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Business Studies

A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.

Business studies is an academic program that is designed for students wanting to learn more about how businesses are run. Courses may include more general topics or more specific ones to help prepare students for a particular career.

Some of the best universities in Latin America are based in Brazil, a country that has more than 2,000 higher education institutions. Universities in Brazil can be divided up into the following classifications: Federal government managed universities; state government controlled universities; municipal government managed universities and private universities.

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Master In Business Management And Project Management

Grupo IOE
Online Part time September 2017 Brazil São Paulo

This program created with the aim of training in those subjects in which to specialize a financial controller: management control and cost accounting audit, treasury management and financial management. [+]

Best Part time Masters in Business Studies in Brazil. Continuous and increasingly rapid changes in the business environment (increased competition, the impact of new technologies, economic globalization ...) require strict control in the company. Therefore, today, one of the most popular places is the technical planning and internal control (or financial controller), a figure of great responsibility within the company. This program created with the aim of training in those subjects in which to specialize a financial controller: management control and cost accounting audit, treasury management and financial management. GOALS With this program, the aim is to equip participants personal and professional skills needed for effective project management and for effective business management skills. After this training, the participant must know and apply the different areas of the project manager: integration management, scope, deadline, cost, quality, human resources, communications, costs and risks and project procurement. With this, students will be able to overcome the PMI certification exams. [-]

Graduate In Marketing And Fashion Communication

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rio de Janeiro
Campus Part time 400 hours March 2017 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The course Postgraduate in Marketing and Communication IED Fashion Rio fashion professionals able to create and implement communication strategies and marketing from the perception of opportunities, combining the identity of the brands in contemporary marketing context. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS IN PORTUGUESE Taught Create and implement communication strategies and marketing from the perception of opportunities, combining the identity of the brands in contemporary marketing context. 3rd Panel and Mkt With Fashion Home: March Classes: Tuesday and Thursday - 19h30 to 22h30 Hours: 400 hours Portuguese language Description and Objectives: The course Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Communication IED Fashion Rio Professional way able to create and implement communication and marketing strategies from the perception of opportunities, combining the identity of the brands in contemporary marketing context. With emphasis on the Brazilian scene at its interface with the domestic and foreign markets and exploitation of segments - from production to consumption experience - the course offers courses that address the communication and marketing strategies, the fashion chain, behavior, innovation, retail, branding and creative economy, also featuring workshops conducted by professionals. Audience: Designers from all areas, professionals with training and a degree in fashion, textile, advertising, communication, journalism, marketing and related fields as well as people with experience in the fashion industry. Course topics: Cultural: Fashion systems, interfaces Contemporary Fashion, behavior and Innovation, Trends and New Scenarios, Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship; Chain and Fashion Market; Processes and Brand Management. Technique: Brand Management; Fashion Marketing Plan; Strategic Marketing; Finance; Registration Marks and Intellectual Property; Integrated communication; Communication plan; Fashion Communication. Projetual: Planning project Marketing and Communication. Final project creation in the fashion area of ​​marketing and communication exploring different languages, content and techniques. * The IED Rio reserves the right to postpone the course if you do not get a quorum. Coordination: Gláucia Centeno Gláucia Centeno is a journalist with training in fashion. Master in Communications from PUC-Rio, an expert on the history of Brazil by Candido Mendes University and Business of Film and TV FGV. Teaches in undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration, Communication and Design in institutions Cândido Mendes, Senai Cetiqt, UVA and Estacio. Coordinated the course of Fashion Design of Unipli by 2011 and the Fashion Center Estacio by 2006. Researcher in the areas of fashion, culture and identity, also served as manager of postgraduate courses in Behavior Research and Consumer Senai Cetiqt and Fashion Design distance at the same institution. Modules: Module 1 - 30H Seminars: 30H will be held debates on contemporary issues of market and encounters with cross-cutting themes to the postgraduate courses. Module 2 - 36H Marketing and Fashion Communication - concepts: 18H This course will discuss concepts, context and terminology relating to the areas of marketing, communication and fashion. Fashion Culture: 18H Discipline present systems and fashion phenomenon interfaces from different areas of knowledge, and fashion references regarding styles, contexts and markets. Also will address the relationship between fashion and different fields to create new discourses. Module 3 - 36H Chain and Fashion Market: 12H In this course, the student will contact the workings of the fashion chain and its specificities, the textile fiber the marketing of the product, through the spinning industry, weaving, production, finishing, beneficiamentos and distribution fashion product. Brand Management: 12H This course will present concepts of branding, as well as methods, practices and tools of management processes in relation to sub-brands and product lines that make up a fashion brand, highly relevant in the contemporary context elements. Meaning process in Fashion: 12H From the symbolic and communicative aspects of fashion-related objects; discipline will address the construction of meaning in the productive sphere and the subject-object relationship as well as production conditions, agents, contexts. Module 4 - 36H Behavior and innovation: 12H The consumption phenomenon as experience and their relationship with new behaviors and practice of innovation in contemporary society are the main elements discussed in this discipline. Trends and new scenarios: 12H trend concept, macro and microtêndencias. In this course, the student will have access to tools for research in the field of fashion, and mapping techniques and record trends for the construction of new scenarios. Creative Economy: 12H Of great importance in the contemporary scene, the creative economy and entrepreneurship will be addressed as a strategy capable of integrating various sectors and leverage local development, from the references of identification of the cultural and creative sector. Module 5 - 36H Workshop 1 - The Case Brazil: 12H One of the course differentials, this module focuses on Brazil and its particularities in the national and international fashion market. The course will present the cultural and social contemporary setting; fads, new behaviors, local culture and specific territorial contexts. Workshop 2 - TCC: Br Market Outlook: 24H This workshop aims to present the diversification fashion segments in Brazil and its specificities and its main perspectives, such as luxury, People's Market, Fast Fashion, Local DNA, and- commerce, among others. The content featured in this workshop will be a reference for conducting the TCC (Work Course Conclusion) Module 6 - 36H Strategic Marketing: 24H Discipline submit content such as marketing indicators Analysis, Diagnosis and implementation strategies, market cycle and marketing mix in the context of fashion. Fashion plan Marketing: 12H In this course, the steps and elements of the marketing plan aimed at the fashion area will be addressed considering situational analysis of market, organizational information, user analysis and market tactics and operational actions. Module 7 - 36H Integrated communication: Thematic 24H of great importance in the market, this course will present different types of communication (strategic, tactical and operational) and its use in the contemporary context. Characteristics and peculiarities of the use of different media (TV, radio, internet, newspaper, outdoor and mobile). Communication Plan: 12H will be addressed in this discipline steps and elements of the communication plan, as well as their preparation and development in the context of fashion. Module 8 - 42H Fashion Communication: 18H Contemplating areas as specialized press, advertising, PR and events, the course will deal with the use of media in the contemporary world of fashion, its diverse applicability and multiple platforms. Visual Merchandising: 12H this discilina the student will have contact with possible discourses related to the field of fashion, as well as the reflection and embodiment of language and its nature as representation and communication object. Also will be presented the strategies for building spaces and product communication elements and services, to promote experiences that strengthen the brand identity and the relationship with the public. Digital Marketing: 12H The course will address the specifics of the digital channels of direct marketing and collaborative tools for building content, beyond the perception of consumers and the online relationship. Also discussed the digital commerce and marketing planning for activities in the internet environment. Module 9 - 36H Legal and financial aspects of the business: 21H understanding of the financial environment, cost and pricing, legal protection of authorship, intellectual property, privileges and thematic records will be covered in this course. Eco Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: From 15H great emphasis today, this content will be addressed in the discipline through the fashion context in the contemporary scene from the benchmarks of sustainability and social responsibility. Module 10 - 36H Research methodology 12 Introduction to the basics of scientific methodology and the main lines of epistemological thought, with emphasis on contemporary views. Teaching of Higher Education: 12H Career Management: 12H The course will aim to discuss the planning and consolidation of professional career in the contemporary business environment. Job Completion Course - 40H TCC - Completion of course work: 40H This course will be conducted applied projects marketing and fashion communication focusing on the Brazilian scene, related to one of the perspectives or approaches presented throughout the course. [-]

Professional Master's Degree In Business Administration - Management, Internationalization And Logistics

Universidade Do Vale Do Itajaí
Campus Part time 2 years March 2017 Brazil Itajaí

The University of Vale do Itajaí - Univali plays a significant role in Santa Catarina and national academic development through its undergraduate and graduate programs, a fact which places it among the leading universities in the state of Santa Catarina. This prominent role, however, the university requires a commitment to improving the skills of current and future professionals ... [+]

Best Part time Masters in Business Studies in Brazil. Professional Master's in Business Administration - Management, Internationalization and Logistics The University of Vale do Itajaí - Univali plays a significant role in Santa Catarina and national academic development through its undergraduate and graduate programs, a fact which places it among the leading universities in the state of Santa Catarina. This prominent role, however, the university requires a commitment to improving the skills of current and future professionals. Aware of their responsibilities to the labor market in constant change, the Univali launches the first Professional Master's Program in Management Area focusing on Management, Internationalization and Logistics. The city of Itajai, headquarters Univali and Program, focuses on the service sector, especially in the areas of Logistics and Foreign Trade. Thus companies with international operations are established in the region in search of alternatives process and human resource improvements compatible with the requirements of the activities offered by the city. Within a radius of 600 km, it is concentrated about 50% of Brazil's GDP in companies like BMW Brazil, Tiger, Embraco, Eliane, Dudalina among many others that have their head office or subsidiary and installed. Therefore, the Professional Master's Program in Business Administration - Management, Internationalization and Logistics, called PMPGIL, meets regional development to contribute to the training of more qualified professionals and academics to the global challenge and the management of organizations. Who is Preferably graduates in undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Economics, International Business, Accounting, Law, International Relations, Logistics, Port Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Engineering, and other related fields. Consultants seeking professional development in Management, Internationalization and logistics to contribute effectively with their business and their customers. Graduates working in management of companies and institutions in the region, as well as managers and entrepreneurs to promote the internationalization of organizations, improvements in organizational management and logistics management. Students, graduates of undergraduate and specialization courses (MBAs) who want to deepen in the PMPGIL concentration area and who wish to pursue their education, now at the level of postgraduate stricto sensu. Graduates of this Professional Master in Business Administration (MPA) have the same prerogatives of the master's graduate academic mode. Concentration Areas and Research Areas Management, Internationalization and Logistics The concentration area is formed by the union of three fields in full swing in the business field and in the gym. The scientific and empirical knowledge lets guess you can not understand them in isolation but considering its features as intrinsic to organizations. Scientific research in business management, internationalization and logistics are important for the deepening of knowledge in the administration area, to allow the development of best practices in organizations. In addition, alignment between the areas of business management, internationalization and logistics provides a critical analysis of national peculiarities and the inclusion of organizations in the international context. Research lines Business management This line involves studies and research on the approaches of strategy in organizations, competitive positioning, organizational capabilities, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation and its reflection in the market. Through critical discussions, theoretical and practical, organizational environment and the impacts on organizational management are analyzed. Internationalization and Logistics This line of action proposes to study issues related to internationalization strategies of companies to strengthen the commercial position, standardization of processes, value chain analysis, the definition of strategic positioning and achieving synergies. Regarding logistics, as well as natural interaction with the theme of internationalization, such as analysis of logistics operations in export projects, procurement of logistics costs in the formation of export prices, the analysis of international physical distribution chain, etc. the focus will be on the study of operations and logistics strategies and emerging issues that enable organizations to gain sustainable competitive advantages. Scholarships The companies for scholarship donation is regulated by Decree No. 3,000 / 99 - Art. 365, Sections I and II - Ministry of Finance, which allows the reduction of the amount donated in the enterprise income tax. There are two possibilities to be provided their discount: Receipt Issue: is made a registered company (form below). The academic effects the payment of the monthly billet which is available on the Intranet. After payment, the scholar should take the ticket paid to the Scholarship Coordination, where a receipt of the respective discount will be provided. The student directs that receipt to the company, the refund. Invoice issue: first, it formalized an agreement (model below) for the provision of services between the company and the Univali. After the signing, the agreement is sent to the company with their percentage provided by the company and by paying, the bag will be released in the system due to the discount on tuition. In both cases the student may or may not have ties to the company. It is up to the academic contact the company to enter into that contract. Compulsory subjects Research methodology Cases Workshop on Management, Internationalization and Logistics Research Seminars Project management Elective Courses for Business Management Line Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy and Competitive Advantage Market Analysis and Consultancy Data Quantitative Analysis International Finance and Governance Commercial and International Negotiation Electives for the internationalization line and Logistics Internationalization Strategies Marketing in International Markets Commercial and International Negotiation Operations and logistics strategies International Finance and Governance Data Quantitative Analysis Emerging Topics in Logistics Objective of the Course The Professional Master's in Business Administration Objective aims to train researchers, professionals and teachers to act on issues of Corporate Management, Internationalization and Logistics, stimulating global mindset and preparing them for the mastery of analytical tools of empirical and theoretical application, levando- taking into consideration regional characteristics. Specific course objectives: Promote the development of scientific and applied research in the areas of management, internationalization and logistics. develop a student's ability to develop scientific and applied research to lines of research. mobilize public and private financing of various kinds for the development of research, academic and professional skills in PMPGIL area. disseminate knowledge through recognized magazines, conferences and seminars in Brazil and abroad. develop a global mindset through the program of internationalization, getting teachers and businessmen from Brazil and abroad to exchange experiences. become a reference center for research and consulting in Management, Internationalization and Logistics expanding exchanges in academia and organization. [-]

Professional Master's Degree In Administration

Campus Part time 2 years August 2017 Brazil São Paulo

The Professional Master in Business Administration (MPA) from FGV-EAESP is a post-graduate studies created in 1993 and recognized by the MEC since 1998. Designed according to the structure of international MBAs [+]

What is it

The Professional Master's in Business Administration (MPA) from FGV-EAESP is a graduate course stricto sensu created in 1993 and recognized by MEC since 1998. Designed according to international MBAs structure is recognized for its excellence and qualification in both the business world and the academic. It was the first course in Latin America accredited by AACSB lnternational - Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business - at Equis, the EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development - and the AMBA - Association of MBAs. Less than 30 business schools in the world have these three accreditations, known as the triple crown.


Brazilian courses of MBA (Master Business Administration) are considered graduate broad sense, ie not provide Master's degree.... [-]

Master in Administration

EBAPE Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration
Campus Part time 24 months March 2017 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The Master in Administration is EBAPE's response to the current demands for Graduate Courses in Administration, in line with the guidelines of CAPES/Ministry of Education, which ... [+]

Master in Administration

The Master in Administration is EBAPE's response to the current demands for Graduate Courses in Administration, in line with the guidelines of CAPES/Ministry of Education, which accredits it under the classification as a Professional Master's course in accordance with Administrative Ruling N. 080/98.

The Professional Master's course is primarily a part-time course which enables the master's students to reconcile their studies with their professional activities.

The course structure was based on EBAPE's experience with Lato Sensu graduate courses to identify the needs of the organizations and draw up the perceived profile of the administrator to fill positions in middle and senior management and in consultancy positions. This experience revealed a strong market demand for professionals with broad-based familiarity with management tools and information on international market dynamics as well as an enterprising spirit and sensitivity to market conditions. In this manner, from selection of candidates through to elaboration of the final work, , the course aims to develop knowledge, competencies, talents and attitudes to meet these demands.... [-]