Master of Science in Computer Science - Games and Media Integration

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Program Description

Master of Science in Computer Science - Games and Media Integration

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The Masters of Science degree in Computer Science - Games and Media Integration option is an interdisciplinary degree that gives all students a firm foundation in pursuing research and development in the area of games, animation and movie making, VR/HCI, complex systems, and wearable computing.

Both animation and games industry, and the wearable computing community demand highest quality portfolio in place before students graduate. Up to six credit hours of Portfolio Development is an important feature of this degree program. In addition to a complete Game program, a short animated movie, or a wearable computing product, portfolio development may include auditing classes in Letters, Arts and Sciences (LAS) and the College of Business.

One of the most exciting aspects of the degree program is the combination of a set of required courses to ensure all students develop a firm foundation in the basics of design and development of games and media integration products, and the opportunity for students to pursue their special interests through several elective courses and portfolio development.

Program Goals

Program graduates will know and be able to perform to professional standards in the following areas:

  • Broad understanding of the entire spectrum of games and media integration
  • A thorough understanding of the process of creating, designing, product development and deployment of a game, animation and movie, or a wearable computing product
  • Proficiency with many of the tools and techniques for implementing game and media integration product for the industry

General Requirements

Applicants for graduate study in Games and Media Integration must hold a B.S., B.A. or B.F.A. degree and have considerable computing experience and show promise of ability to pursue advanced study and research. An overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 is needed.

Applicants with a grade point average of less than 3.0 may be provisionally admitted on a case by case basis. International applicants must follow the international applicant requirements.

Entering students must have the equivalent of the following UCCS courses:

  • CS 1450 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 3020 Advanced Object Technology using OR CS 3060 Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • MATH 2150 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 3130 Linear Algebra

A student who has completed CS 1450 but lacks the other pre-requisites may be admitted, but would still be required to satisfy the above requirements after admission. Students with considerable knowledge of programming and/or mathematical experience in the industry are encouraged to apply.

Program Information

Development of new forms of interaction, innovative research in a team environment, and portfolio development are the core foundation of the proposed degree. All courses in the curriculum will emphasize creativity and team participation by all students. Potential projects and application include -- graphical asset generation, virtual reality, education, medical, movie making and animation, rehabilitation and geriatric healthcare, history and theory, mixed, augmented and wearable computing, and simulation and training.

This program requires 30 credit hours of graduate level work. In order to insure that the graduate of the program will have acquired a sufficient breadth of knowledge in games and media integration, the following three courses or their equivalents are required if they were not previously taken as an undergraduate:

  • CS 5720 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS 5780 3D Games and Digital Contents Creation
  • CS 5800 Introduction to Computer Graphics

In addition, if the student's future plans are to pursue a PhD in Computer Science, the following core courses are highly recommended if they were not taken as part of an undergraduate program:

  • CS 5500 Operating Systems
  • CS 5700 Computability, Automata & Formal Languages
  • CS 5200 Computer Architecture

These courses insure that the graduate of the GMI program will have acquired a sufficient breadth of knowledge in computer science. Students who have had advanced undergraduate courses in these exact areas will not be allowed to take these courses for graduate credit, but instead are required to include other graduate level computer science courses.

Industrial Portfolio, Thesis, Project

In addition students will be required to develop an Industrial Portfolio (up to six credit hours), and complete a Project (three credit hours) or a Thesis (six credit hours). A maximum total of nine credit hours of thesis or project, and portfolio is allowed ensuring that students have sufficient coursework in the games and media integration areas.

Thesis or Project (3 or 6 credit hours) Students are required to complete a project (three credit hours) or a thesis (six credit hours). Students will be expected to work with an advisor in the GMI area of concentration following the guidelines of MS Thesis or Project work in the CS Department.

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