Master’s Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance

University of St.Gallen (HSG), School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs

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Master’s Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance

University of St.Gallen (HSG), School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs

The Master’s Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F) offers a high-quality graduate education in economic theory, finance, and quantitative methods. Apart from a common set of core courses, you select from a larger menu of optional courses to specialise in economics, finance or a combination of both.

Your head start

The unique feature of the MiQE/F is to combine rigorous economic and finance theory with quantitative empirical methods to analyse and solve challenging practical problems in economics, finance and the private sector. Being equipped with statistical and econometric methods and an expert knowledge of economics and finance, you will be uniquely positioned on the job market.


In the MiQE/F programme, the compulsory courses mainly focus on economic theory and quantitative methods: Advanced Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics, Theory of Finance, Econometrics.

You can choose the core electives according to your interests and talents and shape your own profile. They involve advanced application-oriented work and problem-solving and allow for various specialisations. The different areas of specialisation include optional courses in econometrics, finance and economics, which are important to prepare for quantitative applications. The three specialisation areas can be flexibly combined:

• Quantitative economics

• Quantitative finance

• Corporate finance, banking and insurance

During your studies, you will also have to write a Master’s thesis and attend courses in Contextual Studies.

Fast-track Ph.D.

Graduates who attain the requisite GPA score and fulfil the requirements will be granted access to the Ph.D. Programme in Economics and Finance (PEF). The PEF offers our MiQE/F students a fast-track programme: certain electives can be attended during the Master’s studies and can be additionally credited to your future PEF studies.

Cooperation with LGT

The LGT Group is a cooperation partner of the MiQE/F. A prize for the best MiQE/F degree result has been awarded every year by LGT. This award amounts to CHF 5,000. Furthermore, students may have the opportunity to do internships at LGT, where they can earn practice credits.

International exchange programmes

Double degrees and other programmes

• The MiQE/F exclusively offers its students the possibility of participating in attractive double degree programmes with SSE Stockholm, Sweden.

• Other double degree programmes are offered by the HSG with ESADE Barcelona, Spain; HEC Paris, France; RSM Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan, Italy.

• CEMS Master’s in International Management

• Exchange programmes with 190 partner universities worldwide

• The MiQE/F is part of the Quantitative Economics European Network (QUEEN), a network of several universities that offer Master’s programmes in quantitative economics and/or finance. Our students will have the opportunity to spend one semester in one of the other programmes. The first partner in this network is the Master of Quantitative Economics at the Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany.

• To extend the choice of courses, the HSG and the University of Constance (Germany) have agreed upon cooperation at the Master’s Level. MiQE/F students thus have the opportunity to choose certain courses from the Master’s in International Economic Relations at the University of Constance, and vice versa.

Career perspectives

Graduates with an economics degree often lack an in-depth education and extensive training in quantitative methods, whereas mathematicians and statisticians often lack the necessary background in economics or finance. MiQE/F prepares participants for ambitious careers that require a good education in economics, finance and quantitative methods. The competitive advantage of MiQE/F graduates on the job market is the combination of quantitative methods and expert knowledge of economics and finance. The analysis of complex real world problems in international economic policy making, financial sector developments and private industry increasingly requires the use of rigorous quantitative and theoretical methods and thereby creates a risingdemand for our alumni. In addition, MiQE/F is an ideal preparation for demanding Ph.D. programmes in Economics, Econometrics and/or Finance.

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Start date
Sept. 18, 2017
18 months
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3,326 CHF
Apr. 30, 2017
Start date Sept. 18, 2017
Switzerland St.Gallen
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