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Master of Science in Management - Grande Ecole

emlyon business school

Master of Science in Management - Grande Ecole

The emlyon business school MSc in Management - Grande Ecole is designed to help each of you develop your professional project and acquire the business skills needed to achieve it. It aims to prepare you for your first job as well as for early career developments.

The right programme for the right personal project

Before the end of this academic year, you will get a bachelor degree in any field. You feel like it is time for you to spend a long period abroad and to get your master degree in another country. You feel like you need to confront to another way of learning, to be closer to the expectations of the labor market.

You feel like you need to develop your skills in the managerial field.You feel like you need to prepare for the entrepreneurial adventure and you want to be ready to meet what the companies are expecting in order to implement your professional project.

The MSc in Management - Grande Ecole programme proposed by emlyon business school, may be the appropriate response to your expectations.

If you first have developed skills in engineering, litterature, law, or whatever academic field rather far from management issues, then you may be attracted by the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole curriculum. This is a general management programme, which enables you to build a tailor made curriculum, which will emerge progressively and will be consistant with the professionnal project you will define more and more precisely during the programme.

If you have already prepared a bachelor degree in management, then you may have more precise perspective regarding your professionnal project. You may feel like you need to specialise during your Master curriculum. You will have the opportunity to involve in a special track, which will enable a specialisation either in marketing, in controlling or in corporate finance.

Academic courses, internships, master dissertation will focus on the issues connected to your specialisations and definitely develop specialised skills which will be recognised by the companies as future employers.

A 2-year master, four different paths to meet your needs

  • You have graduated with a Bachelor degree in any academic subject.
  • You would now like to follow a top-level professional programme in management.
  • You have a first idea of your professional project, but you need time and various confrontations to the business life to validate it.
  • You want to follow such a programme in a distinctly European cultural context.
  • You dream of experiencing the life and culture of France.
  • You already possess good basic French and would like to develop a full command of the language through a long-term stay in the country.
  • You are seeking to gain professional experience in an environment that is new to you.

The professional project

The emlyon business school MSc in Management - Grande Ecole is designed to help each of you develop your professional project and acquire the business skills needed to achieve it. It aims to prepare you for your first job as well as for early career developments. The programme provides you with an understanding of decision-making situations within an integrated analysis of the business environment. The teaching methods consolidate your theoretical knowledge and enable you to prepare for the transformations you will face in the early stages of your professional life. The theoretical foundations will allow you to analyse new situations while adapting the tools and methods you have acquired.

The teaching framework

The programme is structured around the following 3 components:

  • Entrepreneurship: launching new approaches, pushing forward innovative projects;
  • Complexity: taking decisions in a complex and uncertain environment;
  • Tools: acquiring the necessary professional skills.

During the 2 to 3 years of your MSc programme, it is up to you to structure your own study path, alternating periods of study, company internships and involvement in student projects.

You will follow up to 25 courses, including a limited number of compulsory core modules (Macro-economic Analysis, Micro-economics and the Decision-making Process, Organisational Behaviour, Business Policy, Finance for Managers, and Operations Management). You will choose your other courses from a portfolio of over 140 electives designed to develop the skills you require to achieve your professional goals. The range of courses offered covers every field of management (Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, Consumer Marketing, Interorganisational Marketing, Human Resources, Law, IT Management, International Management, Personal Development, etc.).

Experiencing the world of business

The academic learning provided by the programme is complemented by a work placement of 12 months (alternatively, 2 different 6-month internships). These placements enable you to define and validate your professional goals and put your theoretical knowledge into practice in real-life business contexts. Such an experience is vital to the development of your employability.


Once enrolled, international students will join the students selected via a French undergraduate diploma and the Bachelor students selected via the French system of "classes préparatoires" and who have already studied one year at emlyon business school.

Applicants eligible for the SAI selection process must:

  • have completed their application and uploaded all the requested documents,
  • be under 30 years old in the year of the selection process,
  • hold a non-French degree obtained after at least 3 years of higher education outside France (Licence, Bachelor, Benke…).
  • The selection process is highly selective, and only an average one applicant out of 7 will have the opportunity to join the programme.

    Through the MSc programme, the students will learn:

  • how to master complexity in an international context;
  • which decision making process to choose in an uncertain environment.
  • * Tests

    The GMAT/GRE : The official GMAT/GRE score must be send directly to the SAI
    The TAGE MAGE (Test for managerial aptitude in French)

    If the applicant take this test, he will be asked to prove his level of English by taking either TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS test or a certificate of language.


    An individual interview in French or in English aiming to check candidate's personal qualities, motivation, personal and professional project…

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    Start date
    Sept. 2017
    2 - 3 years
    Full time
    17,500 EUR
    Mar. 7, 2017
    Start date Sept. 2017
    France Lyon, Rhone-Alpes
    Application deadline Mar. 7, 2017
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    Duration 2 - 3 years
    Price 17,500 EUR
    Pricing for the academic year 2016/2017