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A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.

Accountancy refers to the tracking, communication and processing of financial information. Typical duties may include record keeping, filling out tax forms, recommending a budget and auditing a company’s financial records. Companies of all sizes benefit from competent accountancy.

The Republic of Belarus is located in the Eastern part of Europe. Belarus provides one of the best platforms for education. Study in Belarus is an optimal way to learn Russian and Belarusian language.

Minsk is the chief educational centre in Belarus. It has numerous higher education institutions, which comprise of major national universities. Institutions of higher learning majoring in every discipline can be found in this town.

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Master's Program: "accounting And Reporting In The Context Of International Financial Reporting Standards"

Belarus State Economic University
Campus Full time Part time 1 year December 2016 Belarus Minsk + 1 more

This master's program provides for the deepening and widening of professional knowledge workers in the field of accounting. [+]

Masters in Accountancy in Minsk in Belarus. The mission of the program: The mission of the Master's program - to train highly qualified professionals in the field of accounting, analysis and audit, owning modern knowledge economy businesses. The purpose of the master's program: In-depth training of a new generation of highly skilled experts in the field of accounting, analysis and audit. Summary of the master's program: This master's program provides for the deepening and widening of professional knowledge workers in the field of accounting. The master's program provides a deeper study of those areas that have been studied in the first stage of higher education, as well as provide for the study of issues of accounting, analysis and control of enterprises (organizations) in accordance with modern requirements of economic development, which did not include the curricula of the first stage of higher education. The program provides for the acquisition of professional knowledge in the field of accounting, analysis and audit in accordance with the harmonization of national accounting and auditing to international standards. You can select courses based on professional interests undergraduate. Features of the master's program and its competitive advantages: A feature of the program is to focus on the systematic study of innovations in the field of accounting, analysis and audit in accordance with international standards. The program allows you to create the modern idea of ​​the existing international practice methods of recognition of the assets and liabilities of the organization, their evaluation for presentation in the financial statements that enables the convergence of existing domestic regulations, regulations, rules with international accounting and auditing standards. Main subjects: (state component) Information technology in the economy and macroeconomic management (advanced level) Microeconomics (advanced level) Econometrics (advanced level) Discipline, form the basis of the master's program: Management accounting and analysis Investment analysis Accounting Tax Accounting International Standards on Auditing International Standards of Accounting and Reporting Statistical analysis of macroeconomic indicators Key subjects of choice: Methodology of formation of accounting policy / Financial Management State regulation of accounting, reporting, analysis and control in the Republic of Belarus / Methods of assessing the effectiveness of the business The results of the development of the master's program: Formation of professional knowledge and management skills for effective action in the field of accounting at the enterprises (organizations) in the context of international standards. [-]