Master's Degree Programme in Global and Transnational Studies, M.Soc.Sc.

University of Tampere

Program Description

Master's Degree Programme in Global and Transnational Studies, M.Soc.Sc.

University of Tampere

Apply on 14 December 2015 - 27 January 2016

  • Coordinating school: School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Duration: two academic years
  • Extent: 120 credits/ECTS credits
  • Programme period: autumn semester 2016 - spring semester 2018
  • Specialization: globalization, transnationality

Master’s Degree Programme in Global and Transnational Studies is a high-quality, internationally linked programme especially suited for students aiming at careers in social research, policy analysis and consultation, cultural analysis, media, international organizations, and international development. A unique offering in Finland, the MDP integrates with world-class research being conducted at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere, and with other post-graduate degrees in the School’s cutting-edge framework programme on Global Society.

The MDP aims to provide students with the basis for making sense of globalization and transnational connections in the contemporary world. National policies and cultures are increasingly and obviously related to events and forces outside national borders. Policies, cultural trends and organizations are now intimately and broadly inter-connected across the world. A critical understanding of these patterns and connections is the primary goal of the MDP. Covering a range of theoretical training, and focusing on sociological neo-institutionalism, the MDP will provide the students with a toolkit to analyze social, political and cultural forces shaping our global world. Students will learn perspectives on understanding the contemporary world, will appreciate how national policies are made, will unpack the transnational connectivity in contemporary media, and will see into the transnational relations of civil society, culture and modern religion. The degree will also offer students a cosmopolitan perspective and multi-cultural appreciation crucial for a wide span of careers today.


Eligibility criteria to the MDP in Global and Transnational Studies consist of two parts: the University of Tampere general eligibility criteria, and programme specific eligibility criteria, which specify and/or add information to the general criteria. Applicants must meet both in order to be considered eligible.

General eligibility:

To be eligible to apply for a Master’s programme at UTA, an applicant must have

  • a completed university level Bachelor's degree or equivalent in the field of the desired programme or in a closely related subject AND
  • fluency in English sufficiently advanced for academic studies.

The Bachelor's degree or equivalent must be completed by the time the MDP begins. If the degree is not completed by the end of the application period, an applicant can be accepted to the MDP on the condition that s/he sends the degree certificate to the School office by 29 July 2016. Attested copy of the degree certificate must reach the School office by the deadline. A successful applicant will, in this case, first receive a notification on conditional acceptance and later an official letter of acceptance once the degree certificate has reached the School office.

Programme specific eligibility criteria:

To be eligible to apply to the MDP in Global and Transnational Studies, an applicant must have a successfully completed Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in sociology, political science or in a related discipline appropriate for the content of the MDP.

Applicants with a Master’s degree will be admitted to the MDP only for well-founded reasons.

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