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Master in European Business

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The ESCP Europe Master in European Business (MEB) is an intensive general management programme taught over 1 year across 2 countries of your choice. Based on an MBA-style curriculum with a cross-cultural approach, the MEB is a life-changing programme which concludes with a business degree at an international level. It provides an excellent connection to the world of business and a solid foundation for an international management career across a wide range of sectors, organisations and positions.

Over one year (divided into two semesters), students are given the choice of studying in Europe at the six ESCP Europe campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Torino and Warsaw) and with our partner institutions across the world: School of Management, Xiamen University (China); Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) and Management Development Institute (India).

The MEB offers the opportunity to learn about business reality and professional behaviour in an international context. Students receive a comprehensive education in the major fields of management, such as marketing, finance, accounting and strategy. They work in groups from different educational backgrounds, fostering their personal development at the same time.

The MEB combines theory and practice, with integral parts of the programme being live company projects, during which teams of students are briefed by a corporate client and provide solutions and proposals therein; and a professional internship or period of direct employment, where students work for a minimum of 12 weeks within a company.

There is no doubt that the MEB is very rewarding, both in terms of personal development and the future career progression of our graduates.

The application process for the September 2016 intake has now opened.

Is our Master in European Business right for you?

95% of graduating MEB students would recommend the programme to a person with a similar profile, background or career goal. So is it right for you? If you are looking for:

  • An international programme in general business and management aimed at students with limited previous experience in the area
  • The chance to study at two of our European campuses, or with our partner universities in China and India
  • The choice of a bilingual or totally English programme, depending on your language skills and preference
  • A 12-week corporate internship or direct employment
  • Two professional consultancy projects, solving real problems for real clients
  • A strong multicultural learning experience, working with students and faculty from all around the world
  • A Master accredited by AMBA, the Association of MBAs (more on accreditation)
  • The chance to also gain extra qualifications from the countries in which you choose to study
  • A fantastic record on employment and starting salaries for graduates

...then we think our MEB programme is ideal!

What you study

The Master in European Business at ESCP Europe is a one-year, two-country programme with an MBA-style curriculum and a cross-cultural approach.

The modules combine different business disciplines to provide the participant with the necessary knowledge and skills for today’s business realities.

Active participation, including the sharing of ideas and experience are fundamental learning methods. Beyond this, methods include: lectures, seminars, tutorials, case studies, workshops, projects, presentations, computer-based activities, reading and private study, group work and group assignments.

  • 9 months of intensive courses in management (around 555 teaching hours)
  • 2 company projects
  • 12-week internship (minimum) or direct employment

The Master in European Business curriculum awards a total of 90 ECTS credits, which breaks down as follows:

Core Modules

Semester 1 - Country 1 (270 hours - 40 ECTS credits)

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Project Management
  • Quantitative Methods for Finance and Marketing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Operations Management & Supply Chain
  • Economics for Managers
  • International Business Strategy
  • Finance
  • Organizational Behaviour across cultures
  • Company Project 1

Semester 2 - Country 2 (285 hours - 40 ECTS credits)

  • Consumer Behaviour & New Product Development
  • European Business Environment
  • International Business Law
  • Management Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Financial Strategy
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Ethics and CSR
  • International Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Human Resources for Managers
  • Marketing or Finance elective
  • Company Project 2
  • Closing Seminar

Professional Internship or direct employment (minimum of 12 weeks - 10 ECTS credits)

Internships and Company Projects

The MEB provides an excellent connection to the world of business, and a solid foundation for an international management career across a wide range of sectors, organisations and positions.

At the heart of the programme are both live company projects and the internship requirement.

For their company projects, multinational teams of students are hired by a client company to provide solutions to some of the real issues they face. During their company internship, students work in a management training role within the client company. Internships must last a minimum of 12 weeks and are worth 10 ECTS credits. It is also possible to complete this requirement in a permanent position i.e. direct employment.

Additional Modules (non-credited)

Computer Skills

This module will provide assistance in using relevant software in a successful and efficient way. Students will be given support in the writing of professional reports, analysing quantitative data using spreadsheets, using PowerPoint slides effectively in oral presentations, and in constructing databases.

Fundamentals of Mathematics

This module helps to revise basic knowledge in mathematics, especially in analysis and linear algebra, for use in business and management applications. Students will be taught the pre-requisites they need for subsequent courses, such as Quantitative Methods, Fundamentals of Finance, Operations Management or Economics for Managers.


Individual and group tutorials aim to assist student development during the course of the programme. Help with projects, the internship search and curriculum vitae writing is offered, encouraging students to reflect on past and current experiences, and identify competences, interests, opportunities and challenges in order to define their career plan.


  • During Semester 1: Semester 2 language-of-study courses are compulsory for students who have not reached the minimum required level of 12/20 on their language admission tests.
  • Students who study Semester 2 on the English-language tracks in Torino, Berlin, Madrid or Paris can also take local language courses in order to reach beginner's proficiency in Italian, German, Spanish or French.
  • During Semester 2: Language courses can be offered in the local language of the chosen country depending on the linguistic level shown during the admission process.


All students on the Master in European Business must spend a portion of their studies (at least 12 weeks) in professional experience (internship or direct job). They must also produce a professional report on the experience.

At ESCP Europe we consider the practical application of theoretical knowledge a vital aspect of your learning experience, which is why these placements are a compulsory part of the MEB. They are also a great way to discover which industry you might pursue once you have graduated from the School.

The on-campus Careers Service teams at ESCP Europe provide support and advice in your internship search; however, students are expected to take the lead in sourcing and applying for vacant positions.

Where do our students go?

Over the years, ESCP Europe has developed close relationships with some of the biggest names in business. As such, our students are often able to secure high profile internships in a wide variety of sectors.

Master in European Business students have spent their internships at a wide range of companies, including:

  • Accenture
  • Amadeus
  • AXEL Springer
  • Barclays
  • BNP Paribas
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier Transportation
  • British Sky Broadcasting
  • Chanel
  • Christian Dior
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Exxon Mobil
  • FIAT France
  • Google
  • Hermès
  • HSBC
  • KPMG
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Orange
  • Price Waterhouse & Coopers SPA
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Société Générale
  • UniCredit
  • Vodafone
  • Zara

Where You Study

The Master in European Business (MEB) offers a unique opportunity to spend two semesters of study in two cities in Europe and Asia.

Locations include the six ESCP Europe campuses (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Torino and Warsaw) and three partner schools: School of Management, Xiamen University (China); Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) and MDI Gurgaon (India).

Our partners reflect the experiences of students past, specifically their career goals and planned professional profiles.

Students are required to study at least one semester at one of the six ESCP Europe campuses.

Semester 1:

  • Berlin | German
  • London | English
  • Paris | French
  • Turin | English
  • Warsaw | English
  • Beijing | English
  • Gurgaon | English
  • Xiamen | English

Semester 2:

  • Berlin | English
  • London | English
  • Madrid | English
  • Paris | English

Please note that your choice of locations will depend upon your language skills and the availability of places at each campus. Candidates should pay special consideration to their regional interest and career ambitions when making their selections.

Admission Requirements

Applications for the Master in European Business are welcomed from candidates with:

  • A previous Bachelor or Master degree, Maîtrise, Licenciatura, Laurea Magistrale or equivalent in any non-management discipline (e.g. engineering, law, political sciences, literature, languages, architecture, sciences, etc.)
  • Fluency in the language(s) of study, as required by the individually chosen study track
  • Two years of professional experience

Eligible candidates must demonstrate their strong motivation for the MEB programme and for an international business career. We seek self-confident candidates with some international experience and competence in the languages of their chosen streams.

Application Deadlines

There is a MEB Admission Office on each of the six ESCP Europe campuses: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Torino and Warsaw.

Candidates choose through which campus to apply based upon their personal preferences, e.g. ease of travel to the admission tests or preferred language of communication with the Admissions team for enquiries, general questions and so forth. Please note, however, that the application form must be completed entirely in English regardless of the campus to which you have applied.

The campus you choose for your application process does not have any bearing on the study tracks you eventually study. For instance, candidates applying through Berlin do not necessarily have to spend one of their semesters at the Berlin campus.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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