Master in Tourism

Aalborg University

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Master in Tourism

Aalborg University

The Tourism Programme at Aalborg University, Denmark, is a two-year Master's degree which is offered in English at the university's campuses in Aalborg and Copenhagen. Aalborg University - in both locations – is the ideal place for your academic studies if you appreciate the informal and egalitarian tradition of Scandinavia combining practical and theoretical perspectives through project-oriented learning.

Why study Tourism?

New demands from increasingly sophisticated consumers imply that tourism marketers need to renew their experience offers, promotion and organisational practices continually. Furthermore, public actors must think of new ways to optimise conditions for businesses while simultaneously taking care of natural resources and cultural heritage so that local populations can thrive alongside tourists.

The Tourism Programme at Aalborg University addresses the complexity and dynamics of such challenges from a broad social scientific perspective.

Problem-based and project-oriented studies

A trademark of the Tourism programme (and Aalborg University) is its unique pedagogical model of teaching: the problem-based, project-oriented model. With this method, a great part of the semester teaching and student work revolves around complex real-life problems that students investigate and try to find answers to in scientific manners while working together in groups. Through this work process and supported by courses, literature and the cooperation with companies and organisations, the students arrive at a deeper understanding of the subject investigated than they would have from just reading and being lectured to. Apart from the strictly academic outcomes of this work method, it also brings the students other specific and important qualifications like good cooperation skills, and the ability to work creatively and independently.


Global Tourism Development

Students enrolled in the Tourism programme at Aalborg University, Copenhagen have an option of specialising in Global Tourism Development. The specialisation comprises courses in Global Tourism and Transnational Mobility and Sustainable Development and Tourism.

Arctic Studies

The region of interest in “Arctic Studies” (AS) is the Circumpolar North, including Greenland, the northern parts of Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska and Russia, the North Atlantic and the Polar Sea.

In an age of political, cultural and economic globalization, when climate changes promise the opening of new shipping routes and access to hitherto inaccessible natural resources in the Arctic, the region is the object of increased global scientific, political and commercial attention. Not only Arctic states but also the EU, the US and Asian powers see themselves as stakeholders and are vying for access to and influence on the development of the region. The impacts of such engagement are likely to be great, both on the relationships between global actors and on Arctic communities, which are often small and characterized by unique cultural identities, economic and/or political dependency and structures only partly geared towards local capacity and competence-building at the scale demanded by such massive pressures. Political, cultural, economic, social and environmental sustainable development thus becomes essential.

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Duration 2 years
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