Master in e-Supply Chain Management

Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS)

Program Description

Master in e-Supply Chain Management

Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS)

Advantages of studying in BEBS "Barcelona Executive Business School”

BEBS aims to offer, through its training programs, a global development experience where the academic world meets the business one, this one having a totally important role: as a result of it, you will have an innovative, differential, global experience, no matter if you are a student, manager or an executive. With this focus, BEBS contributes to:

  • Promote an innovative approach of Management.
  • Boost the process of innovation, sales growth and internationalization in companies.
  • Impulse the Entrepreneurial Spirit by promoting the global development of businessmen and women.
  • Promote the strategic vision, which is such a huge need for our economies, so that their leaders were able to design and promote innovative and sustainable business models.
  • Develop social responsibility in the company with teams who can combine professional competence with committed leadership and service to society.

Why study the Master in e-Supply Chain Management?

The International Master in e-Supply Chain Management seeks to provide skills and competencies to people who want to successfully respond to the new challenges we face today in our society. A new operational approach is required for an environment that is characterized by a structural change in every way.

In a global market, companies ought to constantly create and develop new ideas to have a good positioning and get new competitive advantages. The management of the supply chain corresponds to the combination of current technology and best worldwide business practices. Improving the internal operations, lowering costs and achieving greater savings, benefits and the increase of customer satisfaction are some of the goals that contribute to it. This program is not intended to theorize about the supply chain, but to develop the necessary criteria to enable you to have a clear, current and comprehensive overview of operations and see how they efficiently and effectively interact in our current environment.

Thus, this program aims to train professionals on having a strategic vision, so that they not only mastered the logistics but that they focused on developing the internationalization of the company, going beyond transport and storage, so that they mastered all the needs and areas such as planning, management and control of logistics strategy and internationalization of the company.

In the program the theoretical approach is used only to induce the student to “learn by doing” exercises, such as debates and case studies, which seek the enrichment of participants, by identifying all possible solutions and alternatives to the different business situations.

Why study in Barcelona Executive Business School?

We are not a regular business school. Our focus is not academic education. BEBS (Barcelona Executive Business School) is a business school created by executives for executives. We want you to learn by doing and not just academically.

We are not a school of theoretical training. In BEBS we seek not only that you learned, but that you put into practice what you learned, through an educational, creative and disruptive approach.

We count with more than 15 years of experiences in executive training.

Our teachers are a group of executives and managers with great careers in the business world. Our model is based on what businesses need today. Not on old patterns that no longer fit in our current business system.


The methodology of the International Master in e-Supply Chain Management is based on active participation of students in many activities, such as analysis and resolution of real business experiences and case studies.

Therefore our methodology is based on “learning by doing”, relying on software tools and Simulation Systems Business.

Furthermore, the master requires a combination of individual and team work, analyzing and resolving different activities, real business experiences, case studies, business simulations, forums, discussions, etc. Not to mention the final Project of the master, which is the backbone of this Master.

The target of this program are professionals, businessmen/women, students, entrepreneurs and everyone who wants to acquire a new vision and dimension of the today operations in the supply chain. People who need to consolidate and develop an innovative mindset for the process of creating, managing and maintaining companies through a managing leadership.

Students of the International Master in eSupply Chain Management will have access to our online campus, where they will work on different exercises and activities, which will complement the face to face classes. Furthermore, the campus is an important space where to communicate with our professors, with the rest of students, etc. A part from that, students will have online access to all the Master materials.

Our Teaching staff are not just academics but businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who are at top positions in different businesses and sectors. They focus on innovating in their companies, defining profitable and successful business models that add value to their employees and society. Our teachers seek to train students offering them an edgy and realistic view of the business world, as well as giving them the opportunity to practice different skills that students will be able to immediately bring in at their work places.

Professional Career Opportunities

Some of the career options you can choose from, among others, are:

  • Director or Head of Operations, Purchasing, Supply, Demand Planning, Production, Transportation, Storage, after sales service, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager.
  • Consultant or advisor in any management of the supply chain.

Therefore, this Master will prepare you to:

  • You will acquire an excellent level of knowledge about the areas of Supply Chain Management (SCM): purchasing, production,storage, transport systems and budgetary management.
  • You will learn the national and international context in which the logistics operators can achieve competitive advantages.
  • You will have a strategic and integrated vision on various areas that make up the management of the company, in order to facilitate the development of your career towards a leadership role in the field of operations and SCM.
  • Understand the fundamental role that TIC and e-Commerce play in the innovation of the supply chain and logistics development projects.
  • You will develop the necessary skills to implement, in a systematic and creative, complex solutions, while developing your management skills, communication, personal development, that allow you to shape your career successfully.
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish

Last updated October 13, 2016
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Duration 10 - 12 months
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