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Landscape Architecture

A masters refers to the completion of a graduate study program that prepares students to further their knowledge of a specific subject or advance their careers. The majority of masters are granted by state or public universities.

The field of landscape architecture involves the programming, planning, design and management of land and green spaces, mostly in urban environments. This frequently includes outdoor public areas such as parks and city squares, but it can also include private sector work.

Latvia has both fee-paying and state-financed higher education. The country has two kinds of higher education courses. These include the academic and professional programs. There are three levels of academic higher education – bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. The climate in the country favors various winter sports and recreation activities such as ice skating, skiing and ice hockey. International students prefer studying in Latvia due to its social life, arts and cultural institutions. The country’s culture is easy to adopt to.

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Master in Landscape Architecture

Latvia University of Agriculture
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Latvia Jelgava

This programme aims to prepare professional and creative specialists for solving definite problems in landscape architecture or in the sectors related to landscape and the environment. [+]

Best Masters in Landscape Architecture in Latvia 2016/2017. The masters programme "Landscape Architecture" is offered by the Faculty of Environment and Civil Engineering, where new engineers - construction, environment and water management specialists, land surveyors, as well as landscape designers and planners, are prepared. Students at the Faculty work with up-to-date equipment, thus having an opportunity to comprehend causalities existing nowadays in the nature and to apply them in a particular task in their future work. Academic profile This programme aims to prepare professional and creative specialists for solving definite problems in landscape architecture or in the sectors related to landscape and the environment. The programme includes compulsory study courses in Landscape Architecture Theory, Landscape Sciences, Landscape Inventory, Historical Landscape Quality, Sustainable Community Development, Landscape Ecology and Analysis. You will obtain knowledge for creative and critical thinking in developing landscape policy, rational use of resources, design process and materials, renovation and restoration of landscape. The research is performed in the following directions: landscape design, landscape architecture, landscape planning. This programme is completed with the elaboration and defence of a Master’s thesis. Admission Requirements Bachelor's degree is required in Architecture or Landscape Architecture or the second-level professional higher education in similar disciplines such as geography, forestry, agriculture, environment management, ecology, territorial planning and design. Students need to have the basic knowledge in drawing, composition, history of architecture and landscape architecture, theory of landscape architecture, landscape analysis and landscape design. English requirements: CEFR B2, IELTS score 5.5, TOEFL score 520, TOEFL-iBT score 65. Career prospects and further studies The graduates work in all kinds of architecture, design, research companies. Master's degree entitles graduates to continue studies in a respective Doctoral study programme at universities in Latvia or abroad. Study Plan 1. Obligatory courses (45 ECTS) 1.1. Theoretical courses (15 ECTS) 1.1.1. Methodology of Research 1.1.2. Computer graphics I 1.1.2. Computer graphics II 1.1.3. Landscape Architecture Theory I 1.1.4. Landscape Architecture Theory II 1.2. Specific theoretical courses (student should choose courses in amount of 30 ECTS) 1.2.1. Sustainable Community Development I 1.2.2. Sustainable Community Development II 1.2.3. Sustainable Community Development III 1.2.4. Landscape Design I 1.2.5. Landscape Design II 1.2.6. Landscape Sciences I 1.2.7. Landscape Sciences II 1.2.8. Landscape Inventory I 1.2.9. Landscape Inventory II 1.2.10 Landscape Architecture Technologies I 1.2.11 Landscape Architecture Technologies II 1.2.12 Landscape management I 1.2.13 Landscape management II 1.2.14 Territorial Planning I 1.2.15 Territorial Planning II 2. Courses of approbation of theoretical cognitions(28,5 ECTS) 2.1. Obligatory part (10,5 ECTS) 2.1.1. Philosophy of Sciences 2.1.2. English or German in Master Studies 2.1.3. Statistics 4,5 Ia 2.2. Optional part (student should choose courses in amount of 18 ECTS) 2.2.1. Regional Rural Landscapes 2.2.2. Landscape Ecology and Analyses 2.2.3. Landscape Planning 2.2.4. Historical Landscape Quality 2.2.5. Innovations in Landscape Architecture 2.2.6. Computing Application I 2.2.7. Computing Application II 2.2.8. Landscape architecture I 2.2.9. Landscape architecture II 2.2.10. Project Assessment and Presentation I 2.2.11. Project Assessment and Presentation II 4. Master Thesis (37,5 ECTS) 4.1. Master Thesis I 4.2. Master Thesis II 4.3. Master Thesis III 4.4. Master Thesis IV Total 120 ECTS [-]