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Master in General Management

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Masters in Management

Competencies expected of Masters in Management graduates:

Firstly, the transversal university skills needed to develop a career in the fields of economics, business or in professional organizations:

  • language proficiency: English and at least one other foreign language;
  • adaptability in a professional context: flexibility and capacity for lifelong learning;
  • intellectual curiosity, openness to the world;
  • anchoring in the real world;
  • the capacity for communication, teamwork and leadership;
  • personal investment, work ethic, building an individual course/career path;
  • creativity and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

But also:

  • thorough knowledge of the basic management disciplines at a level sufficient to embark on a professional career either as a generalist or a specialist in one of these disciplines;
  • thorough mastery of a competency or a specific area of specialization sufficient to present a specialist profile, for example when looking for a job, or in view of a specialization or a later research career;
  • proficiency in two foreign languages: English (at a level of or equivalent to C1) and another foreign language (at minimum level B2);
  • understanding of the functioning of enterprises and current economic stakes;
  • capacity to utilize knowledge acquired in the framework of a complex field situation, to analyze the situation rigorously and produce pertinent solutions;
  • acquisition of a solid conceptual knowledge base able to be rapidly transformed into operational competencies in the various management professions: accounting, auditing, finance, supply chain management, human resources management, marketing, etc.

Specialized options:

Banking and Asset Management

The specialized Masters in "Banking and Asset Management", entirely taught in English, is a vast but nevertheless technically specialized program, which is built around the main themes involved in the management of financial institutions and markets. It aims to give students precise knowledge of the key principles of market finance, as well as the newest and most complex calculation and optimization procedures necessary to master the use of financial instruments currently on the market. The accent is placed on the application of these principles and methods by the students rather than on theoretical developments.

This specialization is offered to students who are attracted by a wide variety of jobs in the field of market finance and want to create varied career opportunities for themselves by choosing a study program which allows them to immediately enter professional life.

The following competencies are acquired by the end of this specialization:

  • capacity to reason and use specialized knowledge in financial management of financial institutions and asset management companies;
  • specialized knowledge of financial institutions, markets and financial instruments, their functioning and utilization;
  • mastery of the concepts and subjects relating to asset and risk management;
  • knowledge of the fundamental principles of market finance, development of real skills and rigor in economic reasoning;
  • pertinent evaluation of the field of application of financial operations through the mastery of new approaches to calculation and optimization;
  • appraisal of the competencies acquired during the program through personal reflection on the role of finance and with the experience acquired in group and individual work.

Financial Analysis and Audit

The "Financial Analysis & Audit" option aims to train future company and organization directors and managers who will be specialized in the professions linked to both internal and external auditing of organizations.

With a transversal, global vision of the different professions and functions that coexist within businesses, these specialists understand the techniques of accounting, finance, audit and law necessary to appreciate the risks involved in the daily life of organizations. They are capable of judging the relative size of those risks in relation to the competitive, strategic, and economic context in which these organizations operate.

Their knowledge of the legal, regulatory, and ethical framework which governs the functioning of enterprises also allows them to develop internal and external auditing systems for managing the identified risks, and to assure their long-term application.

Targeted competencies from two complementary areas:

EIn terms of technical competencies, students are expected to master the technical concepts and principles of general and financial accounting, management accounting, management auditing, external and internal control and audit, company law and public economics law, company and organization taxation, information and governance systems. They are also expected to understand the close interaction between these different concepts and techniques and to have a perfect grasp of the strategic, ethical, legal and economic contexts within which these organizations operate.

In terms of behavioral competencies, in addition to all the other basic skills expected of all managers, these students are particularly required to develop a global, transversal vision of the way an organization functions, through a combination of field experience and more conceptual training. They are also required to develop strong written and verbal communication skills, based on an ability to listen and to discuss with actors in the field.

Stategic & Marketing intelligence

In a hyper-competitive context, businesses and organizations must imperatively develop strong competitive advantages which they must then also market effectively.

Furthermore, in the sea of information, those who can extract relevant data and know what to do with it will have a head start over their rivals. The same goes for people who know how to protect the data that concerns them.

Responding to an emerging need of businesses and organizations (crucial nature of knowledge management and data protection, urgent need for innovation and creativity…) this subject aims to develop a contemporary vision of marketing and strategy, taking into account the IT revolution.

The content of this specialization rests on the following pillars:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing and Strategic Information Systems
  • Marketing and Corporate Communication
  • Research, Processing and Management of Data
  • Supporting Creativity and Innovation

Management of Social Enterprises

The "Management of Social Enterprises" option gives management science students the opportunity to acquire skills which are common to all the options of the Masters in Management, whilst at the same time fostering the development of skills useful in social enterprises and, more broadly, teaching them to consider the social, ethical and environmental aspects at the very heart of economic activity.

"Management of Social Enterprises" aims to teach students:

  • An ability to analyze: analyze and anticipate social stakes, understand the diverse forms of economic organizations, their roles and specificities;
  • Operational knowledge: know the environment (economic, political, legal) in which social enterprises operate, learn the managerial practices adapted to social enterprises, master the tools adapted to their specificities;
  • A network of contacts: meet the main actors in the Belgian social economy, make contacts with similar experiments in Europe and the rest of the world;
  • A stimulating context for launching social entrepreneurship projects.


Hands-on training directed towards enterprise, HEC-ULg Entrepreneurs is characterized by its practical learning and teaching methods which are unique in Belgium, and is entirely structured around and complementary to Belgian and foreign enterprises.

Indeed, entrepreneurship requires above all an attitude, a cultural sense, and an approach to life which is all about business. Although the participants operate in a university framework, this program allows them contact with the professional world.

Through in-company missions throughout the year, students are supported by entrepreneurs who are very involved with the program.

The transfer of experience is therefore accompanied by a transfer of interpersonal skills, indispensable to launching a professional career with any serious chance of success.

HEC-ULg Entrepreneurs is:

  • Hands-on training in which all missions are undertaken in existing enterprises;
  • Concrete projects directly usable by client businesses;
  • High-level seminars held by professionals, teaching students diverse and complete skills in the field of entrepreneurship and management;
  • Exploration and analysis of the life stages of an enterprise: from its creation to its international development, through its valorization and the elaboration of a strategy;
  • A 6-week "right-hand-man" mission during which participants shadow a company director every day and learn about his or her life as an entrepreneur;
  • A mix of skills and culture due to the presence of students from all sorts of educational backgrounds and countries;
  • 5 juries comprising around a hundred professionals from all sectors who together evaluate all the participants during their presentations and then meet them over cocktails;
  • A constantly expanding Alumni network;
  • A single overall exam to evaluate the level achieved;
  • A Masters in Management specializing in entrepreneurship awarded by HEC-ULg Management School.
  • 6 years of experience in one single year of training!
  • the opportunity to develop one’s own business creation project under the supervision of professionals

The Teaching Option

This includes the pedagogic training in preparation for senior secondary school teaching. Students who do not immediately choose the teaching option but who have completed another option and then decide to lean towards a teaching career, can re-sit just the 30 specific credits of the teaching option, without having to re-do a final assessment project.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French

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