Master of Education

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Program Description

Master of Education

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

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CRICOS code 042226A

Units to complete: 8

Duration: on campus 1 year full-time, distance/online 4 years part-time

Start date: on campus March, July, online/distance March, July, November

Campus: Toowoomba

Entry requirements

• English IELTS 6.5 or equivalent

• 4-year bachelor degree in Education

Other requirements

Some majors may have additional specific requirements and/or are subject to other restrictions.

Some courses have assessment work that can be completed only if the student has access to an appropriate workplace, for example, TAFE, schools, preschool settings or other education or training environments.

Students without access to an appropriate workplace would be unable to complete the requirements for these courses.


• English IELTS 6.5 or equivalent

• 3-year bachelor degree

• 1 year of graduate study in education OR minimum 1 year of relevant work experience


Master of Education

This program gives you the opportunity to enhance your professional competence through advanced coursework and research-based projects.

The program is set in the context of societies becoming increasingly reliant on the efforts of ‘knowledge workers’. Educators at all levels have important roles to play in developing the capacity of citizens to work effectively with knowledge. New approaches to education, emphasising knowledge-building rather than transmission, can contribute to preparing citizens to participate more fully in the knowledge economy and information society.

The program aims to develop your capabilities and dispositions to work as engaged professional educators in knowledgebuilding communities, and offers considerable flexibility in choices available to you, allowing you to shape your program of study to your individual interests, circumstances and needs.

There are three main pathways:

• an individually designed pathway in which you may select any courses from those available (this option allows you to design your own focus area, such as Contemporary Literacies, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Early Childhood, Educational Technology, Further Education and Training, and Pedagogy and Culture PLUS others).

• an option to select one of four specialisation areas.

The purpose of a major is to develop breadth and depth in an area of specialised knowledge. The specialist areas comprising the set of available majors may vary from time to time, but the specified majors to be offered initially in the Master of Education are:

  1. Guidance and Counselling
  2. Leading and Managing Educational Organisations
  3. Special Education
  4. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

• an option to select a research pathway.

If you generate your own focus area through course selection, you will graduate with a Master of Education (MEd). Alternatively, if your studies include completing one of the majors, you will havethe area of specialisation noted on your testamur – MEd (Guidance and Counselling), MEd (TESOL), MEd (Special Education) and MEd (Leading and Managing Educational Organisations).

Program structure

Coursework pathway

1 Core course PLUS either 7 x postgraduate Education Electives 2 OR 5– 7 x Specialisation courses from 1 Major PLUS UP TO 2 x postgraduate Education Electives

Research pathway

4 x research core courses PLUS 4 x coursework electives


Exemptions may be granted for equivalent postgraduate study, or where a student has achieved the objectives of the relevant course from a recognised institution must meet the following specific requirements:

• 2 units maximum may be exempted in PGCE

• 4 units maximum will be exempted in MED1

• students may not claim exemption for work on which they relied for admission to the program

• completed no more than five years prior to submission of the application for exemption.


Students completing studies in the PGCE will be able to articulate those postgraduate courses (levels 5 and/or 8) in various masters degrees offered by the USQ Faculty of Education, provided that they meet the entry requirements of the particular masters degree and any requirements of the particular major in which they wish to enrol.


Provided all requirements are met, students will be able to exit with:

4 units - Postgraduate Certificate in Education

4 units - Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics

This school offers programs in:
  • English
Duration & Price
This course is Campus or Online
Start Date
Start date
Jan. 2017
1 - 4 years
Part time
Full time
17,600 AUD
Start date Jan. 2017
Australia Toowoomba, Queensland
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Duration 1 - 4 years
Price 17,600 AUD
(campus), 15840 AUD (online, distance)