow Caledonian University, London (GCU London)
Campus 12 - 16 years January 2017 United Kingdom London

The MSc International Management and Business Development provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by managers operating in an international organisational environment as well as the strategies, policies and practices key to developing existing or new businesses in a responsible manner. [+]

Developed in response to the growth of globalisation, the programme advances your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in international management and business development, whilst developing your ability to adapt these across different cultural environments. The MSc International Management and Business Development provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by managers operating in an international organisational environment as well as the strategies, policies and practices key to developing existing or new businesses in a responsible manner. You will extend your knowledge and expertise in management and business development in an international arena through studying leadership and strategic development. You will also gain insight into the policies and techniques applicable to managing people and processes to deliver sustainable business performance. Central to the programme is the development of personal and professional competence with an emphasis on managing self and others, responsible leadership, cross-cultural awareness and global citizenship. The international aspect is essential and interwoven in all modules of the programme, addressing the ever-increasing global and intercultural aspect of organisations. The programme offers extending the knowledge in business development through developing competence in change management and entrepreneurship. The concept of business development within the programme includes both developing existing business (franchising, continuous improvement, internationalising etc.) and starting new business (entrepreneurship and start-ups). Professional Accreditations The course is accredited by a professional body; Chartered Management Institute (CMI). [-]

Master Design (MDes) Social Innovation

Campus Part time 1 - 2 years September 2017 United Kingdom London

The Master of Design in Social Innovation applies the lens of design thinking to address some of society’s most intractable social, environmental and economic challenges. [+]

Part time Masters in Business Studies in London in United Kingdom. The Master of Design in Social Innovation applies the lens of design thinking to address some of society’s most intractable social, environmental and economic challenges. Its focus is on the organisational models, methods and approaches needed to shape positive social change, sustainable growth and new business models. In the face of the promise of untold growth we are now confronted by a harsh reality: that in the second decade of the 21st century the traditional model of ‘business as usual’ is no longer viable. In applying a range of approaches to designing and prototyping social ventures and models of organisation, the MDes in Social Innovation will equip you with a practice-based approach to embedding innovation in the area of sustainability, community resilience, corporate social responsibility, venture philanthropy and organisational agility. Working with a cross- disciplinary team of professionals, the course will allow you to learn about radical ideas, evolve these ideas and test them in a ‘lived’ organisational environment. The MDes Social Innovation will demonstrate that many of the most successful designs, innovations and innovators have learned to operate across the boundaries between disciplines, sectors, organisations and traditional services. At its heart lie three design principles: an holistic approach - the need to approach innovation from a ‘holistic’ point of view, drawing on its potential impact in terms of people, technology, the environment, psychological and emotional meaning and long-term sustainability a core intent - the potential to develop a ‘core intent’ and value proposition to organisational models to stimulate commercial and brand value through interaction, social value, collaboration and ideas generation participatory and inclusive - the importance of developing social and environmental solutions ‘with’ and ‘by’ key stakeholders, customers/markets etc. and not simply ‘to’ and ‘for’ people. The course will develop your ideas and skills in people-centred and organisational leadership as a way of transforming the way that public, private and not-for-profit services are shaped using design thinking methodologies. [-]

Masters in Executive Coaching (AMEC)

Ashridge Executive Education
Campus Part time 2 years March 2017 United Kingdom London

The Ashridge Master in Executive Coaching (AMEC) is designed for those wishing to become an accredited coach. [+]

Become a professional executive coach, fully accredited and equipped with the latest knowledge in the field. Review and re-launch your practice, employ the best of your natural skills, learn about yourself as a coach through supervision and co-coaching, and meet some of the most experienced practitioners in the field.

Join us at an open day! Experience the programme, meet faculty and alumni. 

Develop your coaching and mentoring skills, either to integrate into your existing consultancy work or to create a solid foundation on which to build a coaching and consulting practice.


The programme takes a psychological perspective, which will deepen your and your clients awareness of self and the web of key relationships within the organisational context. The aim is to develop your ability to respond to, initiate and enable change through the coaching process.... [-]

Mastère de Spécialisation en Marketing

ESA Business School - Ecole Supérieure des Affaires
Campus 18 months October 2017 United Kingdom London

Train marketing and communication professionals to master and deepen their knowledge of the necessary theories and tools for the evolution of their functions. [+]

Part time Masters in Business Studies in London in United Kingdom. MSM: Mastère de Spécialisation en Marketing Specialized curriculum in Marketing Target: Holder of a master’s degree Minimum experience: 2 years Language: French Objective Train marketing and communication professionals to master and deepen their knowledge of the necessary theories and tools for the evolution of their functions. Two international diplomas Specialized Master in Marketing and Communication from the ESA Specialized Master in Marketing and Communication from ESCP Europe Course structure Duration: 18 months Courses are held one week out of every three, from Tuesday to Friday from 4:00 P.M. to 8.30 P.M. and on Saturday from 9:00 A.M to 1.30 P.M. An international seminar is organized in Brussels and London every year. Fees Tuition: 16500 USD (not covering the fees of the international seminar) [-]

CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM)

CEMS - The Global Alliance in Management Education
Campus 1 year September 2017 United Kingdom London

The CEMS MIM is a postgraduate, pre-experience degree open to a select group of students enrolled on a Master’s programme in one of 28 leading institutions [+]

CEMS MIM Master’s in International Management 

CEMS is a strategic alliance of business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM). The CEMS administrative officeis located on the HEC campus close to Paris, with the programme and corporate relations being managed by a dedicated team within each member school. You will find all CEMS member universities by using the keywords "CEMS" in the Master in Management Compasssearch engine or by clicking on the CEMS partners list below.

The CEMS MIM is a pre-experience postgraduate degree open to multilingual students enrolled in a Master's in Management program at one of the CEMS member schools. Students study at their home university for one semester and then spend a second semester at a different CEMS member school. Some students may even opt to take both semesters abroad, in two different schools (the “tri-national track”). Other key components of the course include: core courses in Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management, elective courses, skill seminars, business project and an obligatory international internship.... [-]

Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK
Campus 4 - 7 months March 2017 United Kingdom London

The Italian Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce the 19th edition of the Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management. The Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management aims to teach students various skills, such as professional ... [+]

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK is pleased to announce the opening of the application process for the 19th edition of the Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management. held in Central London.


The Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management is perfect for young talented individuals who want to grow professionally in this sector and one day manage their own hotel.


The Master is a vocational course, focusing on practice. Our students attend four intensive weeks of lectures (classes are all in English), followed by a three-to-six month placement in a prestigious hotel in London.




The Master in Hospitality and Hotel Management aims to teach students various skills, such as professional, methodological, problem-solving, social and management skills. The capability to respond with efficiency to a market constantly changing is nowadays a necessity for every manager. 90% of the students of previous intakes found a job within 3 months of the end of their training programme. ... [-]

Master in Global Innovation Design: London - New York - Tokyo

Royal College of Art
Campus 2 years July 2017 United Kingdom London

A unique, transnational Master’s design initiative that brings together three major centres of design, culture, enterprise and industry: London, New York and Tokyo. [+]

London – New York – Tokyo

Global Innovation Design (GID) is a new joint Master's programme between the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. It is a unique, transnational Master’s design initiative that brings together three major centres of design, culture, enterprise and industry: Europe, North America and Asia. The programme is a world-class design collaboration between four internationally renowned academic institutions. Each partner brings distinct expertise and complementary approaches to design, engineering, technology and business with an emphasis on internationally oriented design and innovation. GID offers a new global style of learning and unique educational and cultural experiences designed to meet the changing needs of enterprise in the twenty-first century. GID Master's students on the joint RCA/Imperial College programme study in New York and Tokyo during their first year and then in London for their graduation year. Graduates from the programme are expected to be central to innovation leadership in the twenty-first century. The programme is full time and runs over a period of two calendar years.... [-]

Advanced Master in Finance

ESCP Europe Business School
Campus 30 weeks January 2017 United Kingdom London


Part time Masters in Business Studies in London in United Kingdom. Studies at Paris and London campuses. Scientific Director: Prof. Philippe Thomas Objectives of the programme The MS Finance’s goal is to shape finance experts in corporate and market finance able to rapidly evolve in an international work environment. The full-time format of the programme allows after a short but dense education period to immediately access managerial and high-ranked positions in the finance world. Career opportunities Graduates work in all positions available in the world of finance: Sales, Traders, Market Makers, Structured Finance Equity Research Analyst, M&A Analyst, ECM, DCM, Private Equity, Leveraged Finance CFO, Consulting, Inspection Curriculum After a knowledge update in Maths and Accounting, the programme in structured in two terms. A combination of theory classes and of live practical cases: 8 week in Paris dedicated to core courses teaching fundamental finance tools Introduction to Finance Financial Economics Financial Analysis and Evaluation Mathematical Theory of Arbitrage Financial Theory Financial Decision Quantitative Methods and VBA 18 weeks (including 15 weeks on ESCP Europe London Campus) dedicated to one of two specialisations: Corporate Investment Banking Financial Markets Time spent on campuses 1 term in Paris – 1 term in London Class Profile Economics/Finance: 53% Business: 19% Engineering: 18% Law: 7% Other fields (Political and Life Sciences: 3% 36% international students 30% women, 70% men Language requirement French and English Duration 1 year (Start in September) Job Survey 78K€ is the average salary after the MS. Less than 3 months after graduation 79% are employed. 46% work outside of their country of origin. In which sector: Finance/Banking: 86% Others (Luxury, Consulting, Commerce/Retail, Auditing, etc.): 14% How to apply Online application TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS & GMAT, GRE OR TAGE MAGE score OR ESCP Europe written tests: General knowledge + English test Personal interview if eligible [-]

MSc International Economic Policy and Analysis

University of Westminster, Westminster Business School
Campus 1 year September 2017 United Kingdom London

This innovative course offers both MSc and MA streams. It has been designed to develop your ability to apply economic analysis to policy issues and business problems, which are often ambiguous and multi-faceted. [+]

This innovative course offers both MSc and MA streams. It has been designed to develop your ability to apply economic analysis to policy issues and business problems, which are often ambiguous and multi-faceted. Although there is a strong theoretical core, the course focus of the course is very much on the practical application of economic techniques to problems, and on developing the ability to communicate the insights that economic analysis can provide. The course has been created in conjunction with the Government Economic Service (GES) – a major employer of economics graduates in the UK. The University of Westminster is the only English university to have secured GES recommended status for a postgraduate course in economics. The course aims to provide you with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in economics, with a focus on practical skills and development of the skills needed by a working economist. It is specifically aimed at those with a genuine interest in the application of economics to real-world situations. As well as enhancing your ability to apply relevant economic principles in the support of policy and strategy development, the course aims to develop your ability to communicate complex issues to wide audiences, your awareness of significant sources of economic and financial data, the problems faced when carrying out policy evaluation and your capability for self-awareness and group working. Course content You will gain an understanding of the key concepts in economics that underpin public sector policy and business decision making. This includes the various scenarios where we explore opportunity cost, equilibrium and disequilibrium, strategic interaction, market failure and the related concept of externalities. You'll develop your analytical skills by applying these concepts to current challenges that face the profession, at both macro and micro levels, and in both private and public sectors. This will provide you with the latest insights drawn from both the academic and practitioner arenas. Around a common core of modules covering key theoretical and practical elements, the MSc stream offers the possibility of pursuing a course of study in economics with a greater quantitative focus, while the MA stream has a stronger international emphasis. Students on this course benefit from free access to part of the material on the course reading list and an online subscription to Financial Times. In addition, you will get exposure to a global network of professional economists through a free student membership to the Society of Business Economists. Core modules Economic Evaluation Project This module provides you with the framework within which to develop your full project (dissertation) from the proposal submitted as part of the Research Methods module. The majority of projects undertaken by MSc students would be expected to involve an empirical component and appropriate quantitative analysis. Projects undertaken by MA students are likely to be of a more applied nature, possibly issue or problem based. Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy This module reviews the historical evolution of macroeconomic policy and, through a review of the theoretical and empirical literature, develops the analytical framework of macroeconomics underpinning contemporary macroeconomic policy. Microeconomic Analysis and Policy You will review theoretical and empirical microeconomic approaches in order to shed light on business decision making and microeconomic policy in mixed economies. Research Methods This module aims to enhance your knowledge and competence of the research process, and the application of research methods in the area of applied economics. Strategy and Appraisal in Economics This module applies the theoretical tools, concepts and methodology of economics to private and public sector scenarios, with an emphasis on communicating and appraising policy and strategy options. International Economics This module offers a critical, theoretically informed, issue-based approach to the study of international trade and investment, finance, economic institutions, globalisation and economic integration. Managing Data The ability to access, manipulate and interpret data from a range of sources, both primary and secondary, is an essential skill for economists and business professionals. This module offers a practical introduction to relevant data sources and to the tools necessary to critically explore these sources. Option modules Development Economics and Policy By exploring the concepts and theories that have been developed and applied by economists to the study of the problems of developing countries, this module explores the implications for the framing of development policy. Global Financial Markets This module provides you with an in-depth understanding of the structure and operation of foreign exchange markets, financial instruments used in global markets and the operation of financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies expanding across a number of financial markets. Students on the MA stream may take another Westminster Business School postgraduate module, with the permission of the Course Leader. Course-specific entry requirements You should normally hold a first degree from a recognised institution (minimum Lower Second Class), or international equivalent. If your first degree is in Economics or a cognate discipline such as Business, Geography, Development Studies or Mathematics, a minimum Lower Second Class (or international equivalent) is acceptable. If you have a more general first degree you would normally require an Upper Second Class (or international equivalent). The University operates a system of awarding credit for accredited prior learning either through formal study (APL) or experience (APEL). If English is not your first language, you will need an IELTS score of 6.5, with a minimum score of 6 in each element. [-]

Master in International Business (MIB)

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Campus 2 years January 2017 United Kingdom London

GGSB provides students a comprehensive vision of global markets in order to match the current requirements of international firms. Graduates of the MIB gain both international business and management skills with a cross-cultural understanding of markets. [+]

Program description:

Classes are taught in English. Students may follow the program in Grenoble,Paris London, Berlin or Singapore.

One academic year (on campus) + Final Management Project (12 months)

Join a program into international reach, including the intercultural problems met by the managers of the whole world. This Master's degree is internationally recognized, and is exclusively taught in English. PROVIDE INTERNATIONAL VISION OF BUSINESS The mission of the Master in International Business program is to provide employers worldwide with interculturally aware graduates who have developed key skills and competencies in international business and management. The MIB provides a truly international and multicultural learning environment which makes its graduates very attractive to potential employers worldwide.... [-]

Master of Human Resource Management

London Graduate School of Management
Campus 18 months August 2017 United Kingdom London

This programme aims to provide students with core skills in human resource management in an international context. It is designed for students who are interested in all aspects of managing the workforce. [+]

This programme aims to provide students with core skills in human resource management along with an awareness' of current issues in leading and developing people in complex organisations. Those who take the course will be intending to pursue their career in human resource managements at high operational and strategic levels. Subjects studies include: Human Resource Management, Business Law, Business Financial Management, Marketing Management, Employment Law, Strategic HRM, Managing Organizational Development and Change, Corporate Communication, Negotiation and Decision Making, Intercultural Management Consumer Behaviour, Legal issues in HRM, Training and Development, International HRM, Recruitment and Selection, Crisis Management.... [-]

Master in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

Istituto Marangoni
Campus 1 year February 2017 United Kingdom London

The fashion promoter is a person who plans advertising campaigns and disposes the promotion of fashion products through suitable channels. He arranges presentations, events and catwalk shows [+]

Part time Masters in Business Studies in London in United Kingdom. The Course The Marangoni fashion master’s in fashion and luxury brand management is designed to develop the intellectual ability of the students through the understanding of the principles and practices of brand management and their application in connection with the fashion and luxury goods sectors. During the programme, aspects of economic management, productive and distribution channels of a brand will be explored, with the scope of encouraging the students to make a critical evaluation of the managerial environment and its purpose. The fashion brand manager is an increasingly sought-after figure within Italian and international fashion houses for their ability to work out creative solutions with the purpose of improving the management of a brand. They have the responsibility to define the style of a collection, identify the price range, the target and the market reference. Beyond checking on the development of new products, they also plan the promotion and sales avenues in collaboration with the style, production and marketing departments of luxury fashion. The expert fashion brand manager trained by the Marangoni school of fashion and design will be able to work in companies, consulting firms, trade associations and for various industries in fashion, luxury and lifestyle. The graduate will be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course in the field of marketing, communication and event planning, brand management, retail, visual merchandising, e-commerce and the search for new trends. Learning Outcomes critically analyze how different organizations in fashion and luxury goods manage their brands and their market offerings in order to compete in different market environments; evaluate the interrelationships between branding strategies and corporate strategies, business strategy and the functional strategies of an organization; develop systematic and creative solutions for a range of problems in the world of business and real management, taking into account theories, frameworks and practices relevant to the branding of luxury,fashion and brand management; assess how current issues including new technologies, and the changing role of the consumer and corporate social responsibility, have an impact on the competitive strategies of organizations involved in luxury goods and fashion; evaluate critically published work in the area of branding for fashion, luxury and brand management and then design and successfully implement a considerable amount of independent research. Course Themes managing fashion marketing luxury grand management brand strategy management contemporary aspects of fashion creativity and innovation of a product research methods final professional project * students who successfully complete the programmes taught in english in paris and london will be awarded with a masters degree by MMU (manchester metropolitan university). masters degrees include a 12/14 weeks work placement. 180 credits points are available in order to gain a masters degree upon successful completion of the course. all candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level); for further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office at the chosen campus. ** students who successfully complete the programmes taught in milano will be awarded with an istituto marangoni certificate. Locations London 03 feb 2014 - 29 may 2015 06 oct 2014 - 29 jan 2016 02 feb 2015 - 27 may 2016 Milan 03 feb 2014 - 26 sep 2014 06 oct 2014 - 05 jun 2015 02 feb 2015 - 25 sep 2016 Paris 06 oct 2014 - 29 jan 2016 [-]

International Master in Finance Brazil-Europe (IMF)

Nova School of Business and Economics
Campus 1 year January 2017 United Kingdom London

The International Master in Finance Brazil-Europe is a joint program offered by Nova School of Business and Economics and São Paulo School of Economics – Fundação Getulio Vargas. [+]

The International Master in Finance Brazil-Europe is a full-time one-year program that will allow you to master the financial techniques and tools sought by many financial institutions, companies, and public organizations. It combines a rigorous academic core of professors and researchers with tailored practical applications, designed in consultation with leading financial recruiters. The program will provide in depth knowledge in the areas of corporate finance, quantitative analysis, management of financial institutions and investment banking necessary to excel in today’s international financial markets. The International Master in Finance Brazil-Europe is a joint program offered by Nova School of Business and Economics and São Paulo School of Economics – Fundação Getulio Vargas, two highly regarded international business schools, with a proven track record in preparing specialized finance professionals. The International Master in Finance program was ranked #14 worldwide by the FT in the Masters in Finance 2015 list. [-]

Master's in Management

London School of Economics and Political Science
Campus 24 months August 2017 United Kingdom London

The Master’s in Management (MiM) is a 2-year programme designed for students with little or no prior experience in business or management. [+]

Part time Masters in Business Studies in London in United Kingdom. Master's in Management The Master’s in Management (MiM) is a 2-year programme designed for students with little or no prior experience in business or management, providing a route to transition into an outstanding management and leadership career. The programme provides a deep understanding of how markets and organisations work, and the environment in which business operates. Education is delivered in the form of a well-rounded training in both quantitative, analytical and numerical skills, and qualitative critical thinking, presentation and communication skills. The programme also incorporates practical employment experience in the form of a Master’s in Management Capstone Course (professional development programme and business consulting project), and a summer internship. This strong foundation of understanding, skills and practical experience makes our graduates highly sought-after by employers. We are the only programme in the UK to offer a dual degree with the prestigious CEMS Master’s in International Management programme, ranked #7 in the 2013 Financial Times European Master’s in Management Rankings. 2-year advantage The 2-year format of the programme allows students to train in the core foundations of management in their first year, and then develop their talent in a specialist area (or areas) of interest in their second year: Year 1: general foundations of management Year 2: specialise in your own area(s) of interest with training from world-class faculty in a range of subjects across the LSE, for example marketing, HR, finance, accounting, international management (spending a term abroad at a partner school), public sector management, organisational psychology, and a wide range of other areas. We believe the second year of the programme is fundamentally important to our Master’s in Management, as the specialisation in year 2 gives graduates an ‘edge’ over others with a more basic general training, when applying for jobs. Having a specialist area of expertise enables graduates to integrate more easily into a company (with the company needing to provide much less training and development to bring a new employee into a specific role). The second year of the programme essentially acts as a career ‘accelerator’, enabling our graduates to enter job roles at a more advanced level than they would with a non-specialist 1-year programme. Not a typical MiM A number of other Master's in Management programmes are available in London, the UK and the rest of the world. Our programme covers the typical subject areas essential to a high quality MiM, providing a standard of academic training recognised and valued by employers across the globe. However, our approach is different. We are a core department fully integrated into our leading university (ranked #2 in the world for social sciences and management), rather than a free-standing school of business or management. We apply the LSE’s tradition of academic excellence, critical thinking and analysis to the field of management, to get to the root of the social, political and economic structures in which global business operates. Rather than simply teaching current business frameworks and toolkits, we provide a deeper understanding of business in the real world context, and our graduates are capable of more than simply fitting in to the current business world – instead we provide them with the training to become innovative leaders driving positive change in business and society, and thriving with future challenges in the fast-changing world over a lifelong career. We believe this gives a tangible advantage to our graduates as they enter the job market. Key features of the LSE MiM 2-year programme enabling students from any background to transition into a management career Curriculum offers a wide range of optional elective courses from academic departments across the LSE, enabling a uniquely broad learning experience across a range of inter-connected disciplines Opportunity to specialise and customise your programme according to your own interests in year 2 Internationally diverse class based in the heart of London International study options with CEMS Master’s in International Management dual degree programme, or MiM Exchange term Tailored careers support and development of professional employment experience are provided with a professional development programme, summer internship and business project Key facts Degree: Postgraduate Master of Science Study mode: Full-time Duration: 24 months Class size: 120 Fees: £23,064 (first year only). Second year fees to be confirmed. Currently set at £24,976 for 2016/17 Financial support: Graduate Support Scheme and other scholarships. Admissions requirements: First or upper second class bachelor's degree in any discipline. Work experience: Anything from 3 months to 5 years is an advantage and should be explained in your personal statement and resume. GRE/GMAT requirement: Graduates of all non-UK institutions must submit a GRE or GMAT score. Application code: N1UH Application deadline: None, rolling admissions. However, early application is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. Employment statistics: 98% of students in work/further study 6 months after graduating. Median salary £35,000 Programme Director: Dr Sandy Pepper Related topics: Executive Global Master's in Management, MSc International Management, MSc Management & Strategy [-]