Master in Wood Materials and Technology

Latvia University of Agriculture

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Master in Wood Materials and Technology

Latvia University of Agriculture

Master in Wood Materials and Technology

Latvia is a country of forests. Since Latvia regained its independence, forestry has been one of the most perspective branches of the national economy. By skillful forest management we enhance this treasure, because the increase in timber resources is provided by active, effective and sustainable forest management. In the forest industry in Latvia are operating more than 2500 companies who employ more than 59 000 workers. Forest is also a source of recreation and cognition – many people find their relaxation in forests and appreciate also their landscape and cultural and historical values.

The use and further processing of forest and timber resources play the main role in the economics of Latvia. Forestry is the third biggest branch of the Latvian national economy, and is the second biggest producing branch, which continuously develops. As evidence for this development could be mentioned the increasing number of timber export, which in 2011 comprised 18% of the total state export and 6% of gross domestic product. Moreover forestry is the only branch which has a positive export balance. The use of forest resources is regulated in a way to observe sustainable and non-impoverishing forest management principles. It is supervised by the forestry branch specialists – graduates of the Forestry Faculty.

The Forest Faculty is the only higher education establishment in Latvia, which offers education in the forestry – knowledge about forest management and wood products, their production and sale. Distance probing laboratory has been established within the Faculty, and it is a modern forest evaluation laboratory in Latvia. The Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute has been established in cooperation with the Faculty; it implements the integration of education, science and industry, thus fostering the growth of forestry branch in Latvia.

Tuition fee per year: 3100 Eur

Dear applicant! - you need to take into consideration following payments:

  • application fee of 155,00 EUR (single non-refundable payment)
  • accommodation rental fee of 120,00 EUR per month (non-refundable) + deposit in amount of two further months rent (refundable)
  • tuition fee regarding the chosen study program (refundable, if visa has been rejected).

All payments made to the University, must be approved by sending an electronic copy of the bank confirmation of payment to International Cooperation Centre.

Study Plan

A part - obligatory study courses- totally 33 KP:

1.1. Specialty courses in general - totally 13 KP:

  • 1. Forest Policy
  • 2. Forest Ecology
  • 3. Forest Geographic
  • 4. Wood Science Advanced Course
  • 5. Forest Valuation
  • 6. Research Methodology
  • 7. Forestry Strategy of the European Union

1.2. Special courses- totally 20 KP:

Taught courses and a list of the learning plan provides Department were Master specializes

  • 1. Wooden Materials and Technologies
  • 2. Wood Products Design
  • 3. Uses of Wood in Structures
  • 4. Timber in Construction
  • 5. Industrial Design
  • 6. Wood Composites
  • 7. Fundamentals of Gluing of the Wood
  • 8. Forest Products Measurement and Accounting
  • 9. Combined Utilization of Wood
  • 10. Chemical Processing of Wood
  • 11. Forests Products Markets
  • 12. Principles of Forests Science

B part - obligatory voluntary study courses - totally 17 KP:

  • 1. English or German for Master Student
  • 2. Philosophy of Science
  • 3. Application of Mathematical Methods
  • 4. Wood Materials (research practice)
  • 5. Wood Technology (research practice)

C part – free choice - totally 5 KP:

  • 1. Free Choice

Master’s thesis development and defense – 25 KP:

  • 1. Master's Thesis I
  • 2. Master's Thesis II

Totally: 80 KP*

* - together acquire not less than 80 KP, but not more than 82 KP.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Start date
Sept. 2016
2 years
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3,100 EUR
Start date Sept. 2016
Latvia Jelgava
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Duration 2 years
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