MSc in Project Management and Evaluation

The University of West Indies - Cave Hill

Program Description

MSc in Project Management and Evaluation

The University of West Indies - Cave Hill

MSc in Project Management and Evaluation

The graduate programme in Project Management and Evaluation provides education and training in a much needed area in the Commonwealth Caribbean. Raising and sustaining management capability, analytical capacity, implementation skill, evaluation ability and operational efficiency in the region’s public and private sectors—with special reference to project development, execution, evaluation and operations—continue to be regarded as some of the key elements, growth initiatives and development strategies necessary for national development.


  • The Programme will consist of eleven required courses conducted over two semesters – September to December and January to May, plus a two-semester Practicum project; and

  • Currently, the majority of courses are scheduled for Monday-Thursday in the evening (5-8pm), but, to complete a semester’s schedule, some courses must be offered in the afternoon, on Saturdays, or in “Modular” format. Each student should take this into account when planning their commitments. All students are expected to attend all classes.



The duration of the programme will normally be one year of full-time study. The maximum time allowed to complete all the requirements for the degree will normally be 2 years.


The duration of the programme will normally be two years of part-time study. The maximum time allowed to complete all the requirements for the degree will normally be 4 years.

Course Selection for Part-Time Students

Part time students are required to register for 3 courses in each semester. Students are advised to choose a combination of courses that encompass both 100% coursework and coursework and examination components. In addition it is strongly recommended that students take the undermentioned courses in their first semester of study:

  • PTMT 6001 Project Analysis/Appraisal
  • PTMT 6003 Project Implementation
  • PTMT 6005 Monitoring and Evaluation
  • It is also advisable to ensure that PTMT6005 is taken before either PTMT6009 or PTMT6011.

Note: The programme is rigorous. Thus, students who work full-time are required to enroll in the
part-time time programme.


This degree programme will:

  • Develop the student’s ability to plan, execute, monitor/control and evaluate projects through learning multiple quantitative and qualitative concepts, skills, tools and techniques, then integrating and applying them to real projects embedded throughout the programme;

  • Increase the capability of graduates to develop and implement projects that contain clear criteria for success, and to utilise various techniques for measuring whether project performance has met its objectives, even when projects are driven by quasi-intangible goals such as social welfare and /or sustainable development;

  • Raise student’s awareness as to why good project management practices are just as relevant and beneficial to service-based organizations – ranging from government, hotels, insurance, telecommunications and consulting – as they are to product-based entities like construction and crafts; and

  • Create an evangelistic perspective in programme graduates so they will apply what they have learned to advance the competitive position of the Caribbean sub-region in global product and services markets, through their own initiatives and by showing others how to increase organizational effectiveness with appropriately tailored project management practices.


Entrance to this degree programme is competitive, and open to people in any sector of the economy, in any country within or beyond the Caribbean. Individuals who are pursuing or who wish to pursue careers in project management or evaluation, or who are in positions requiring the management of projects, are encouraged to apply. No prior training in project management is required, but on-the-job experience in project management and/or evaluation is a positive factor.

The entry requirements for this degree programme are:

  • candidates with a degree from an approved University and appropriate experience; and

  • candidates with required qualifying courses and experience to the satisfaction of the University.
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