Master in Land Management

Latvia University of Agriculture

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Master in Land Management

Latvia University of Agriculture

Master in Land Management

Faculty of Rural Engineering

Faculty of Rural Engineering is the second biggest faculty of the University, where new engineers - construction, environment and water management specialists, land surveyors, as well as landscape designers and planners, are prepared. At the faculty there are four scientific laboratories and two of them are located in advanced two storey premises, which allows the use of all the functional possibilities. Students at the Faculty work with up-to-date equipment, thus having an opportunity to comprehend causalities existing in the nature and to apply them in a particular task in their future work.

Land surveying

The Faculty of Rural Engineering has good reason to be proud both of its students and graduates - land surveyors, whose work is familiar to almost every inhabitant of the Latvian countryside, when solving questions regarding property, borders and inheritance. The growth in the demand for land surveying, cadastre and territorial planning specialists, results in an increase in the number of land surveying profession students who acquire knowledge of land surveying, cartography, photogrammetry, geographical information systems, real estate cadastre and evaluation, land law, territorial planning and land surveying design. Students strengthen their theoretical knowledge in the field and professional practices. Students are provided with geodesic instruments necessary for the practice, which give an opportunity to acquire skills of using the latest land surveying instruments and technologies. Graduates of the land surveying profession are employed by the State Land Service and other governmental institutions, land surveying and real estate appraisal companies, as well as town and regional municipalities.

Tuition fee per year: 3200 Eur

Dear applicant! - you need to take into consideration following payments:

  • application fee of 155,00EUR (single non-refundable payment)
  • accommodation rental fee of 120,00 EUR per month (non-refundable) + deposit in amount of two further months rent (refundable)
  • tuition fee regarding the chosen study program (refundable, if visa has been rejected).

All payments made to the University, must be approved by sending an electronic copy of the bank confirmation of payment to International Cooperation Centre.

Master’s Study Programme in Land Management for incoming students (amount of programme 120 ECTS or 80 KP)

Obligatory courses Theoretical courses 1. Methodology of research Frequently used research methods, their use. 2. Computer graphics Software and methods of spatial modelling. 3. Systems of geoinformation (GIS) Concept, objectives and tasks of geoinformation systems. 4. Land administration Land management system in Latvia. Total: 16 ECTS, 10 KP Specific theoretical courses 5. Real property cadastre Concept, objectives and tasks of modern cadastre. 6. Physical planning System of physical planning in Latvia. 7. Rights in real property Land as a fundamental part of real property. 8. Real property valuation Cadastral valuation, market valuation. 9. Real property formation System of real property formation. Total: 36 ECTS, 23 KP Courses of approbation of theoretical cognitions Obligatory part 10. Philosophy of science 11. Professional English 12. Application of mathematic methods Total: 9 ECTS, 6 KP Optional part (student should choose courses in amount of 24 ECTS or 16 KP) 13. Applied ecology Environmental problems in accordance with practical ecology. 14. Cadastral surveying Cadastral surveying of the land and buildings. 15. Quality of geospatial data Evaluation of quality of cadastral map. 16. Land management Arrangement of the territory for sustainable use of land resources. 17. Real property tax Administration of real property tax. 18. Geodesy Measurements and representation of the Earth. 19. Land policy Concept, objectives and tasks of land policy in Latvia. Total: 30 ECTS, 21 KP 20. Master’s Paper (Thesis work) Scientific work in specific field of science ( 38 ECTS, 25 KP). Sum total: 129 ECTS, 85 KP

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Start date
Sept. 2017
2 years
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3,200 EUR
Start date Sept. 2017
Latvia Jelgava
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Duration 2 years
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