Master in Fashion Business Administration

Polimoda, International Institute Fashion Design & Marketing

Program Description

Master in Fashion Business Administration

Polimoda, International Institute Fashion Design & Marketing

Fashion Business Administration creates a Master of executive decisions, a contemporary businessperson responsible for financial choices that determine the success of a company, be it a small or a large corporation, a case of new luxury or a sales-driven fashion label.

With a goal-oriented mind, this figure is very in demand in the business of fashion as this industrial sector is among the largest and most complex to manage. As a professional achiever, his career touches aspects of accounting, law, optimization of production processes, audit and control, financial statements and certification, mergers and acquisitions, as well as the more operative side of international marketing strategies.

A powerful character, a background in economics and the ability to drive sustainable change, make the business administrator part of the creative class, one who knows that being able to calculate and present numbers can boost the growth of an artistic environment like fashion.


The programme features resident teachers and international guest lecturers with hands-on material. Field trips to three companies (one for operations, one for administration and one for commercial), as well as participating in the Pitti trade fair, provide direct experience of real corporate life.

The first part of the course teaches how to improve the performance of a company by levering on its productive and administrative activities, and culminates with a project on the opening of a sub-unit in a new market. The second part focuses more on the management of financial and legal aspects, ending with a project simulating a capital investment, a buyout or a cartelisation.

Both projects involve a live presentation and a portfolio book created with the specific needs and standards of the fashion industry in mind.

Stusy Plan

  • Fashion Business Administration - Business planning and accounting; operations; distribution; key performance analysis; budgeting; balance sheet.
  • Fashion Business Management - Business strategies; market attractiveness; sub-unit and subsidiary organisation; sale force management.
  • Fashion Financial Management - Organisation models; merger and acquisition; banking and fundraising; audit and control; crisis management.
  • Fashion Marketing Management - Branding elements; benchmarking and positioning; disruptive marketing; operative marketing.
  • Fashion Business Intelligence - Three dimensional business model; craft to business; statistics and data mining; online business management.
  • Fashion Business Trends - Fashion system, key players and calendars; contemporary brands and trends; world business issues.
  • Fashion Business Graphics - Graphic design elements; infographics; mind-mapping; materials, projects and presentations.
  • Business of Fashion - New economy; start-up and design management; strategic planning and communication; PR and social networking.
  • Fashion Enterprise - Entrepreneurial agenda; project management; fashion ethics; relational and institutional management.
  • Fashion Legal Affairs - Patents, trademarks and contracts.
  • Fashion Leadership - HR, coaching and team management; public speaking, negotiation and persuasion.

How to Apply

The course is open to graduates (or equivalent) holding a valid academic degree. Applicants with no academic degree but with significant experience in fashion or nearby industries will be considered. Written and spoken English is required.

Candidates will be selected after completion of a written test and an interview with the Head of Department.

Employment Opportunities

According to previous background, school proficiency and intermediate career steps one can aim to the position of: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administration Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Innovation Officer.

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
June 2017
9 months
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19,000 EUR
Start date June 2017
Italy Florence
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Duration 9 months
Price 19,000 EUR