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Business Management

A Masters degree is an academic degree awarded to individuals who successfully denote a higher level of expertise. There are two main types of Masters - taught and research.

A program in business management emphasizes the importance of organizational structure and managerial policies in various corporate settings. Topics such as marketing, human resource management, accounting, and corporate restructuring will sometimes be covered.

Like many other EU countries, Poland offers inexpensive or even free tuition to EU students. Prospective students should apply directly to their chosen Polish institution. The University of Warsaw, for example, charges between £1,300 and £2,500 per year for its English language courses.

Top Master Programs in Business Management in Poland 2017

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Master in Innovation Management

Poznan University of Economics and Business
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Poland Poznań

Innovation management is an area within the discipline of management, which has been developing very dynamically over the years. Issues of economic innovation have become an integral part of business activity and are expressed not only by the search for innovative products, new business models, but also by the steadily growing R&D budgets. [+]

Best Masters in Business Management in Poland 2017. If You are looking for the answers to the questions like: What do users think about Your web site? What Internet tools are best for Your company development? How to monitor Your Internet strategy? How to effectively arrange commercial space in Your store? How to introduce new products based on Internet technolologies? You will find them right here. Choose Innovation Management and take advantage of opportunities we have created especially for You. Participate in courses that will be carried out in specially designed for the programme laboratories: Eye-tracking Research Laboratory and Marketing Supported Innovation Process Laboratory. Have access to the latest technology and software. Be innovative - do not hesitate, join us today and have tommorrow at Your fingertips! AREAS OF STUDIES The study programme is based on three groups of subjects: Basic content, selected courses: Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Law, Ethics of Business Activity, Knowledge Based Management Directional content, selected courses: Enterprise Systems and Platforms, Marketing Intelligence, Financing Innovations, Consumer Behavior, Logistics Management Specialty content, selected courses: Creativity, Innovative Product Management,E-commerce, Innovative Brand, Marketing Controlling Most of the subjects will be carried out in a specially designed for the programme laboratories i.e. : Eye-tracking Research Laboratory Marketing Supported Innovation Process Laboratory Moreover all the students participating in courses will have access to the latest technology (eg. eye tracker) and software (esp. SEOmoz, Sprout Social and brand24) in which our laboratories are equipped with. GRADUATES All the prognoses and job market analyses show that demand for the specialist in the field of the Innovation Management will be growing, not only in Poland but also in Europe and the USA. The graduates will be equipped with: the knowledge of company management - in particular innovation management, starting with the phase of generating idea, followed by the step of defining the product, its commercialization and finally the controlling phase, the knowledge and necessary skills concerning the Internet as the most important environment for innovative market solutions, the knowledge about how to create the financial plan for an innovative venture, including the methods of financing the venture, the skills to conduct market research and use sophisticated data analysis techniques, the knowledge about the directions of creating Ecoinnovations. FUTURE EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS The Innovation Management graduates will be prepared to work in international organizations of different scale of operation (both – small start up’s and big international corporations) as: R&D Department employee, Marketing specialist, Product manager, Brand manager, Project manager . The graduates will be also prepared to manage start up’s of their own creation. [-]

Master In Management

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management
Campus Full time October 2017 Poland Warsaw

Specialization is selected during the first semester of study, specialization classes start from the second semester of study. Specialty will be launched in the report on it at least 50 candidates. [+]

Master in Management Management, Master in Management Studies Full-time (daily) - the limit of 300 Specialties:

Organization Management Marketing International Management Developing the potential of social Public Management Banking, insurance and capital market E-business Sales Management Management in Health Care Travel Management Change Management and Technology Enterprise Organizational Consulting

Specialty isybierana during the first semester of study, specialization classes begin in the second semester. Specialty will be launched in the report on it at least 50 candidates. Second graduate degree in management, has expanded the depth and knowledge of the management and complementary disciplines and expertise relating to the functions of management. Graduates have the ability to critically analyze, interpret and evaluate the economic and social phenomena at different scales, in particular the ability to make decisions and planning on a scale of enterprises and institutions of a different nature. Has the ability to strategic management. Graduates have the ability to organize teamwork and team management, and effective communication, negotiation and persuasion.It has the ability to use academic knowledge in their work. Graduates have the ability and willingness to continue systematically improve their skills. ... [-]

Master program in Global Management

West Pomeranian Business School
Campus Full time 2 years October 2017 Poland Szczecin

Global management is a specialized 2-year (4 semesters) business program covering issues in the area of global management and business to develop a global management mindset. [+]

Best Masters in Business Management in Poland 2017. Master program in Global Management Global management is a specialized 2-year (4 semesters) business program covering issues in the area of global management and business to develop a global management mindset. The program emphasizes on the application of business knowledge. Global management graduates have a broad range of international business skills and are ready to work in an transnational corporation, international entrepreneurship or can develop an international business plan to launch an international new venture. The program teaches to communicate effectively, to think globally and critically, to solve problems and to work in a team and as a team. Thanks to the courses conducted in an English language graduates have a value-added and gain a competitive position in an international market. “International Business Studies at the WPBS gave me knowledge how to make an effective business. Now I run my own business. Thank you for experience I have gained during the studies.” Ilhami Ekinci Career prospects The Master in Global Management program offers graduates an opportunity to prepare for their roles as potential senior managers, while achieving immediate improvement in managerial performance. It can lead to progression in all areas of management. The course is designed in close co-operation with industry and therefore it is highly practical oriented. English proficiency All classes at International Business Studies are carried out in English. Therefore, in addition to meeting all requirements for admission, a non-native speaker of English must demonstrate satisfactory English Language proficiency. Therefore, each English proficiency certificate that a potential candidate possess will be an advantage in the admission process. However, no English language proficiency tests are required for the admission process. Fluency in English is in fact a prerequisite for a successful admission at the West Pomeranian Business School. However, our potential students should feel no worries because the WPBS provides free courses in both English and Polish languages to develop language skills. [-]