Master of Science in Energy Management

University of Nordland

Program Description

Master of Science in Energy Management

University of Nordland

Master of Science in Energy Management

The programme aims to broaden students’ understanding of global energy management issues in general as well as opportunities and challenges for developing energy resources in new emerging energy “provinces”, especially in the High North. Students will develop proficiency in applying business administrative theories, to understand business administration processes related to the energy sector. With oil-and-gas exploration now well underway in some areas of The High North, and with the prospect of increasing exploration in the future, there is increasing need for skilled professionals in the energy field. The High North being an area of increasing international attention there is a need for graduates with internationalization experience and familiar with the characteristics of the oil-and- gas industries, possessing strong global and High North specific knowledge, as well as expertise in energy management, energy diplomacy and geo-politics. This innovative program prepares students for employment in this intellectually demanding and rapidly growing international industry, especially global energy companies. Including international student exchange as a compulsory part of the programme, students gain invaluable experience of differences in national cultures and the importance of cross-cultural communication and management while they are still studying. 

General description and profile of the programme

This is an international Master of Science programme in which the study programme is run based on international cooperation between Bodø Graduate School of Business (Norway) and its partner university MGIMO in Russia, as well as partner universities in USA and Canada:

The 1st semester focuses on business administration and management theory, with the aim of broadening students’ understanding of the energy sector’s eclectic nature. The 1st year also helps develop proficiency in constructive use of theory at the same time developing an active attitude towards the management of strategic business processes. In addition, some major environmental, philosophical, and ethical issues related to business in general and the energy industry, in particular, will be focused on. Courses are provided at HHB, campus Bodø.

The 2nd semester advances theoretical and contextual knowledge in business- and energy-related topics. Global and Norwegian contexts will be a common theme throughout the semester, as will issues related to world oil markets, government relations, and the environment. The research methods course during this semester helps students prepare for thesis work later on in the programme. Courses are provided at HHB, campus Bodø. Students from MGIMO University in Russia take courses during this semester jointly with programme students in Bodø.

The 3rd semester aims to deepen, integrate, and assimilate new knowledge of theory and method. Class activities are designed to improve the student’s knowledge about international business environment in the energy sector, the issues of risk and downstream management, organization and instruments of energy resources commodity exchange and trade, transport and logistics. Courses for this semester for the joint class of students on the programme from HHB and MGIMO are provided by MGIMO University, campus Moscow (Russia). Some of the courses in this semester will also encompass understanding the Russian business environment, history and the role of Russia in global energy supply.

The 4th semester focuses on writing and completing the master thesis. Having a wide network of cooperating partners in North-America, students can use opportunities to take semester internships at our partner universities, for instance at University of Alberta (Canada) and University of Texas (USA).


No tuition costs.Semester registration fee and syllabus literature. Partner universities in other countries may require tuition fees and this is subject to change from year to year.

Admission requirements

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualification (for Master programmes also completed Bachelor´s degree equivalent to a Norwegian Bachelor´s degree)
  • Language requirement
  • If relevant, specialization defined by the programme:

Admission occurs based on three or four years of study (a bachelor degree or its equivalent) in business/management- related fields, with certain requirements concerning relevant courses.

The following topics must have been covered as part of undergraduate studies:

  • Business Analysis, 55 ECTS
  • Economics, 15 - 20 ECTS
  • Method, 15 - 20 ECTS

Students enrolled in our Master of Science program in Business Administration may elect to start this program but only having completed their first semester.

The University has general guidelines stipulating the level of English language ability according to the minimum national requirements for study at a Masters level as well minimum levels of secondary and higher education for international students.

Duration & Price
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Jan. 2017
Aug. 2017
2 years
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Aug. 2017
Norway Bodø
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