Master of Mechanical Engineering

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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AACSB Accredited

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Master of Mechanical Engineering


To make a lot of efforts to work on the studies about mechanical engineering and to build an ever-lasting environment with an innovative thinking, a professional ability, cultivated manners of an agreeable spirits and job ethics to serve the society.

Educational Goals

1.  To nurture engineers who specialize in integrating mechanical engineering, equip them with a problem-solving ability, and combine engineering management and system-integrating abilities.

      Learning Results

  • Graduates should be equipped with fundamental knowledge related to mechanical engineering and technological background.
  • Graduates should be equipped with fundamental knowledge on how to use computers and equipment as well as an ability to write the computer programs.
  • Graduates should be equipped with designing experiences, hand-on experiences, and an ability on how to search for professional data, to analyze figures, to induce and to deduce. 

2.  To make a lot of efforts to apply theories and practical experiences, to work on studies about mechanical engineering and to combine industrial needs and future prospects.

    Learning Results

  • Graduates should be equipped with an ability to plan, evaluate and perform engineering.
  • Graduates should be equipped with an ability to presenting, demonstrating and communicating with engineering diagrams and written reports.
  • Graduates should be equipped with professional responsibilities and job ethics.
  • Graduates should be equipped with cross-field , cooperative and innovative abilities.

3.  Nurture personality about life-long learning and care for the society.

       Learning results

  • Graduates should be equipped with abilities to realize the engineering role in the society and adjust themselves to the changes of the social environment.
  • Graduates should be equipped with abilities to appreciate cultures, arts and humanity cultivated manners and abilities to combine engineering and creation.
  • Graduates should be able to apply a foreign language in the familiar field.
  • Graduates should be equipped with life-long tools and willingness to dedicate to jobs.

Graduate program

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers graduate study and research in a broad range of engineering areas, which are grouped into two divisions – Mechatronics Technology and Advanced Manufacturing.

Mechatronics Technology Division:

The division provides study and research in the areas of automatic control, automation, mechatronics, and computer integrated design and manufacturing. The students are cultivated to master in the automation of manufacturing processes, the upgrading of industries, and the research and development of various manufacturing machines.

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Division:

The division offers intensive studies in advanced design and manufacturing for mechanical components and systems covering materials, design, analysis, fabrication, assembly, and testing. The students are trained to be able to develop high-tech mechanical equipments.

The Department maintains vigorous activities in design and manufacturing, dynamic systems and controls, materials and solid mechanics, thermal and fluid sciences. Issues associated with micro/nano-technology, precision engineering, semiconductor packaging, rapid prototyping and tooling, new energy, heat exchanger, and advanced vehicle engineering are also under intensive study by the faculty and graduate students.

Employment― The job prospects for our graduates are very promising. They may be employed by micro/nano-scale fabrication factories, mechanical manufacturing factories, precision mold factories, automobile factories, aerospace industries, power companies, steel factories, semiconductor industries, photo-electronic industries, biotech companies. And they can work as research scientists or engineers, doing research and development.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Southern Taiwan University, founded in 1969, is active in both teaching and research. It offers graduate programs for MS degrees in areas of Mechatronics Technology and Advanced Manufacturing. The Department also conducts the MS programs in Nanotechnology and Energy Engineering, and a PhD program in Institute of Mechatronic Science and Technology. Currently the Department has more than fifty faculty members and thirty research laboratories.

The feature areas of the department include: micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and nano-processing technology, ultra-precision mechanical design, manufacturing and measurement, new energy technology, nano-materials technology, mechatronics, intelligent control, advanced vehicle engineering, and creative engineering design.

Well-equipped laboratories are available for research in mechatronics, CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering, nano-processing, scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM/TEM), nano-magnetic materials, laser processing, photo-electronic and 3D measurement, micro-mechanism, biochip, solar energy application, infra-red thermograph, robotics, semiconductor, packaging, micro-vibration, micro-thermal/fluids, fuel, cell, and heat treatment.

How to Apply

In order to apply, please submit the following:

1. Application Form

2. Official Graduation Diploma AND Academic Transcript or Marks Sheet

3. Health Certificate

4. Letters of Recommendation

5. An Official Financial Statement of Personal Savings

6. Statement of Purpose or Personal Essay

7. Proof of Language Proficiency

The following proficiency exams are accepted: TOEFL (minimum 500, iBT 61), TOEIC (minimum 650) or IELTS (minimum 5.0).

8. Other relevant documents or awards that might promote your application

9. SPM, STPM or UEC Transcript (for Malaysian Senior High School Students Only)

Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2016
2 years
Full time
Start date Sept. 2016
Taiwan Tainan
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Duration 2 years
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