Master in Sustainable Architectural Production

Umeå University, Faculty of Science and Technology

Program Description

Master in Sustainable Architectural Production

Umeå University, Faculty of Science and Technology


LSAP is a Master’s Programme focusing on Sustainable Architectural Production at Umeå School of Architecture.


We believe that the challenges of the future can best be met through the re-evaluation of existing systems of production and the rethinking of contemporary sustainable knowledge. Our goal is to educate architects in the production of coherent architectural space by the skilful integration of sustainable thinking into the design process from conception through to production. The Master’s education will investigate new approaches through research by design and scientific experiments.


Sustainability in buildings is widely misunderstood as technological additions to substantially conventional building forms. It is generally seen as a task for engineers and technicians. The situation is complicated by the fact that conventional design and construction processes are slow to change.


Umeå School of Architecture starts with an entirely new approach to the Master’s education in sustainable architectural production. Sustainability will not be one subject among others; it will not be something to be added into a conventional design process. A central strategy of the Master’s Programme will be the development and appraisal of a theory for sustainable architecture. This will be investigated through the development of new building structures on an urban scale, including the retrofitting of existing environments. We intend to collaborate with industries in developing new building materials and innovative sustainable strategies for building construction. The goal is to provide high quality architectural space while minimizing the impact on the environment. The Master’s course will focus on the creation of architectural space with regard to density, texture and spatial quality. A knowledge of sustainable building technologies and improved building processes will be important.

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A Masters degree is awarded when the student has fulfilled the course requirements and achieved 120 credits. This consists of at least 30 credits for the degree project and a minimum of 60 credits achieved through advanced level courses. The program is principally project based consisting of thematic projects and integrated courses. These can either be concentrated as a full time course or extend over a longer period and studied as a part-time course. The program language is English.


Students’ progress will be reviewed during the semester. Following this the student will edit and compile a written report, which will be submitted for evaluation.


Students are required to document their working process (architectonic synthesis) and compile relevant work into a portfolio. From this portfolio students will select appropriate work for annual exhibition.

Study tours

Students are required to participate in at least one approved study trip during the course of the Masters program.

Sustainable Architecture is not about buildings as such.

It is about the living conditions of humans now and in the future.

In its essence, sustainability is about survival, although at the moment it is the most misused term and not only in the building sector.

Sustainability is about ALL resources, and they are strongly affected by our building activities:

  • air
  • water
  • biodiversity
  • soil and land
  • raw materials
  • energy sources
  • human resources

Architects tend to reduce sustainability to energy efficiency and to reduce energy efficiency to the consumption of energy used for making buildings comfortable.

When ignoring production processes, social and economic aspects as well as historical and cultural contexts, we never build up anything sustainable in architecture which values more than a hollow marketing label.

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