Master in Mobile Computing Systems


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Master in Mobile Computing Systems


The Master in Mobile Communications is designed for those wishing to develop the necessary competences in the field of mobile communications: from physical layer (wireless communications theory and implementation aspects), mobile networking (based on IPV6), to applications (for smartphone, tablets…).

Master Students will have the opportunity to work with the OpenAirInterface, an open-source based experimental research initiative and open-forum for innovation in the area of digital radio communications, which is increasingly used by many top international universities and companies.


BONNET, Christian



The MSc MobCom aims at providing the theoretical background and the applied know-how for engineers in Mobile Communication Systems.

The goal is to tackle the problems from a system viewpoint, taking a vertical cut and following a cross-layer design approach. This corresponds to both the most recent trend in research and to the most desired professional profile for engineers in this field. In fact, it is now well-recognized that problems related to physical layer transmission techniques (RF design, signal processing algorithms, channel coding and modulation), and upper layer protocols (link layer control, multiple-access, routing), that were traditionally treated in a separate fashion in wired networks, must be treated jointly in mobile communication networks.


Sophia-Antipolis is considered as a major European region for telecommunications research and development in southern France. EURECOM, which is a consortium of academic and industrial partners, has established over the years a synergy with the local industrial environment on advanced research topics.

During their Master of Science, students will benefit form the expertise of renowned industrial partners (Alcatel, Bouygues, SFR, France Télécom R&D, Philips, Thales, ST Microelectronics, Hitachi, Texas Instruments, IBM, BMW, SAP, Sharp, ESA) as well as the use of cutting edge technological platforms within EURECOM's Wireless Communication laboratory.


  • Applications for 2015-2016 are now closed.
  • A 4 years Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunications and a B2 level in English are required.



Technical courses

  • T ATWireless 5.00 Advanced topics in wireless communications
  • T DigiCom 5.00 Digital communications
  • T InfoTheo 5.00 Information theory
  • T MobCom 5.00 Mobile communication techniques
  • T MobServ 5.00 Mobile application and services
  • T MobSys 5.00 Mobile communication systems
  • T NetMod 5.00 Network Modeling
  • T SSP 5.00 Statistical signal processing

General courses

  • G Entrep 3.00 Entrepreneurship and Capital-Venture
  • G GreenIT 3.00 Sustainable ICT's
  • G Innov 3.00 Innovation & new product development
  • G ManagIntro 5.00 Introduction to management
  • G Property 3.00 Intellectual property law
  • G TeamLead 5.00 Personal Development and Team Leadership


Technical courses

  • T Coding 5.00 Chanel coding theory
  • T MobAdv 3.00 Mobile Advanced Networks
  • T MobIP 3.00 Mobile Networking
  • T MobWat 3.00 Wireless Access Technologies
  • T Radio 5.00 Radio engineering
  • T SigTech 5.00 Signal processing technologies
  • T SP4COM 5.00 Signal Processing for Communications

General courses

  • G Business 5.00 Business Simulation
  • G Law 3.00 General introduction to law : contracts, setting up a business
  • G ProjMan 5.00 Project management
  • G SATT 3.00 Sociological Approaches of Telecom Technologies

This school offers programs in:
  • English

Last updated May 12, 2016
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2016
1 year
Full time
11,000 EUR
Start date Sept. 2016
France Biot, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
Application deadline Request Info
End date Aug. 31, 2018
Duration 1 year
Price 11,000 EUR
5 000€ for EU Students.