Master in Political Science

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Master in Political Science

University of Liège ULG

Master in Political Science

The University of Liège offers this programme jointly with the university of Maastricht. The master is offered to students who wish - based on their own academic background - develop a critical approach of how today's scientific, technological and industrial activities work and what their consequences are. Offered by the department of political science, this master aims at providing a multidisciplinary programme that calls upon content from various disciplines such as philosophy, anthropology, political science, risk and innovation studies, sociology, history, gender studies, etc.

This multidisciplinary approach is justified by the fact that technological changes are not only a matter of techniques and engineering, but also the result of political, economic and cultural choices.

The programme is offered in both French and English. Students will attend classes in French at the ULg during the first year, and in English at the university of Maastricht during the second year.

Furthermore, as the university of Maastricht is certified by the ESST (European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology), graduates of the master programme will have the opportunity to present their dissertation to a European evaluator in mid-October. If they meet the ESST's requirements, they will be awarded a 3rd degree: "Society, Science and Technology in Europe" (60 credits). This is an ideal opportunity to use their dissertation in order to join an international network!


The department of political science trains practitioners who are able to analyse systems and institutions related to the exercise of power. To this end, they analyse, explain and comment upon local, national or international current affairs and identify the issues and factors of influence (economic situation, social problems, public opinion, pressure groups, diplomatic relations, etc.). The internship and dissertation are the tools which should enable students to mobilise the resources acquired throughout the training process.

Key Learning outcomes

By the end of the Master, students will be able to:

  • adopt an applied scientific approach (processing information, analysing concepts, using different sources with the aim of implementing scientific and technical resources, identifying parameters to be taken into account);
  • formulate and analyse complex problems (have an understanding of fields such as administrative law, economics, and public policy, with a view to implementing scientific and technical resources, be able to identify the parameters to be taken into account and understand socio-political complexities) ;
  • conduct scientific and technical communication which is adapted to the requirements of the task (using precise, clear language, be able to communicate in several languages to adapt to specific situations, be able to adapt to different audiences and levels of hierarchy) ;
  • organise and manage a team (understanding of theory of organisations, ability to analyse and adapt to a professional environment to resolve conflicts, evaluate and recognise the skills of others, play a role within a team to achieve goals) ;
  • analyse issues and apply public action tools (understand organisational hierarchy and the tools of public organisations in order to manage a department, an administration or a team) ;
  • consolidate public opinion around an objective (theoretical knowledge of surveys, crowd psychology, and media sciences with the aim of reading and deciphering surveys).


Autonomy, responsibility, sense of ethics, respect for differences, personal involvement, open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity, critical mind.

Last updated June 14, 2016
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Start date
Sept. 2016
2 years
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835 EUR
Start date Sept. 2016
Belgium Liege
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Netherlands Maastricht
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End date Request Info
Duration 2 years
Price 835 EUR